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Carpet & Rug Cleaning

Green Carpet Cleaning Company

  • Green Carpet Cleaning Company


Date : August 31, 2017

Green Carpet Cleaning Company

The Solution To Your Dirty Carpet

Carpets are a cosy and relaxing addition to any establishment. There’s nothing quite like that warm and fuzzy feeling underfoot when you get up in the morning and start walking about. However, the carpet does more than just preventing heat from flowing out of your feet into the cold hard floor. The insulation provided by its structure enables you to prevent heat loss from the building, thus reducing the costs of running your heating and air conditioning systems. Speaking of the hard floor, you don’t want your kids or senior persons in the establishment hitting it in case of a fall. This is a major reason why persons go for the soft carpets, which cushion the impact. The fibres also provide enhanced gip, preventing slip accidents from occurring. The carpets additionally add value to the indoor air quality. Their fibres trap and immobilise particles such as dust and pollen, preventing them from re-entering the breathing zone. This is especially beneficial to establishments where persons are suffering from allergies. However, you just don’t let the carpet accumulate the particles forever. It needs to be regularly cleaned and maintained in order to be effective as an air filter. Carpeted rooms also reduce noises from within and without, whether you want to dampen down the sounds coming from your kid’s room upstairs, or reduce noise getting transmitted through the different floors of your office building. The absorbent nature reduces the reverberation, enabling you to have a quieter environment where people can focus on their tasks. Then, of course, there’s the beauty. The carpet is a decorative feature for the establishment, bringing out your personality at home and accentuating your business image. You want it to remain in top condition all through its service life. Make this a reality by scheduling carpet cleaning Dublin services.

Why You Should Invest In Expert Carpet Cleaning Services

Protect your carpet – Green Carpet Cleaning Company

It costs a pretty penny to obtain, and you want to protect it. Soiling that remains in the carpet too long continues working its way into the fibres, increasing the risk of damage. Spots and traffic lanes developing on the carpet will be the least of your worries. The gunk takes away the appeal of the carpet, making it look unsightly, which further ruins the rest of the dÌ©cor. Moreover, due to foot traffic, the soiling gets grinded against the carpet fibres, wearing them down and reducing their structural integrity. Their functional attributes such as warmth, plus sound and impact absorption get hampered. In addition, there are those carpets that come with stain resistance treatments. These get abraded too, exposing your investment to more permanent stains. You don’t want things taking this route. Our highly effective carpet cleaning Dublin systems will get rid of the source of the problem. Hot water extraction processes are employed to flush out the grime piling up in the carpet, and enable you to enhance the life of your investment.

We go across the scope – Green Carpet Cleaning Company

Our carpet cleaning Dublin services are available to both residential and commercial establishments. Whether you’re a homeowner freshening up the place so that you can be comfortable in it, it’s at the end of your tenancy and the landlord demands that the carpet be professionally cleaned before you get your deposit back, or you’re looking to reverse the spill accidents caused after a recent party you hosted, we’ve got you covered. For business owners, from hospitality settings like hotels, recreational centres like gyms, all through to nursing homes, art galleries, museums, and even churches, our carpet cleaning personnel will come to you and restore the lost elegance to the decor.


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