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Carpet & Rug Cleaning

Green Carpet Cleaning Dublin

  • Green Carpet Cleaning Dublin


Date : June 24, 2016

Green Carpet Cleaning Dublin

Just like any other type of fabric, your carpets will get dirty sooner or later. It is the natural process and there is nothing what you can do to protect it. Most carpets have to be washed at least once per year while others have to be washed few times per. Commercial floors with high traffic have to use the services of a professional carpet cleaning company at least twice per year while domestic floors can do with only one wash.

The carpet fiber is very absorbent and it attracts dust and dirt big time. Most of this dirt can be removed with a standard vacuum but some particles are too small to be collected by the suction of the vacuum and all those particles will deposit right at the bottom of your carpet. This dust particles will create a great habitat for bad bacteria and other types of infections. The only way of getting rid of it is by heat blast and high pressure suction. This is where Rombis Cleaning Ltd comes in handy.

Green Carpet Cleaning Dublin – eco

We will use very powerful extraction machines and natural disinfectants. We will break all the dirt that hides right inside your carpet and we will extract it out with the help of very powerful extraction motors. Your carpet will fully dry within 1 hour and it will stay clean for few months.

Our minimum order for carpet cleaning is 50 per job. We can quote for commercial carpet cleaning jobs and domestic cleaning jobs. We are happy to contract once off carpet cleaning jobs or regular carpet cleaning projects. Great customers support and outstanding work results is guaranteed.

Green Carpet Cleaning Dublin – Carpet cleaning is better with Rombis Cleaning ltd! Fully insured carpet cleaning company



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