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Floor Sanding Walkinstown

  • Floor Sanding Walkinstown


Date : August 23, 2017

Floor Sanding Walkinstown

High quality floor sanding services at affordable costs? Dublin Floor Sanding offers professional floor sanding services at affordable rates. Our company uses top of the range floor sanding equipment and by doing so it can complete floor sanding jobs much faster than its competition and much cheaper. We use some of the most efficient water based varnishes that have a very short drying time and very long life expectancy. We lead a team of professional floor sanding specialists with years of experience in the field.

Floor Sanding Walkinstown – About us Dublin Floor Sanding is a well established floor sanding company based in Dublin. We manage a team of floor sanding specialists and we complete a few hundred floor sanding projects each year. We deal with a wide range of customers and we provide a very wide range of services. Our minimum order is 250 vat included.

Floor Sanding Walkinstown – Our system Dublin Floor Sanding owns top of the range dustless floor sanding machines capable of completing huge areas in very short periods of time. Our dustless floor sanding system will make sure that your home will be left as we have found it. Over 98% of the dust will be collected in special dust collecting bags. Dublin Floor Sanding can sand any type of solid and semi solid wood floors. Semi solid wood floors can only be sanded a few times so if your floor was already refinished a few times, we might not be able to do it again, we do provide free no-obligation quotations so it will not cost you a thing to find out.

Floor Sanding Walkinstown -Insurance Dublin Floor Sanding is fully insured to contract any size job from any type of customer. We are fully insured for damages of up to 6.5 million if the worst happens. If you are a commercial floor sanding customer, we can also provide you with signed copy of our insurance and safety statement. Safety first is our policy.

Floor Sanding Walkinstown – Furniture In most cases there will be some furniture to be moved around. Most of the Irish floor sanding contractors have a fee per hour for helping with moving the furniture around. Dublin Floor Sanding will not charge anything extra for this service as long as there is not a huge amount of heavy furniture to be moved around. Our lads are very helpful

Floor Sanding Walkinstown – Pricing Dublin Floor Sanding is not the cheapest or the most expensive floor sanding company around. For the type of services that our specialists can provide, we can truly say that we are in fact very reasonably priced. Unlike other floor sanding companies, Dublin Floor Sanding uses only top of the range floor finishes. We want you to enjoy your floor for years to come not only for a few months. Like in anything else, you get what you pay for. If you pay less per square metre you will end up with lower quality. The average price per square metre should be somewhere around 20 (+-). The type of finish required, the quality of your floor, the size, the location and the accessibility will increase or decrease the final price. Floors over 100 sq metre will cost about 10% less, floors in bad condition where more sanding is required will cost 10% more. High traffic finishes will add about 10% to the final cost and the location of your job can also increase the price. No floor sanding company can provide you with an exact price without inspecting the floor.

Floor Sanding Walkinstown – Our services Dublin Floor Sanding provides a wide range of floor sanding services and floor repairing services. The most popular type of floor finishing is sanding and clear varnish. Many people plan a big colour change so we can either stain your floor, oil your floor with a coloured oil or paint your floor. Many people hate varnishes and love oils. We can seal your floor with a clear oil. Other people love painted floors so we can paint your floors in about 200 different colours. We can fill the gaps between your floor boards to protect you from draft. We can repair damaged floor boards and we can replace floor boards. We can remove paint from your stair case and we can polish your floors. Just ask us. Dublin Floor Sanding uses Bona and Tover floor care products.

Floor Sanding Walkinstown – Payments Dublin Floor Sanding works with a number of regular floor sanding customers. There are many builders, management companies, estate agents etc. using our services regularly. If you book more than 10 jobs per year with us we can provide you with 30 days credit. If you are a once off floor sanding customer you will need to pay the invoice on the day. We accept cash, cheque, EFT or card payments.

Floor Sanding Walkingstown – Opening times We are open for business 24/7. Our lads can sand floors overnight or over the weekend. Our office might be closed but if you need to contact us outside the normal office hours please use our mobile phone number. If you require floor sanding over night please contact us in good time to avoid disappointment. Many commercial floor sanding customers are looking for the same service.

Floor Sanding Walkinstown – Website Our website was designed with our customers in mind and there is a lot of information on it. We have a page with our latest projects to show you the kind of work we can do. You wont find another floor sanding business listing their latest projects. You can book online, contact online, send us enquiry forms, etc. If there is more information that you might need please contact our free phone line.

Commercial Floor Sanding Walkinstown If you are a commercial floor sanding customer looking for pricing please contact us in good time. Bigger the surface less cost per square metre. Jobs over 200 square metres cannot be done without at least a few days notice. If you require unusual finishes please let us know the exact product name and where to source it. If you are thinking of having floor sanding done please contact us today. We will provide you with a free no obligation estimate. Dublin Floor Sanding is a very friendly floor sanding company with very helpful workers. We are not afraid of challenges and we are ready to work with any type of customer to achieve the best possible results. The quality of our work will impress you.

Floor Sanding Walkinstown

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