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Floor Sanding Services

  • Floor Sanding Services


Date : August 9, 2016

Floor Sanding Services

Our business directory offers a way to advertise your floor sanding services and make a connection with customers seeking floor sanding services. You will be able to locate floor sanding contractors from all counties in Ireland. Floor Sanding Contractors: Joining will help you find more and better quality work. Our website reaches every corner of Ireland, even contractors from the most isolated areas can access hundreds of potential customers that visit our website. Our directory will put you on the map. You have the opportunity to sell your products, reach new customers and get higher rankings on the search engines. Describe your services in detail, post special offers and deals and watch your business grow. If you are not listed you cannot be found. Our floor sanding listing prices are affordable and you will be glad to be part of our business directory. Floor Sanding Customers: If you plan to have you floor sanded and you can`t find a sanding company please do a search on our website and you will find what you need. We have floor sanding contractors from all over Ireland and our list of floor sanding specialists is increasing month by month

Floor Sanding Services

You can ask for at least 3 estimates just to make sure you receive value for money. Floor Sanding Services Most solid and semi solid floor can be sanded. Semi solid floors can only be sanded twice so you need to be careful and keep your floors protected. Floor sanding is not a quick procedure completed in a few hours. If you are having 3 bedrooms and a set of stairs sanded you should expect it to take 1 to 3 days depending on the finish required. Most floor sanding contractors will be happy to explain the process. You should allow 48 hours drying time after the work is completed. Wood floors can be stained. If you are unhappy with the colour of your floors you can ask your floor sanding company to stain your floors. There is a wide variety of colours available. Most wood floors will require at least 3 coats of varnish to be completed. The latest floor sanding machines are dustless but you should expect some dust to build up. Most of the floor sanding contractors will clean after themselves but is recommended that you cover things that you don’t want to get dirty (old painting, antiques, tv etc). Floor sanding is usually charged per square meter but if the job is big enough it can also be charged per job. Full estimates should be provided and received prior to job starting. The price for floor sanding can vary, starting from about 10 per sq meter up to 40 per square meter. The condition of the floor, size and the finish required will decide the price. Cheap doesn’t always mean good, especially when very expensive flooring are at stake. There are two types of floor sanding jobs, commercial floor sanding and domestic floor sanding. Most of the contractors can do both but some will prefer to stick with one type only. Commercial jobs can be too demanding for smaller floor sanding companies. Floor sanding is not something you can do with ease. It requires skills, tools and a lot of time. DIY floor sanding attempts usually end up with damaged floors and huge repair bills. You will need to hire a 50 kilo floor sander, you will need to pick the right grit sand paper, you will have to know how deep to go in to the floor and when to stop. If you hold the machine on the same spot for 1 sec extra you can end up with a nice hole in your floor. If you want a nice and easy life you will be better off hiring a contractor. Floor sanding is not painting. Very few people can get good results. Avoid: -verbal agreements you will need a written quotation -contractors with no track record you don’t want to be the experiment -contractors who don’t have insurance -floors break easy and cost a lot -companies that do it all but do nothing right -contractors that don’t have dustless floor sanding machines -cash on hand deals you won`t be insure if you don’t have a invoice -cheap prices floor sanding is not cheap -pre paying for jobs you need to see the finish Pick your floor sanding contractor from our list and enjoy your new looking floors!

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