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Floor Sanding Services Dublin

  • Floor Sanding Services Dublin


Date : June 3, 2017

Floor Sanding Services Dublin


Expert Floor Sanding Services Near You – Floor Sanding Services Dublin

Home and business owners around the world are clamouring to get wood flooring for their establishments- and with good reason. Wood comes with a wide array of positive attributes, which enhance the value of the property, making elegant and conducive living and working conditions. Takes its beauty for instance, one of the core factors behind the surge of its popularity. There are different types of wood available, and each come with its colourations, grain patterns and designs that add character to the interior space. You get to select the option that matches your individual taste for your establishment, and have more room to be creative with the layout on your floor. Add to that the numerous choices of wood stains, varnishes and other treatment options, the scope is further widened addressing diverse consumer needs and desires. Whether you want light colours that make your space look bigger, brighter and more open, grey hue that is neutral and has a calming effect, or a rustic tone with a medieval feel, you can be able to set it up. You can even get an installation done with reclaimed wood, with each plank telling a story. Moreover, it’s a timeless appeal. Other flooring types go in and out of fashion depending on the prevailing trends, but the wood remains stylish. Durability also factors in. Wood floors can stand up to any lifestyle, from the busy family life young children and pets, to the heavy consumer traffic in restaurants and shopping malls. It just needs to be properly maintained, with finish coats being applied. When the old coats wear out and it’s time to refinish the surfaces, turn to the floor sanding professionals to give you a fresh start. The wood floor can last as long as the building itself. There have even been recordings of installations going strong for centuries, with the establishment being handed down from one generation to the next. The longevity of the wood flooring also makes it an eco-friendly option. This is because less natural resources and energy are required to manufacture and sustain them. Moreover, it is a carbon neutral product, partly because during the growth of the trees it took in carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and produced oxygen, and also because the carbon in it is stored throughout its service life, further enabling you to reduce your carbon footprint. Floor Sanding Services Dublin

The wood adds to the warmth of the interior space. Not only is it an insulating material that retains the heat from your air conditioning and natural sunlight, but it also provides a superb medium for installing under floor heating. Then there’s the convenience attributes. Wood does not have an electromagnetic surface. This means that you won’t need to keep worrying about it attracting particles such as dust and pet dander to its surface. Certainly, there will be those that wind up on it due to gravity or blown onto it by wind, but the surface itself doesn’t hoard the particles, making the cleaning process easier. A simple sweep or damp mopping and you’ll be good to go. This has the welcome bonus it terms of hygiene, since the wood does not support accumulation of the particles, which are also allergens. In order to enjoy the full range of benefits of the wood floor, it needs to be properly maintained. This involves everything from the regular cleaning to refinishing to touch it up when the surface treatments begin to wear down. When time for the floor restoration beckons, book a floor sanding session with the professionals. Floor Sanding Services Dublin

Factors Affecting Your Wood Floor – Floor Sanding Services Dublin

The loss of beauty of your wood floor is a cumulative effect of different factors. These include:

Traffic This is broad, referring to the people walking around your commercial premises-from the customers purchasing your products and services to the employees catering to their needs, in retail, corporate, healthcare, education or hospitality spaces, to your family members at home. Do you have kids? Chances are high that your floor has scratches from the plastic wheels on their high chairs, ride-on vehicles, push toys plus the incessant hot-wheel races they like playing. Motorized carts, people carrying suitcases, those using wheelchairs, etc., all put different amounts of pressure on the surface. Then there’s the debris that gets tracked in from the outside and dumped onto the floor. This, together with other dirt particles, gets grinded against the surface under people’s shoes. The gunk ranges from the soiling to food smudges, all through to pet fur and dander. It’s like sandpaper, leading to abrasion of the surface finish. Highly trafficked sections of your floor tend to have a different colouration compared to other areas, further making the effects more prominent. Take the greeting areas in retail establishments for instance- the section where the store greeters stand to welcome passers-by into the shop. Continued standing on the same place, with the shuffling of feet on a limited area, leads to accelerated deterioration of the surface. Do you have traffic lanes in your establishment? These are paths that form on the wood floor showing how people walk around the premises. Entrances and exits, hallways and corridors, and common areas such as waiting rooms, cafeterias and lobbies are some of the most heavily travels areas within a space. The higher the numbers of people frequenting your establishment, the more the finish breaks down, necessitating repairs. Even footwear factors in. Issues like spiked shoes causing scratches, high-heeled stilettos creating huge loads of pressure on the surface as people walk around add to the abuse being meted out on your floor. Floor sanding will enable you to get to the bare wood in order to apply a fresh protective coat to reverse the effects of the wear and tear. Floor Sanding Services Dublin

Moving heavy items When shifting furniture and appliances like the freezer- like when one is rearranging the house or doing some redecorating- they can leave scratch marks on the floor. Failing to lift and move, and simply dragging them across the surface, causes scuff marks to develop, or gorges to form on the floor. Sometimes the feet of the furniture may have become worn and rough, and scratch the floor with the slightest of disturbance. It can even have padding, but due to the hurry of the move, the furniture slides off the padding, causing the very problem you were trying to avoid. Even those bits of gravel and debris that have built up under the furniture can wreak havoc when caught between the heavy item and the floor. Floor Sanding Services Dublin

Stains These cause unsightly patches all over the floor surface. A common cause is drink spills that weren’t cleaned up soon enough, causing the substances to set into the finish. Coffee and tea from breakfast at home, or spills in the employee lounge at the workplace during coffee break, fruit juice and beverage spills during a party at your residence, urine accidents from your furry friend, red wine due to the glass tipping over in the middle of the excitement of hosting your dashing date, ball point pen and marker ink especially when your kids decide to showcase their artistry skills on your wood floor, thus ruining the surface, all through to vomit when that drunk friend comes over from a night out and slouches on your sofa, and even residue from cigarette burns- stain sources are plenty. Over time, the build-up of stains will necessitate a thorough floor sanding to be done to remove the ruined finish, and new coats applied to restore the elegance of the premises. There are also those cases when one cleans the wood floor with substances such as vinegar and ammonia, which actually break down the finish causing the surface to lose its shine and dull faster. More damage is caused if the acidic solutions get to the underlying wood itself. The floor sanding professionals will enable you to give the surface a new beginning, and apply the treatment coats you desire. Floor Sanding Services Dublin

Natural elements Wood, like skin, is sensitive to sunlight. The ultraviolet (UV) and infrared (IR) rays affect the surface due to the light and heat respectively. The tissues can either bleach and fade, or form darker tints. It depends on the specific wood species, much like how people themselves tan, get sunburns and other different effects at varying rates on exposure to the sun. For instance, while the Maple will lighten and fade, the Brazilian Cherry will darken. The radiation affects the finish, and the wearing down due to other effects mentioned above causes the sun’s rays to have more effect on the underlying wood. Again, comparing with the skin, it’s like when one does not have sufficient lotion or sunscreen protecting them, whether it has been rubbed off or washed off after a swim. The rays react with the finish, causing a yellow tint that goes in stark contrast with the colouration that you had had it installed with. This ruins that ambience of the interior space. One can notice huge discrepancies when comparing surfaces of the floor that have been covered with furniture or rugs, and those that are in the open. Floor Sanding Services Dublin

DIY refinishing errors Failing to observe correct procedures when applying the treatment coats onto your floor will cause problems right from the start. For instance, not ensuring that the floor has been properly cleaned. Particles like dust and hair getting stuck on the lacquer coats will stick out like a sore thumb once the finish dries and cures. Using dirty tools contaminates the lacquers and varnishes being applied, affecting the quality of the results. When left with substandard coats, one is forced to redo the processes sooner than had been anticipated. There are also those cases when one rushes through the coats, without allowing sufficient drying time in between. This lengthens the curing time, and the outcome will still be drabby. You end up with a floor with both dull and shiny areas, and the only solution will be to go back to the beginning. There are also those who force the coats to dry fast, such as by pointing a fan directly to the surface. Even allowing traffic onto the treated area, or moving in too soon before the coats harden properly, will create permanent marks in the finish. Stories have been told of furniture sticking to the floor after being placed on it before it had dried. Forcing it off creates ugly scars on the surface. However, you can always bounce back and fix your floor with thorough and professional floor sanding services. Floor Sanding Services Dublin

Risks Of DIY Floor Sanding – Floor Sanding Services Dublin

The DIY floor sanding job is fraught with risks that could ruin your investment. There are different factors to consider, ranging from the equipment that is rented to how it is used. And that’s not even including the amount of time and energy spent with the project. You need to do plenty of research on the machinery that is suitable for your situation, where to rent it from, stand in line at the store to get it, and pay a hefty amount. Note that in case damage that happens to the equipment while it’s in your possession, you will be held liable. All that pressure and frustration, and you haven’t even gotten to the job itself.åÊ Getting low quality equipment doesn’t bode well for your floor sanding project. At best, it means that the process will take longer due to the reduced efficiency and power being delivered. At worst, it will damage the floorboards themselves. Take for instance the sander. It can be out of balance, have worn pulleys, bad bearings in the fan housing, or even poor seams on the abrasive, which can lead to unsightly marks forming on the floor, from scratches, drum marks, to swirl and stop marks. When the drum sander is out of round, or due to the before-mentioned faults in the machinery, it can also lead to chatter marks forming. There are consistent imperfections running across the grain of the wood, and can be up to an inch apart. They appear as wave marks, ruining the balance in level of your floorboards. The chatter marks can also be caused by imperfections which were already present on the floor, and that were transferred to the wheels of the sander during the sanding project, or even undulation of the floor due to joist truss deflection. One has to determine the exact cause of the problem created, and it needs to be fixed. This is an additional burden to your project, one that you could have easily avoided by relying on the floor sanding specialists. Floor Sanding Services Dublin

It’s not just about the machinery. Skill is also required during the floor sanding. This ranges from installing the sandpaper in the sander, all through to how one manoeuvres it across the floor. For instance, leaving the sander on one spot for longer than is needed will lead to dent formation. You don’t want to be creating depressions all over the floor surface. Ruining the decor of your establishment will be the least of your problems. Fixing the dents can require you to do a deeper sanding of the surrounding boards, or replace the affected ones, and it even increases the chances of water damage, since the depressions will form collection sites for spills that occur, affecting the moisture balance within the wood. Sanding too much into the wood also reduces the number of times that it can be refinished, slashing down on the life of your investment. On the other side of the scale, you can make quick passes over the floor surface, due to being too wary about eating too much into the wood. This leaves behind patches of previous finish on the wood. Consequently, the new coats that will be applied won’t be able to bond well with the surface, affecting the quality of the results. Even improper electrical hook-up, fixing the sander to a voltage that is too high or low can result in the marks forming on your floor. Using the wrong angles while working with the sander can also result in dishouts forming. These are spots on the softer parts of the wood that will appear more sanded or hollowed out compared to other sections. This is especially for those wood species that have both hard and soft pronounced grain patterns. What of the dust? How do you deal with the loads that will be created during the process? The sanders rented from the store usually come with collection bags. These are barely sufficient to cover the amount of sanding dust created when working in your establishment. Moreover, the vacuuming power may not provide the required suction to collect the coarse and fine dust particles. The last thing you want is the items in your establishment being blanketed in dust that will take ages to clean off. It’s not just about the convenience. The particles can wind up in your HVAC and plumbing systems, clogging them up. There’s also the risk of fires. Not only is the dust from wood flammable, but it is also mixed with compounds from the finish that can be easily oxidized in case of a fire incident, which will result in a raging inferno. You don’t want to put your property at risk due to insufficient dust control mechanisms. Neither do you want to be forced to endure all these risks plus the frustrations that come with the workload, considering that the floor sanding is the first step of the refinishing process. You’ve still got the sealing, staining and applying of the lacquers, varnishes and topcoats to follow. Get things started on the right track by turning to the floor sanding professionals. Floor Sanding Services Dublin

Benefits Of Relying On The Floor Sanding Experts – Floor Sanding Services Dublin

1. Powerful machinery Floor finishes are designed to withstand abrasion. On top of that, multiple layers of treatment coats are applied onto the floor. Loads of power are needed to break through to the bare wood. That’s exactly what out floor sanding team comes on site with. The industrial-grade floor sanding equipment is well maintained and delivers the power that is needed to chomp through those old treatment coats on your floor, and expose the underlying wood. They are highly efficient, ensuring that the task is carried out in minimal time without faltering on the quality of the results. Since the pores of the wood are opened up, it will be able to absorb the new wood stain and lacquers better, creating a firm, strong surface, which adds more character to interior space. Moreover, a smooth surface is formed, enabling uniform coats to be applied. It even makes future cleaning tasks easier, since the grooves and dents will have been removed. Your floor gets a new beginning, which also improves the lighting of the room. Making the floor even also means that you can safely set the furniture and accessories in the room. Floor Sanding Services Dublin

2. No worrying about dust One of the major drawbacks about floor sanding is the dust created. That’s why DIY projects end up being so messy. Even the normal dust collection bag that comes with the rented sanders is not usually adequate to take on the load. Not only are the coarse particles left on your items, but there are also that fine dust that ends up airborne. Note that the dust itself is a mixture of particles from the wood, plus other treatments that had been applied on the floor. This means that allergic reactions are not the only concern. The chemicals inhaled from the previous finishes can lead to serious damage to your organs. Our floor sanding systems use suction tubes connected to powerful vacuum systems that direct the particles right out of your property into collection units. Your furniture, upholstery, cabinets, electrical appliances and indoor air are safe. That way you will not have to worry about being left with a tonne of cleaning to do after the floor sanding process is complete. Floor Sanding Services Dublin

3. Residential and commercial floor sanding services Whether it’s a floor sanding project in your townhouse, apartment block, or condominium, all through to businesses in the hospitality space such as restaurants and hotels, entertainment centres like bars and dance halls, fitness studios, art galleries, school class rooms and cafeterias, retail stores and malls, churches, nursing homes and drug stores, and even government institutions, our floor sanding team has got you covered. Regardless of your floor type, be it Pine, Birch, Tigerwood, Maple, Cypress, Cherry and even Oak, the floor sanding process will be carried out within the set schedule, to enable you to continue with the floor restoration process. The sanding process enables the floor restoration to go on track, and achieve the desired results. This takes away the frustration of having to live and work surrounded by a flooring with scratches, dents, and a dilapidated finish. In addition to increasing the real estate value of the residential or commercial property, the floor restoration processes will enable you to protect your investment. By protecting the underlying wood, its life is increased, and you also won’t find yourself in a situation where you need to rip out the floorboards and replace them. This reduces your maintenance costs, and enables you to make more savings down the road. Your living and working conditions also improve. The enhanced ambience has a therapeutic effect, providing a calming environment for persons in the premises. You’ll no longer come home to be greeted by scuffs and dents on the floor, or spend your weekends surrounded by a finishing that is peeling off the surface. You’ll feel more confident to host guests, and not keep postponing visits by your in-laws due to the state of the house. In business premises, your employees will feel rejuvenated by the enhanced flooring that spruces up workspace, which increases their productivity further bolstering your business endeavours. Floor Sanding Services Dublin

4. Timely convenient With the rush of today’s world, every second counts. You may have recently bought a house and you want to have it ready for you to move in by the end of the month, in time with your end of lease. Perhaps you’re a business owner changing locations, and you’re planning a grand opening ceremony to market your products and inform your clients of your new premises. You don’t want mistakes in the floor sanding project that will force you to reschedule and mess up your plans. For those who are moving, there are other formalities too that you are dealing with, ranging from changing billing addresses, informing your bank and insurance companies, finding doctors in the new location, getting that good school to enrol your kids into, dealing with the end-of-tenancy agreement with your current landlord, packing your items, all through to finding a moving company and planning on dates for your items to be transported- you don’t want floor sanding the new house to also be on your to-do list. It’s not just about finishing new installations. There are those home and business owners who want to restore the floor in their current establishment. You don’t want the inconveniences that come with a DIY job. Spending weeks dealing with just the living room was not what you signed up for. You’d rather take that time doing the things you enjoy, from hanging out with your friends and family, catching the league games, engaging in thrilling outdoor activities, or even working on that project from work that is almost due for presentation. For business owners, you don’t want customers coming to your commercial establishment being inconvenienced from accessing specific areas, for longer than is necessary. Worse is when mistakes are made during the DIY or rookie project, which cause damages that will take longer to be repaired. All that while the floor will be out of commission. How long will you be unable to use the different rooms in your house? No one wants to take weeks crammed into tiny fractions of the premises before the restoration job is complete. There are those who move out during the process- be it to hotels or temporary rentals- and you don’t want to spend more money and time than you had budgeted for. Those in the property market are also time conscious. Planning an open house? Have you sold apartments and promised the new owners that they will be able to move in within a specified time? You don’t want to lose customer trust. Delays will reflect poorly on your business, damaging your brand image. You end up losing potential buyers and tenants to rival firms, since your reliability will have been tainted. All because the DIY job took longer than anticipated- which is almost always the case. You don’t have to risk it. Free yourself from the hustle by letting our floor sanding professionals take care of the project for you. Floor Sanding Services Dublin

5. Team you can trust These are our own crew. Fully trained and with years of experience, you can rest assured that your floor sanding project is in capable hands. The personnel will show up at your home or business premises in time, and will explain the entire operation as pertains to your specific job, from start to finish. Your queries and concerns will be professionally handled, and they will even point out related and unrelated issues on your property that are affecting your floor, so that you can have them attended to prevent future damages. Our floor sanding team are also courteous, to enable you be fully satisfied with our services, and in order to win your loyalty. After all, the success of our operations depends on it. Floor Sanding Services Dublin

6. Budget friendly Everyone is unique, and so is your establishment. You have individual needs, such as the floor type that you want sanded, the number of rooms involved, and the size of the project. Even timelines come into consideration. You may want scheduled services that fit into your daily and weekly plans, or emergency services to get that floor restoration project started quickly. Either way, we’ve got you covered. In addition, our floor sanding processes are suitably priced, to deliver affordable services without compromising on the quality. You won’t have to fret over hidden charges that will pop up in the course of the process- there are none. Floor Sanding Services Dublin

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Floor Sanding Services Dublin


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