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Floor Sanding Santry

  • Floor Sanding Santry


Date : October 10, 2017

Floor Sanding Santry

Dublin Floor Sanding provides high quality floor sanding services and floor refinishing services in Santry. We specialise in sanding any type of semi or solid wood and refinishing these floors with very durable floor finishes. We are reliable, affordable and our work will impress you. In fact, most of our work come from repeat customers or referrals. We can adapt to any special requirements and we can work with any reasonable budget. Just give us a call and tell us more about what you plan to do with your floors and we can advise you how to get what you want without breaking the bank. We provide free no obligation estimates.

Floor Sanding Santry –  Our products Your floor will take a lot of traffic and abuse over the years. Your kids will drag things on it, your pet will scratch it, you will wash it and re wash it, etc. The period of time for how long your floor will stay in good shape after being refinished depends on how much or little you have spent doing it. 5 litres of water based floor varnish can cost 35 or 120 . The difference in price is not just because one is a good brand and the other one is not well known. Some floor finishes are designed to be used on high traffic floors and others are not good for areas with high footfall. The first thing you need to decide is how much traffic will be on your floors. If you are a lady over 60 with no kids or pets but you would love your floors to look nice and clean, you can use a less strong varnish. There is no point having an industrial strength finish on your floor if you hardly use the floor. But if you are a mother with 3 kids, pets and regular visitors, you will need to use a top of the range high traffic varnish. Better quality and durability go hand in hand with higher prices.

Dublin Floor Sanding will talk to you to decide what type of finishing products are required in your property. We can use varnishes, oils, waxes, paints, etc. Our company uses only Bona and Tover floor care products, two of the most established and well known brands in the world. We can finish your floors in a matte, satin or glossy finish. The finish of your floor will be decided by yourself on the spot.

Floor Sanding Santry – Our sanders Dublin Floor Sanding uses the most powerful floor sanders available. Our floor sanders are dustless and very low vibration and low noise. Dublin Floor Sanding can undertake any size floor sanding project, commercial or domestic. Just have a look at our latest projects list to understand why we are confident that you will be our next reference.

Floor Sanding Santry – Insurance This is the most common question that our company is asked. Are we insured? Dublin Floor Sanding is a professional floor sanding company, fully insured and we comply with all Irish legislation. For the commercial floor sanding market we can provide safety statements and risk assessments. If you require a signed copy of our insurance please ask us in good time.

Floor Sanding Santry  – Furniture Most of our floor sanding projects have some type of furniture to be moved around. We are glad to help you out with this job up to a limit. If there is very heavy furniture and if we need to bring in extra people, we will have to charge a bit extra. Dishes, plates, glasses, books, etc, need to be removed by our customers to avoid breakages.

Floor Sanding Santry –  Opening times Our office is open standard office hours but we are contactable 24/7 by mobile phone or by email. If you are looking for jobs to be completed at unsuitable hours please contact us in good time. Jobs over weekend or overnight need to be pre booked with one week in advance. We are a medium sized floor sanding company and we can only contract a certain number of floor sanding jobs.

Floor Sanding Santry – Website If you visit our website you will realise that you can find all the information that you need to work out a price for your project. We even have a latest projects page to help you find projects completed by us in your area. You can use our website to book our services, to contact us, to work out a price for your project or just to find out information about our products. Our website is designed to make our customers lives easier.

Floor Sanding Santry – Our prices The amount of services that we can do is crazy. It is very hard to just put one price for all. The standard wood floor sanding should cost around 12 per square metre. Without any finish. The finish required and the amount of extra services required can bring the price per square metre up to 30 . -stain 3-4 per square metre -gap filling 2-4 per square metre -floor repairs -fancy oils finishes & sealants -over 3 coats of varnish will cost extra

Many of our customers are asking us for prices over the phone. We are happy to provide estimates but the prices can go up when we arrive on the job if job is bigger, worst than described or if the finish required is more expensive. All our over the phone estimates are estimates .

Floor Sanding Santry – Our customers We have a minimum order of 250 per job regardless of the size of your floor. In other words we are interested in any type of floor sanding over the value of 250 . If you have a look at our latest projects list you will notice that we do not have one type of customer, we deal with small domestic projects and we deal with huge commercial projects. Email us or call us today and we will let you know if your project is interesting to us. At certain periods over the year we can sometimes be too busy to contract more work but that doesn’t mean that we are not interested in your size project. We require around 3 days notice if you want us to book you in. Floor sanding requires preparation and heavy duty machinery.

Floor Sanding Santry – Payments We accept all major credit/debit cards, cash, cheque or EFT. We can only offer 30 days credit to customers who are regulars. We can issue invoices on the spot and we need to get paid on the spot after the job was completed and inspected.

Floor Sanding Santry – Our guarantee Dublin Floor Sanding is a professional floor sanding company with years of experience in this trade. We are interested in keeping you happy and we need you as our next reference. We will only use top of the range finishes and we will provide you with the best possible quotation.

Floor Sanding Santry


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