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H.S.C Hard Surface Cleaner

  • H.S.C Hard Surface Cleaner


Date : December 26, 2017

H.S.C Hard Surface Cleaner

H.S.C Hard Surface Cleaner Review

You want effective cleaning products when washing your hard surfaces, from natural stone and concrete, to ceramic, clay or wooden surfaces. The dirt and grime built-up on the surface is both unsightly and unhygienic. No one wants to come home to stained floors, or prepare food in a kitchen with greasy countertops. You also want to maintain a professional image for your business premises or government institution. It doesn’t take long for floors walls and countertops to show wear, especially in high traffic areas like kitchens, corridors, entryways, and public venues. Layers of grease and gunk develop with each passing moment -dust settling on the surface from the air, people tracking in soiling under their shoes, the occasional food and beverage spills, grease splatters on your kitchen countertops as you prepare food, your pet urinating on your floor, the body fat on the walls of your bathroom, shed hair and skin cells, etc. You need a cleaner that’s powerful enough to tackle all such issues effectively. That’s why the H.S.C Hard Surface Cleaner is so popular.


These kinds of surfaces are fairly low maintenance and durable, but you need to properly clean them to ensure they last. Soiling scratches and dulls the surface finish. If you leave it unattended, it will scour off the finish, just like fine grade sandpaper. When cleaning hard surfaces, the products you use have a lot of impact. Hard surfaces such as ceramic and porcelain tiles, grout, flagstone, slate bricks, concrete, Travertine, marble and even clay pavers can react with acidic and abrasive cleaners. You need a product that’s safe to work with. One that will perform remarkably well against the dirt and grime, and not pose any risk to the structural integrity of the surface. You can get this in the H.S.C Hard Surface Cleaner.

Benefits Of The H.S.C Hard Surface Cleaner

1. Efficient cleaner

You can use the H.S.C Hard Surface Cleaner to work on any washable surface in your home. It’ll get rid of everything rom the light dust that has settled to the dirt and grime that has been embedded to the surface. The H.S.C Hard Surface Cleaner removes grease and heavy soiling, restoring the beauty and sparkle you desire. It’s not abrasive, so you won’t have to worry about it dulling your hard surfaces. Its surfactants pull the grime and gunk from your floors and walls, making it easy for them to be washed away.

2. Multipurpose

The H.S.C Hard Surface Cleaner is effective on wood, laminate, stone and brick, tiled and even vinyl and linoleum surfaces. You can use it on both residential and commercial environments- from apartments to offices, retail stores, museums, gyms, clubs, etc. It’s easy to work with, for your weekly cleaning at home, and can be used by cleaning staff in large–scale establishments like hospitals and nursing homes. The H.S.C Hard Surface Cleaner is a popular option for cleaning companies contracted to work on hotels and office suites.

3. Fragranced

You want more than a spotless surface. You want it to smell good too. There’s nothing quite as refreshing as coming home to a lovely scent, or working in an office with a soothing ambience. The H.S.C Hard Surface Cleaner has a lemon perfume, giving your surfaces an aroma each time you clean.

How To Use The H.S.C Hard Surface Cleaner

It’s a simple process. Begin by sealing off the area you want to clean (especially for floors). You don’t want any slip accidents happening. At home, you just have to announce that you’re about to start cleaning, so that your kids and other household members won’t come trudging on the surface and affecting your work. Follow these steps to clean with the H.S.C Hard Surface Cleaner:

1. Sweep or vacuum floor before cleaning, or dust the countertops and other surfaces you’re washing. You can also pass a microfiber dust mop/cloth over the surface to ensure you’ve removed the small particles.

2. Apply the H.S.C Hard Surface Cleaner. This depends on your cleaning method, the surface you’re working on, and the size of the establishment. You may choose to work with a microfiber cloth for your countertops, and mop or your floors. You can use a spray and wipe/mop approach (like using the spray bottle, or a floor spray mop), or use a mop and bucket system. Larger premises like where the space to be covered is vast, cleaning staff usually prefer using floor cleaning machines that come with spinning heads, squeegee wands and extractors.

3. Wipe or mop the surface. Gently scrub stuck on residue. For stubborn stains and grease, give the H.S.C Hard Surface Cleaner a couple of minutes to sit on the spot. Its chemicals will break down the compounds, making it easy for you to wash them away.

4. Rinse the surface using clean water. Wipe the surface using a clean cloth or mop the floor, to remove the excess water. The goal is to leave it damp.

5. Let it dry. You can speed up the drying by simply opening the windows, or turning on your air conditioning system.

Tips For Using The H.S.C Hard Surface Cleaner

Ensure you always work with clean equipment. You don’t want to transfer dirt and odour to newly cleaned surfaces.

Carry out routine cleaning with the H.S.C Hard Surface Cleaner to maintain the beauty and hygiene of your surfaces. Dust and dirt that accumulate become gritty and can cause abrasion.

It’s recommended that you establish a shoes-off policy for your home, where the household’s members take off shoes immediately they walk into the home. This is to prevent them from tracking in soil, mud and sand from the street and yard.

Make use of area rugs in places with higher risks of spills (such as under kitchen sinks), and walk-off mats at the entrances to the building (to reduce the amount of soiling being tracked in).

Use the H.S.C Hard Surface Cleaner to get rid of spills as soon as they happen. Wipe/mop the surface. For areas with high traffic such as office blocks and retail stores, seal off the area using wet floor signs, placards, tape or cones.

t’s recommended that you seal the hard surface. This will increase its resistance to dirt, grime and stains, enhancing the durability of the surface, enabling you to enjoy it for longer.

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