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Floor Sanding Stillorgan

  • Floor Sanding Stillorgan


Date : September 25, 2016

Floor Sanding Stillorgan

We all know how important it is to have nice looking floors. We all know how well your home looks after you had your floors sanded and varnished. But we also know that if you want long lasting results, as little disturbance as possible and brilliant quality, you will need to find the best floor sanding contractor that you can. Let us help you out. Dublin Floor Sanding specialises in commercial and domestic floor sanding services. We provide free no obligation estimates and we can guarantee competitive pricing. Our floor sanding specialists are fully trained and the best at their trade. We can contract any size floor sanding job but we have a minimum order of 250 vat included. Dublin Floor Sanding has a proven track record and we have a great list of our latest projects on our website. We cover the whole Stillorgan area and in the past few years we have completed many domestic and commercials jobs within this area. Need more information?

Floor Sanding Stillorgan – Our floor sanders

To be the best you need to work with the best tools and equipment. Dublin Floor Sanding owns some of the most powerful and most efficient floor sanders ever invented. Our machines have a low noise level, low vibration and very high dust collection capabilities. In fact, our floor sanders can collect over 98% of the dust generated. More power in our floor sanders means a few things. First, we can complete more jobs faster. Spending less times doing floor sanding means we need to pay out less so this has enabled us to reduce costs. Second important thing, we can do huge commercial floor sanding jobs with ease. Pubs, restaurants, hospitals, offices etc. don’t have too much time available. Our team can sand any commercial floor over night without generating any dust. Call us today with any requirements and we will work out a deal for you

Floor Sanding Stillorgan – Floor Sanding Stillorgan Our finishes

Good results that last for long is our aim. You cannot get good results if you use cheap materials. Dublin Floor Sanding uses only varnishes from Bona brand (www.bona,com) and oils and waxes from Osmo brand ( ). We want you to enjoy your beautiful floors for years to come. We will not just sand up your floors but we will show you how to clean and maintain your newly finished floors.

Floor Sanding Stillorgan – Floor Sanding Stillorgan Our specialists

No school can prepare you for the real live experiences. Our floor sanding specialists have years of experience in this field and thousands of small, medium and big jobs completed. We are not chancers and if you have a look at our latest projects option you will see that big chains of restaurants, embassies, churches, offices etc. have trusted us to sand their floors and then they have recommended us to other people. We plan to make you our next reference.

Floor Sanding Stillorgan Our insurance

We are fully insured for any type of floor sanding job. Our policy will cover any damage of up to 6.5 million that has happened from the fault of Dublin Floor Sanding. We are claim free but just in case the worst happens you know that you are covered. If you require a copy of our insurance policy please email us. For the commercial floor sanding market we can provide safety statements and risk assessments.

Floor Sanding Stillorgan Types of floor finishes that we do

Varnishing Staining Oiling Waxing Gap filling Floor Painting Floor Repairs

Dublin Floor Sanding can finish your floors in many ways. We usually work with our own brands because we know them well and how they perform and we can provide you with a warranty. If you want us to use a product that you plan to provide we can do it without any problem but we cannot guarantee the work because we just don’t know the product. Dublin Floor Sanding has years of experience and we have tested all available products over the years. We have handpicked a few brands that provide a balance between pricing & quality.

Varnishing most of our varnishes are water based varnishes from Bona. Our varnishes come in matte, satin or gloss. Most domestic customers will go for gloss. Bona varnishes are very long lasting varnishes and are beautiful as well. Unlike the oil based varnish, the water based varnish won`t build up a glazing in the top of your floor. It will just make the floor look natural and rich. Dublin Floor Sanding can adapt to any requirements so just ask us.

Staining many people get tired of having the same floors for years and instead they are looking for a change. Our company can stain your floor in whatever colour you want. We can work with you and we can help you make up your mind . After stain application we will apply 3 coats of varnish.

Oiling many people love oiled floors. Dublin Floor Sanding can oil your floors in hundreds of colours or clear oil. It is your choice. We work mostly with floor oils from Osmo brand. Oils are great stain protectors and it can make the wood to look nice and natural.

Waxing if your floor still has a bit of finish left on it and you don’t want a big floor sanding job done we can do a deep clean and a waxing. The wax will protect and make the floor look nice and clean.

Painting some people prefer painting their wood floors. We can sand your floors to remove any type of finish and then we can paint your floor with an acrylic floor paint. You can pick your own colour.

Gap Filling gap filling is a great way of insulating your floors to avoid having draft. We can fill all the gaps between your floors with a special gap filler that will match the colour of your floors. Gap filling can only be done if the gaps on your floor are well below 1 cm.

Call us today with your floor sanding requirements and let us quote for your floor. Our floor sanding specialists will impress you. We will give your floors a new look. 1800 844 111 (free) Floor Sanding Stillorgan

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Floor Sanding Stillorgan


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