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Heating Contractors

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Date : March 27, 2018

Heating Contractors

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A heating contractor is a specialist that can take care of all your property heating issues. From replacing your old heaters with new more efficient ones to re-plumbing the whole house with insulated copper pipes. What does a heating contractors do?

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There are commercial heating contractors and there are domestic heating contractors. The more established plumbing companies will take on bigger commercial jobs where much more paper work and experience is required. Many people are paying much more than they need to just because they do not ask for advice. A brand new heater, same size as your old heater, can generate twice as much heat. Generating heat is a big advantage but keeping the heat in the heater for a longer time is a bigger advantage. Also, old and faulty gas boilers can burn 30% more gas than needed. A brand new boiler will reduce your bill by 30% and it will be much more silent than the old one. The state is offering grants of up to 700 for boiler replacements so you will only have to pay half the usual price. One call to your local heating contractor and you will find many ways of reducing your bills.

Heating Contractors

Un-insulated hot water cylinders can lose up to 50% of the heat in very short periods of time. If the finances are not available for this kind of home improvement there are other ways of dealing with it. Your plumbing contractor can spray foam on the cylinder to make it more efficient.

Heating Contractors

Under floor heating systems are some of the best type of heating. It sends the heat exactly where is needed. Much more efficient than standard house heaters and more long lasting effects. There are prices for everybody, do not cut it off your list before having a chat with a few heating contractors. You can do parts of the house if that’s all your budget will allow. The most important thing is to make sure that you get the right advice. With some households spending 500 per month it is well worth having a specialist in for a full assessment. Not only can you find out where you lose heat but you can also find out what other grants are available to people like you. You will be surprised how many people do not know what can be claimed from the State. A good heating contractor will be able to help you with that.

Heating Contractors

Solar panel systems are becoming more and more efficient. Only a few years ago solar panels needed direct sunlight to work, now the more efficient solar panels generate heat even if is not sunny. This type of heating system is a bit more costly but it will pay for itself in the long run. Many heating contractors are fully registered and authorised to fit solar panels as well. It is worth while getting a price. Most new builds come with solar panels already installed. For the commercial market not taking advantage of all the latest systems and heating technology is just bad business. A big office block could save thousands of euro by updating its heating system and what was very efficient last year could be superseded by newer more efficient technology today. The technology is constantly changing and improving. Using the services of a good heating contractor will save you thousands of euro each year.

Heating Contractors

All the heating contractors are fully trained professional tradesmen. Not only will they know their trade but they are required by law to retrain and do courses each year. If a new and better technology is launched on the market you can be sure that all the good heating contractors will know about it. Don’t delay, call your local heating contractor today and find out where and how much can you save.

Heating Contractors

How much do heating contractors charge? It is hard to say. Most of the heating contractor companies will have a minimum call out charge of between 20 to 150 depending on location and the size of the job. A heating contractor will have to come to your home/business, assess the work, make a plan and provide a quote. Doing all this will cost money so it is not unreasonable to have a callout fee. If you hire an estimator they will charge per hour. So expect some type of fee if you want a specialist to come to your home and give you a full report.

Heating Contractors

If you are happy with the contractor and you plan to go ahead with the job there are few things that you need to know. Make sure you ask for a copy of the insurance and if the job is over 5k make sure you contact the insurance company. Many insurance companies will insure the heating contractor but only for specific jobs. So, even if the insurance cert specifies that the contractor is fully insured you might need to check if solar panels are covered. If you plan to get grants from the state it is also handy to know if your heating contractor is SEI registered. Also, references. It is very important to know that your heating contractor is not starting to learn in your home. Most of the pipes are under floors or in the walls so if not done 100% right you will have to take off floor boards or smash the walls.

Do a search on for heating contractors and you will find what you need.

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