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Floor Sanding Price Per Square Meter

  • Floor Sanding Price Per Square Meter


Date : September 16, 2017


Floor Sanding Price Per Square Metre

What is a fair price for floor sanding per square metre? Well, depending on what type of floor you might have, how big the area is that you plan to refinish, what type of floor finish you require, the location of the job, if you need gap filling done, if you need floor repairs, etc.

Many people call our phone line and ask for a price per square metre for floor sanding without knowing what type of floor they have, how big the floor is and what type of finish they want. Our answer is always, anywhere between 15 to 30 . Give us some more information and we will work out a fixed price per square metre. You cant just call a building company and ask for a price to build you a house.

Floor Sanding Price Per Square Metre Location If you live in an area with paid parking you will be charged more. If you live in a building with no lift, you will be charged more. if there is only a specific time when the work can be done and the job requires more days to complete, it will cost you extra. If you live in the middle of nowhere, far away from Dublin, it will cost more to do your job.

Floor Sanding Price Per Square Metre Finish 5 litre of varnish can cost 30 or 120 . The price gap is not just because some brands are greedier than other. Some varnishes are stronger than others, some are better looking, some are water based, some are high traffic, some are anti slip, some are low odour, some dry faster than others, etc. The type of finish you demand can increase and decrease the price of sanding per square metre. Would you like an oiled floor? Would you like a coloured oil? Would you like a very fancy oil that cannot be found in Ireland? It will cost you more.

Floor Sanding Price Per Square Metre Gap Filling If there are gaps between your floor boards there is a way of covering it up. This is called gap filling. Depending on the size of your gaps, to complete 25 square metre of floor it can cost 3 per square metre or 5 per square metre. Tradesmen are not greedy, they just need to get paid for their work. Time is money and gap filling takes a lot of time and materials. If you need gap filling make sure that you tell the floor sanding contractor before you agree a price for floor sanding.

Floor Sanding Per Square Metre Painted floors 10 litres of acrylic paint can cost 40 or 400 . So you need to assume that if you go for very fancy paint you will find it added to your final price. The floor sanding company is not your friend, they are there to make some money. Expensive materials need to be bought by the customer or if the contractor agrees to buy it, to be refunded. All the prices quoted over the phone are informative only and based on the information provided by you.

Floor Sanding Price Per Square Metre Types of wood

There are very hard woods and there are soft woods. A very strong wood with many coats of varnish or paint on it will require a longer time to sand and it will be a much harder job. A floor sanding contractor will have to recover the time and money spent to sort out your floor. Find out what type of floor you have and then contact the contractor. floor sanding, average room, looks like wood, needed done tomorrow , is not enough to provide a quote.

Floor Sanding Price Per Square Metre Floor sanding is not cheap but then you have two options, you either sand it or replace it. If you have 20 square metres of floor and if you just got a quote from a flooring company of 1000 euro to get new solid wood floors, you need to dig deeper. First you have to remove the old floor and hire a skip. Then you have to find a contractor to fit your floor. Then you have to finish or seal your floor. The price can go through the roof. A floor sanding company will charge you up to 500 for the same job. Floor sanding costs big money because the tools to do a job can cost around 20k excluding the van. Very few trades have these kinds of expenses. A bricklayer can start a big job with tools worth 200 . A carpenter might need to spend 3k. But floor sanding equipment is expensive. Also, floor sanding is not easy. Only trained people will dare to put a 200 kilo sander on a 10k worth of floor. Things can always go wrong. Floor sanding companies need to be insured as well. Now you know why it looks like the floor sanding company is making a lot of money. They have mad expenses.

You should expect to pay around 20 per square metre for sanding and finishing. Generally, the fancier the finish the more you will pay. Floor sanding is not an emergency so budget for the costs and have the money ready on the day. Your floor sanding contractor needs to spend big money to complete your job. Floor Sanding Cost Per Square Metre

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