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Floor Sanding Terenure

  • Floor Sanding Terenure


Date : March 3, 2018

Floor Sanding Terenure

Are you looking for a floor sanding company that can handle any size project, any type of wood floor and has a great track record within the Terenure area? Dublin Floor Sanding is the company you are looking for. With hundreds of small and big projects completed in Terenure and within the Dublin 6 area we can truly say that we are the masters of floor sanding.

Antique solid wood? Reclaimed wood floors? Old pine floors? Beech wood floors? Semi solid floors?

No problem. Dublin Floor Sanding can sand, stain, wax, oil and repair any type of floor, new or old. Our floor sanding specialists are fully trained and our floor sanding company is fully insured and highly recommended. Looking for a new look? We can stain your floors. Looking for an antique look? We can oil your floors. Hate the gaps between the boards? We can do gap filling. Looking for a quick fix without mad expenses? We can wax or seal your floors.

Floor Sanding Terenure – Are our floor sanding machines dustless?

Of course. Our floor sanding machines are dustless and very powerful. Very little vibration and very little noise. Our floor sanding machines have a dust collection capability of over 98% (that means that less than 2% of the dust is lost). Whatever dust is created, if any, it will be fully removed before we leave.

Floor Sanding Terenure – Finishes

We can do your floors any way you want but if we think that a certain finish will not work well and will not suit your type of floors we will let you know. Oak floors will not look well in green, yellow or very bright colours. Pine wood does not look too well in very dark colours pine wood is very bright and if the floor is scratched it will be very visible if the floor is completed in a black or brown stain. We will offer advice on the best colours and options available to all our customers to help you achieve the best possible finish for your floors.

Here is a list of finishes that Dublin Floor Sanding can do for you:

-floor sanding & varnishing

-floor sanding, staining & varnishing

-floor sanding & oiling

-floor waxing

-floor painting (acrylic paint)

-floor buffing

We work with the newest technology and with the most cost efficient products only. We try to keep our prices as low as possible to ensure that our services are affordable and accessible to most people. Powerful floor sanding machines, high quality & high coverage varnishes, top of the range stains and waxes. Our floor sanding specialists are very dedicated people and they will do all they can to make sure that your floor turns exactly how you want it.

Floor Sanding Terenure – Who are our customers?

We deal with hundreds of small, medium and big jobs per year. We do not have a particular type of client we deal with. If your job is worth at least 250 and it can be sanded, we are interested. If you click on the above link you will notice the amounts of jobs we do all over Dublin. We work with a number of local builders and management companies. Our floor sanding services are in big demand because of our great reputation. On our customer list you will see many domestic customers and many commercial customers.

If you are builder or a construction company, you know how important it is not to be let down by the subcontractors, you have deadlines to meet. Working with Dublin Floor Sanding you are 100% sure that our lads will be on site on time and the job will be completed on time and within the budget. For a list of our builders we currently work with please contact us at 014304313.

Floor Sanding Terenure – Oil or water based finishes?

Most people go for water based finishes for a few very good reasons. First, and the most important one, it dries very fast and it can be recoated within 2 hours. It looks natural without the oily look. It lasts as long as oil based varnishes. It is odour free. Some people still prefer the oil based varnishes. If you want to go for the oil based varnishes we have no problem with that. The recoating periods are much higher and no job can be competed in 1 day.

There is a myth on the market that oil based varnishes are needed for high traffic areas. Well, check out this product:

This varnish is as tough as any oil based varnish or even tougher. It is highly recommended for churches, pubs, schools, airports etc. It has all the benefits of oil based varnish but without the fumes, long drying times and difficulty to work with.

Floor Sanding Terenure – Floor Sanding Pricing

You shouldn’t expect to pay little money for high quality finishes. Everything is expensive in floor sanding. A good quality varnish will cost 100 for 5 litres instead of 30 for 5 litres that a cheap varnish will cost. What is the difference between a high quality varnish and a low quality varnish? The look and the life expectancy. If a Bona Mega HD has a life expectancy of about 5 years on medium traffic, a cheap varnish will last about 1 year.

Dublin Floor Sanding charges around 20 per square meter for floor sanding and varnishing. If your floor requires much more work or if you want a much stronger varnish than normal, it will cost more. If you require staining and gap filling the price will go up again. You should budget for between 20 to 30 per square meter. Most floor sanding companies have a minimum order. Our minimum order is 250 . For us to come to your home we need to put a great system in place. A van has to come and even if the job is only 3 square metres, it will still take about 6 hours because the varnish needs time to dry. We will provide you with free estimates over the phone but you need to understand we only provide estimates. For a concrete quotation we will need to see the job. If the job is bigger or harder to do than we were told we will change the price. We cannot give a 100% accurate quotation without a proper assessment.

Floor Sanding Terenure How to clean your floors?

After the floor sanding job is completed we will have your floors looking like a mirror. This look will only stay like this if you maintain it. You will need to regularly clean your floors and do not drag heavy items on the floor. Avoid using a lot of moisture on your floors and if you hoover your floors use the brush on your hoover head. Here is a product that is highly recommended:

Some people think this is the best and some people don’t like it. But it is a type of tool that is very efficient for cleaning polished surfaces. If you need more cleaning products for cleaning or sealing your floors you can go to and you will find many professional floor cleaning products.

If you want to go ahead and hire a floor sanding company please have a look at Dublin Floor Sanding. How many companies have their latest projects posted?


We are very happy with all our completed jobs. We are not perfect and things can go wrong sometimes, but we will always be there to sort out any issues.  01 4440146

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