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House Cleaning Company

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Date : May 25, 2018

House Cleaning Company

Join Now! is provides a link between house cleaning companies and thousands of potential customers. We cannot guarantee any of the contractors listed with us but we can give you a great selection of companies to choose from. All house cleaning contractors who join will be assured a great online presence which will help increase your business and customer interest. We know that it all happens online, so having your own profile with will increase your website ranking on the search engines as well.

The recession is over and the markets are moving again. Most of the house cleaning companies can see a great increase in sales and the customers that went missing between 2008 and 2013 are coming back slowly. People have more money to spend on luxury items. There had been a decrease in house cleaning prices and the quality had suffered as a result. With more disposable income available people can afford to pay the price for house cleaning and if they are paying top dollar for house cleaning they also expect high quality. There was an explosion of house cleaning companies during the recession, many people lost their jobs and were looking for new things. In many peoples’ minds house cleaning is associated with a person and a hoover doing a few hours of work here and there and this can sometimes be the case but a lot of the time a house cleaning company is a small, medium or large enterprise who employ many cleaners and have offices, insurance, websites , etc.

Here is a list of house cleaning types:

Once Off House Cleaning done only once Regular House Cleaning done once or few times per week After Build House Cleaning done after building work End Of Tenancy House Cleaning done at the end of a tenancy Spring Cleaning done at the start of the year to refresh the house Before Sale House Cleaning preparation for sale

House Cleaning Company

There is not a specific type of customer that would use a house cleaning company. It can be a very busy person that has no time for cleaning, it could be an estate agent looking for a refreshment before re letting, it could be a builder that has just completed a house renovation, it could be a husband getting a gift card for his wife or a company that owns many properties where their staff are residing.

Once Off House Cleaning

As the name of this type of house cleaning suggests it will be done only once in a while. Some house cleaning companies will have standard prices for house cleaning depending on the size of the property, others will need to see the property before giving a quotation. Bigger houses will generally take more time to clean so will work out more expensive. As a norm, most house cleaning contractors will supply their own cleaning products and they will do the job in a day or if the house is big it might take 2 days. You should receive a written quotation by email and all the prices will be confirmed before the job is started. From our market research we have found the following prices:

1 bed house / apartment starts from about 100 and go up to 200 2 bed house/apartment start from about 150 and ho up to 250 3 bed house/apartment start from 180 and go up to 300 4 bed house/apartment start from 200 and go up to 400 Etc

House Cleaning Company

There are a couple of things you should know about house cleaning. The first question you need to ask is what is included? A very decent price like 100 for a 1 bed house can change dramatically when you add extra services. 100 the original price

+ the oven (30 to 60 – depending on areas) + the external windows (20 to 40 – depending on areas) + the fridge (20 to 30 – depending on area) + bathroom grout cleaning (50 +-) + call out charge (0-40 – this is a booking charge) + vat 13.5%

House Cleaning Company

The initial price of 100 will end up costing you 200 . Not all contractors are the same so you should keep an eye on what you are booking. Some house cleaning companies will have a flat charge of 180 for a 1 bed apartment with everything included except carpet & sofa cleaning, external windows. Getting this deal you are at least sure that you do not have to book extra services. Most house cleaning companies will have deals and special offer throughout the year. A once off house cleaning should include as standard:

-all the internal windows and frames

-full bathroom cleaning

-full kitchen cleaning (the oven cleaning will cost a bit extra)

-presses in/out

-floor cleaning

-all the wood work to be polished

-full hoovering

-full dusting

-all the switches & lights -etc.

Carpet cleaning is not included with the standard house cleaning but most of the house cleaning companies have package deals so the carpet cleaning can cost 50% of its original price if booked alongside a house clean. Steam sofa cleaning is also an additional service and most contractors will be able to give you a deal if this is a service which they offer, some house cleaning companies only do house cleaning and do not have the equipment to provide other services such as carpet and upholstery cleaning.

House Cleaning Company

Depending on the time of the year you should book in good time. Most house cleaning companies will be fully booked before Easter or Christmas so you should book at least 2 weeks in advance. All house cleaning companies should be insured and will be but some may not be so for your peace of mind you should ask for a copy of their insurance.

Regular House Cleaning

This type of house cleaning service is charged per hour and due to peoples’ increasingly busy lifestyles has become a very popular and somewhat essential service. People just do not have the time for cleaning, work, kids, social life! The cleaning is being outsourced and rightly so, why waste valuable time? For a rate of between 10 to 15 per hour you can have a cleaner in to clean the whole house a couple of times per month, no more dust and no more in house arguments about who does what. And a nice clean tidy home which has been proven to reduce stress levels.

House Cleaning Company

Regular house cleaning services are very affordable and if you provide all the cleaning products needed it will work out even cheaper for you. If you use a house cleaning company they will most likely issue an invoice once per month and then they will give a few days to pay the invoice. If you are using a private person you will probably pay by the week. If you live in a very remote area it could prove difficult to find a local house cleaning company. In many cases a few families will hire the same local cleaner and then the travelling to that specific area will be worthwhile for the cleaner. More remote areas might be charged extra per hour.

House Cleaning Company

No matter what type of house cleaning you might require, just do a search on and you will find what you need. Get 3 estimates and pick the best.

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