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Floor Sanding Professionals You Can Trust

  • Floor Sanding Professionals You Can Trust


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Type : Sell
Date : April 8, 2017
Location : Ashleigh House, JFK Rd, Dublin 12


Floor Sanding Professionals You Can Trust

With DIY floor sanding, your time, investment, and peace of mind are all on the line. Without the requisite skills and machinery for the task, there’s plenty of room for error. Mistakes made are costly. For instance, in case you oversand the floor by focussing on one area for too long, you dig a dip into the surface, and you’ll need to do loads of more sanding to even out the adjacent boards. Eating way too much of the wood also reduces the number of times that it can be sanded and refinished in future, meaning that the entire flooring will need to be replaced. What of the machinery rented from stores? You are liable for any damage to it. Something as miniscule as a screw head that has not been properly countersunk will cause considerable damage to the sanding belt that will pass over it, and that will add to your financial burden. Sanders are not interchangeably used on the floor. Different machines are used for different sectors of the task. For instance, the stand up orbital sander is used for smoothening the floor after the initial sanding. Using it to remove lacquer, oil and dents in the floor will cause you to spend days on the task. Then there’s the dust generated- it’s a lot. Without sufficient vacuuming systems, it will cover your furnishings, get into your cabinets, HVAC units and sockets, coat your walls and chandeliers, block your sinks and plumbing systems, and create a huge fire hazard. It’s messy affair, which will necessitate an intensive cleaning job right in the middle of your floor restoration project. Why go through all this when you can avoid it by hiring quality dustless floor sanding services?

Benefits Of Bringing In The Experts

With our dustless floor sanding system, the interior space of your establishment is left clean, and you also won’t have to worry about the air quality being affected. As the sanders get through the finish layers that are on the floor, chipping up particles, the dust containment system pulls them out of the premises into collection units in our truck outside. This keeps your cabinets, closets, light fixtures, plumbing and HVAC systems from getting covered in the invasive dusts, and allows you to avoid the monstrous hassle of cleaning it all up. Without the airborne particles infiltrating your indoor environment, the persons on the premises are protected from allergic reactions and respiratory issues that would have resulted. The powerful vacuuming ensures that both the coarse and fine dust particles are removed, thus enhancing the efficiency of the process. The sanders too are of industrial grade. In fact, their high power ratings enables them to grind through multiple finish layers on the floor with ease, getting to the bare wood. These systems are operated by a highly skilled team that has been providing the services for years, hence they have the experience needed to tackle your job fast and effectively. All this reduces the disruptions to your daily life, and enables the floor sanding and refinishing job to be carried out on schedule, without compromising on the expected quality of the results.

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