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Floor Sanding Tallaght

  • Floor Sanding Tallaght


Date : September 8, 2017

Floor Sanding Tallaght

Finding high quality dustless floor sanding services at affordable prices used to be a big challenge before Dublin Floor Sanding become one of the most requested floor sanding companies in Tallaght. We have invested in top of the range dustless floor sanding machines and we have trained our specialists to work with some of the finest oils, waxes, stains and varnishes. We can give a new life span to any floor in any condition. What can we do for you?

Floor Sanding Tallaght – We can sand any type of semi or solid wood floors. We can stain your floors to any colour you want. We can oil your floors with fine oils clear or in many colours We can wax your floors to a mirror like look We can varnish your floors and provide a protective coat to last for years We can paint your floors in any colour you want We can replace missing floor boards We can fill up gaps

What is the point in having fancy hardwood floors if they are not kept clean and polished?

Many people from Tallaght area are removing their carpets and then they hire us to sand and varnish their old floor boards. Those floors are fine quality and because they were covered for many years they have no wear off signs and we usually find them in near perfect condition. Dublin Floor Sanding can give a new life to those floors and after a nice sanding, a treatment and a few coats of varnish nobody will ever believe that you haven’t spent thousands of euro on brand new floors. If you are a property developer or a landlord and after removing old carpets you have discovered fine floor boards, just give us a call and we will show you what can be done with it. All our site inspections are free of charge so why not find out more? Semi solid floors can only be sanded a couple of times but it all depends on how much is sanded off each time. A good floor sanding company should be able to sand your semi solid floors at least 3 times so you should have nice and good floors for about 20 years if you look after them properly.

Floor Sanding Tallaght – Dublin Floor Sanding works with both commercial and domestic floor sanding customers. About half of our business comes from commercial jobs like schools, pubs, restaurants, surgeries, churches, offices etc. and the other half is the private floor sanding market.

Floor Sanding Tallaght – All our services are insured and we can provide all our commercial customers with safety statements and risk assessment. A great thing about working with Dublin Floor Sanding is the fact that we are open 24/7 and we cover the whole Co Dublin plus some parts of Co Wicklow, Co Kildare & Co Meath. For bigger commercial floor sanding jobs we will travel to other counties.

Floor Sanding Tallaght – Our finishes

Varnish is the most requested type of floor finish. It lasts for long periods of time and it can be applied over staining. 3 coats of high traffic floor varnish will last for at least 5 years if minded right. We work with high quality traffic varnishes from a few brands with most brands having matte, satin and glossy finishes. Most domestic customers will go for a satin finish and most commercial customers will go for gloss finish. Matte varnishes are very rarely used. The second most demanded type of floor finish is oiling. Most of the modern floors semi solid floors look great after oiling. Our suppliers can provide a great range of colours and finishes. We can change the colour of your floor to any colour you want by using oils only. Waxes and floor paints are the next in line with fewer customers opting for those finishes.

Floor Sanding Tallaght – Having dustless floor sanding machines is a must for any decent floor sanding contractor and our company owns many dustless machines. With 98% dust collection you will have a spotless home after the job is completed. Not having to spend money and time in cleaning will be a bonus for you.

Floor Sanding Tallaght – Prices

Floor sanding is not cheap so if a contractor offers you a rate under 20 per square meter you should think twice. Sanding floors require high skill, expensive machinery and expensive finishes. Many landlords and builders attempt to do diy floor sanding with tools hired from hiring shops thinking it is a piece of cake. Professional floor sanders are powerful high speed machines. If you don’t know what you are doing you could sand a nice hole right in the middle of your living room and it will be a nightmare trying to repair it. We don’t recommend anyone but a professional to do floor sanding.

Floor Sanding Tallaght – The price per square meter includes floor sanding and 3 coats of varnish. Fancy finishes and special requirements will increase the costs. A standard living room 15/12 it will cost you at least 400 and it will take a full day. Floor sanding is not a fast job. It doesn’t matter if you are a commercial or domestic customer call us now or email us and we will be glad to quote you for free.

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