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  • Gas Boiler Servicing


Date : September 3, 2016

Gas Boiler Servicing

Having your boiler serviced once per year is a must. If you are a landlord you are obliged by law to service the boiler on all your properties and if you do not do it and an accident happens you will be in trouble. Gas boiler servicing is a cheap operation that will cost anything between 50 to 100 depending on the type of the boiler, the location and the condition. Like a car engine, the boiler has a complex operational system inside. Parts can always break down and a simple boiler servicing can save you about 20% on your gas bill. An old and rusty boiler is more likely not to burn all the gas that gets in and it will waste a good part of it.

Gas Boiler Servicing

Most plumbing companies will do gas boiler servicing. There are companies that do only gas boiler servicing. The availability of this service will depend on your location. Bigger cities will have a great number of boiler servicing companies than the more remote areas. What happens when your boiler is being serviced? A boiler specialist will check all the parts and they need to be greased and cleaned. The electrical system will also be checked just to make sure that there are no damaged or faulty cables. The burners are the most important part of the boiler and having been on fire more or less the whole year it will build up a bit of residue. A good clean and fast inspection will assure another 12 months of safe usage. Just because you had a service done that is not a guarantee that your boiler will not break again. You should inspect your boiler once in a while and if you smell gas you should call the emergency numbers. Also, a good way of finding out if the boiler works well is to smell the boiler ventilation pipe. If you smell gas then your boiler does not burn as it should. A carbon monoxide alarm should be fitted in any kitchen just to prevent accidents. From our market research we have found that many gas boiler servicing companies offer great deals and discounts. You can get a monthly pay package where you pay 9 per month and then you just call in with a date every 12 months or so. Other companies have one fee for all your plumbing issues, gas boiler servicing being covered by that as well. There shouldn’t be any problem in finding a good contractor. Just do a search on for boiler servicing and you will find a good contractor to sort you out.

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Gas Boiler Servicing


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