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Floor Sanding Sutton

  • Floor Sanding Sutton


Date : December 29, 2017

Floor Sanding Sutton

Floor Sanding Sutton

Many people are looking for professional well established floor sanding companies with proven track records. Many people are afraid to hire a company that is not recommended by a friend or a family member. How would you know if a company is good or if they are reliable and will start and complete your project? Dublin Floor Sanding can help you make up your mind. We publish a full list of latest projects. You can contact any of our completed jobs listed on our website to ask for more information. We will have your job priced within a maximum of 24 hours and if you are happy with our price we will have your job completed within 10 days.

Floor Sanding Sutton About us Dublin Floor Sanding is a professional floor sanding company based in Dublin. Our team is young and energetic and we are interested in contracting any size floor sanding project. Our company provides free no obligation estimates and our services are highly recommended by many of our regular customers.

Floor Sanding Sutton Opening times We are basically open 24/7. Our office is open from 7 am to 10 pm 6 days per week but you can contact us on our mobile after those hours. We can do floor sanding jobs over night, over the weekend and at any time in the day but we need a bit of notice. Book in time to avoid disappointment.

Floor Sanding Sutton Insurance We are a professional floor sanding company and we comply with all the Irish regulation. We are fully insured to undertake any type of commercial or domestic floor sanding services. We are covered for damages of up to 6.5 million. For the commercial floor sanding market we can provide safety statements & risk assessments.

Floor Sanding Sutton Our sanders Dublin Floor Sanding owns top of the range floor sanders capable of collecting over 98% of the dust created when sanding. Our floor sanding machines are low noise and low vibration and this allows us to do jobs even in houses with old structures and sensitive floor beams. Dublin Floor Sanding uses the latest technology available in the floor sanding industry.

Floor Sanding Sutton Our finishes We can sand your floors up to the bare wood and then we can offer you a wide range of finishes. There is not one single type of finish that everybody goes for, but instead there are hundreds of finishes. Any type of finish required can be done by us but has to be agreed by the property owner. The most common type of floor finish is clear varnishing. Staining and varnishing is another finish in big demand with painted floor gaining popularity. A wide range of customers love oiled or waxed floors and many customers only want a sealant.

Oiling we can oil your floors in a clear satin oil or we can use coloured oils. We can source top of the range coloured oils known to last for years. Staining if you are not happy with the look of your floors we can stain your floor in a darker or brighter floor colour and then we can finish the floor with a protective coat of varnish. Varnishing you can have your floor sanded and then finished in a matte, satin or gloss varnish. We can finish your floor with a domestic or a commercial floor varnish. The type of floor varnish recommended for your floor will be pointed out by our specialists but it is up to yourself to make up your mind. Painting painted floors are more popular than ever. With the progress in the quality of floor paints it is no wonder that more and more people are getting their floor painted. Easy to maintain and cheaper to re finish.

Dublin Floor Sanding uses two high quality brands of floor care products. We only use Tover and Bona floor care products. If you require more information about our products please email us.

Commercial Floor Sanding Sutton If you want us to quote for a commercial floor sanding project in Sutton please contact us in good time and do not expect the job to be done on the same day.

Floor Sanding Sutton Our prices This is the big question, how much per square metre of floor sanding and floor finishing? The average price per square metre is somewhere around 20 . The quality of the finish required, the size of your job, the location and the condition of your floor will make up the final price. Floor sanding is not cheap and very expensive heavy duty machinery is required to complete a job. Budget in good time and expect to pay at least 20 per square metre. High end finishes & high traffic finishes can cost 30 per square metre.

Floor Sanding Sutton Furniture Our floor sanding specialists will help you move your furniture around. If there is very heavy furniture to be moved we might charge extra to do it. A few sofas, one table, few chairs, etc, can be done by our lads.

Floor Sanding Sutton Our guarantee We can promise you that only top of the range floor finishing products will be used in your home and we will take care of your property like it was in our home. We can guarantee that only the best pricing will provided to all our customers regardless of location. We can guarantee that you will be impressed with the end result, we need you as our next reference.

Floor Sanding Sutton Floor Sanding Sutton


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