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Fresh Aerosol Apple Air Freshener

  • Fresh Aerosol Apple Air Freshener


Date : June 21, 2016

Fresh Aerosol Apple Air Freshener

Fresh Aerosol Apple Air Freshener Review

Odours make any interior space unbearable. They are caused by anything from the gunk that goes down the sink, and the pungent smells from the bathroom, decaying organic matter, which includes body waste like skin flakes and fats from sweat, to the general soiling, hair and body oils washed off in the shower. In case one of your household members smokes, then the tobacco smoke can get absorbed by the furnishings and walls. You don’t want to sit back on your favourite sofa, only for the tobacco smell to waft up to your nose. Dingy clothes in the closet, smells from the food and drinks spills all over the house after an all-night party, fish smells in the kitchen as you were preparing tuna for the day’s lunch, or even those musky smells in the basement can reek up your house. The guest bathroom may have remained unused for quite some time, causing it to develop a stale smell. You want to be comfortable in your home. You don’t want guests walking in and perking up their noses. You want a highly effective product that can get rid of the odours and enhance the ambience of your home. That’s where the Fresh Aerosol Apple Air Freshener comes in.

Office spaces also have their odour problems. There’s the canned salmon that your colleague can have brought over from home for lunch, to the smells sifting into the workspace from the restrooms down the corridor. Tuna fish sandwich in the employee lounge can really distract your staff from other duties. Drink stains such as coffee spills on the desk, hard boiled eggs, fast foods and hot dogs all create odours that disturb the persons in the premises. There’s also that one person who comes into the building doused with enough cologne to colonise an entire floor. Emissions from the print area, art rooms, smoking lounges and beauty salons, carpets, furnishings, and other building components and body odour especially during those hot afternoons make the office space insufferable. It’s not just the employees that you should worry about. Odours in commercial establishments are a turn off to potential customers. They portray your business in negative light, and the customers will see it to be a depiction of the level of service to expect from your enterprise. No one want to miss out on profits and lucrative deals because pungent smells chased away their clients and potential business partners. You don’t want to simply mask the odours, only for them to mix with the perfume, and after the perfume dissipates you’re left reeling in the stench. You want a product that can neutralise the molecules causing the odours, completely eliminating them. It should truly create a clean and fresh scent, without any ghastly whiffs. Turn to the Fresh Aerosol Apple Air Freshener.

Benefits Of The Fresh Aerosol Apple Air Freshener

1. Quality freshener

The goal of an air freshener is to eliminate the pesky odours that are making the living or working space unbearable, and replace them with an invigorating aroma. That’s exactly what the Fresh Aerosol Apple Air Freshener does. It neutralises the odours instantly, and leaves a pleasant apple scent. It eliminates the pungent smells coming from the bathroom, to the smoke odours that got absorbed by your furnishings. Use it to get rid of the annoying smells in your workplace, from the seafood, garlic and onion-heavy foods brought into the office, musky whiffs from the carpets and upholstery, odours from washrooms, and create a refreshing ambience that fosters concentration and creativity. The Fresh Aerosol Apple Air Freshener is a fast acting product, quickly spreading through the indoor air space to dispel the odours and leave the pleasant apple aroma in its wake.

2. Long lasting fragrance

As the Fresh Aerosol Apple Air Freshener permeates through the establishment, its molecules linger in the air for longer, enabling you to continue enjoying the invigorating fragrance. It brightens up the interior space, and even has added benefits to your mental well-being. The aroma of the Fresh Aerosol Apple Air Freshener soothes and relaxes you, brightening up your mood. You’ll be able to concentrate on your tasks at the workplace, or sit back and enjoy the ambience of your home. It enables you to reduce anxiety, and you get to sleep better at night. The aroma spruces up the workplace, making it conducive and vibrant for both your employees and customers.

3. Dry formulation

You don’t have to worry about the Fresh Aerosol Apple Air Freshener soaking your items and surfaces. Its dry formulation enables you to use it on curtains, fabrics and upholstery. It will not stain the material, hence being an effective product for removing the tobacco smoke odours or cooking smells that are absorbed by fabrics. It penetrates the fibres of the material and neutralises the odours at the source. The Fresh Aerosol Apple Air Freshener also does not leave a wet film on your clothing draperies, floors, furniture, floors, or any other hard surface in the room.

4. Multipurpose

The Fresh Aerosol Apple Air Freshener is effective in both domestic and commercial establishments. You can use it to bring an invigorating and relaxing feel in your home, freshen up the office space, and tackle the odours coming from the washrooms and locker-rooms in hotels, gyms, sports and fitness clubs, all through to receptions areas and public rooms. You can also use it on your vehicle’s upholstery.

5. Cost effective

The Fresh Aerosol Apple Air Freshener comes in an affordable 400 ml can. Due to its high efficacy, only a slight mist is required with every application. This enables the Fresh Aerosol Apple Air Freshener to last for long, and gives you more bang for your buck.

How To Use The Fresh Aerosol Apple Air Freshener

The application is simple. Follow these steps:

1. Shake the can.

2. Spray the Fresh Aerosol Apple Air Freshener sparingly into the air.

Tips For Using The Fresh Aerosol Apple Air Freshener

Spray away from your face.

Locate the source of the pungent smell and eliminate or clean it- it may be kitty litter, a dirty sock in the closet, a blockage in the sink drain, or even a tiny dead mouse in the chimney.

Do not spray the Fresh Aerosol Apple Air Freshener near food.

Never puncture or incinerate the can, even when empty.


Fresh Aerosol Apple Air Freshener



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