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Henry Hetty Numatic Hoover Floor Tool Vacuum Cleaner Brush Head

  • Henry Hetty Numatic Hoover Floor Tool Vacuum Cleaner Brush Head


Date : December 5, 2018

Henry Hetty Numatic Hoover Floor Tool Vacuum Cleaner Brush Head

Efficient Vacuuming With The Henry Hetty Vacuum Cleaner Brush Head

The efficiency of the vacuum is determined by the functionality of its constituent parts. This ranges from the nozzles, hoses, all through to the filter system and the dust bags. For the cleaning process to be successful, each of these components plays a key role in the process. For the attachments, you want products that can be able to optimise your operations. That’s where units like the Henry Hetty Numatic Hoover Floor Tool Vacuum Cleaner Brush Head come in.

What This Brush Head Has In Store For Your Vacuuming

For starters, this is an adjustable vacuum cleaner brush head, that you can use on floors and carpets alike. Switching between the two modes is easy with it foot switch used with the vacuum. The head easily slides over the surfaces being attended to, be it the fibres of the carpet or the tiles, wood and other hard flooring. It sucks up the dust particles, directing them into the hose and eventually the dust bags. The suction power with which it is used depends on the mode that you have set with the associated vacuum.

The brush head comes with the universal 32mm wide fitting which enables it to be used on multiple vacuum systems from different brands and manufacturers, including the iconic Henry Hetty vacuums themselves. The adaptability of the head enables you to save on costs, as you can use it on the different systems without having to get a new brush head for each one. Fitting the head onto the vacuum system is easy, and so is the maintenance, with the occasional cleaning with warm water and mild detergent being sufficient.

What of its efficiency? Clocking in at 27.6 cm wide, that`s plenty of coverage to pick up dust with each swipe. The build of the brush head enables it to pick up even those fine dust particles, without leaking them back into the airspace. Used with systems such as the Numatic Hetty Hoover vacuums, you get a combination of high performance and capacity. Basically, the dust gets sucked up from the surfaces at a fast rate, and the system comes with a large volume capacity to hold in the dirt before it’s disposed of all at once, saving your time and energy. The brush head itself is also built to last. It can take on the work demands of those frequent vacuuming sessions, and clock a 600-minute runtime. As such, you get to have extended usage from your purchase, giving you more savings in the long run.


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