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  • Floor Sanding Naas


Date : February 9, 2018

Floor Sanding Naas

We know you love your floors. We know you want it to look its best. We know you don’t want to break the bank. We also know you want top of the range quality. Welcome to Dublin Floor Sanding. Our floor sanding company has only one aim, to provide high quality floor sanding services at a price you can afford. We are sanding hundreds of floors each year and our business increases by 50% year by year. We have a few crews of floor sanding specialists unlike most of the one man local companies.

Call us today with your requirements and you will be pleasantly surprised by how affordable and well priced our services are. 01444 0146

Floor Sanding Naas Prices

Whatever way you put it, floor sanding is not cheap. If you need long lasting results it will cost you. Our company has reduced its prices by over 20% in the past year by investing in some of the most powerful and most efficient floor sanders. We have reduced our varnish costs by buying in bulk but there is only a limited amount of money that can be reduced from pricing. We want to stay competitive and affordable.

The usual rate per sq metre will start from about 20 , but this is just a basic price. If the floor is very uneven or if staining & gap filling is required the price will go much higher. Most floor sanding companies will price their most basic price which includes sanding plus clear varnish. A site inspection is highly recommended to avoid bad news at a later stage. Any floor sanding contractor will charge to cover its expenses and make a bit of profit. If you ask for a quotation over the phone you need to be sure of the information you provide. Size, quality of the existing floor and the finish required. Dublin Floor Sanding can provide you with an idea of costs but for an exact quotation a site visit is always required.

Floor Sanding Naas Our sanders

Having some of the most efficient and powerful floor sanders has enabled us to complete jobs faster and cheaper. Our prices are some of the most competitive on the market and our work quality is second to none. Low vibrations and low noise floor sanders plus great dust collection. Our floor sanders will collect more than 98% of the dust created. That means that less than 2% of the dust created is lost. Even this dust will be fully removed before we are done with your floors. Dublin Floor Sanding has one aim only, to reduce costs so floor sanding will become more affordable to more people and to keep up the quality. Please check out our list of latest projects.

Floor Sanding Naas Our finishes

We can finish your floors in a number of ways but the most common way is varnishing. We can use two types of varnish, oil based varnish and water based varnish. Most people will require a water based varnish for a few good reasons but there are many other people that will prefer oil based varnishes. The water based varnishes enrich the fibre of the wood, are odour free, have fast drying times, are cheaper and have a very long life expectancy. There are many types of water based varnishes and you can pick from domestic types to commercial types that can last for years in the areas with huge daily traffic.

Home varnish:

Commercial varnish:

Many people ask why wouldn’t you use a commercial varnish for a domestic house? Well, you can but the commercial varnish comes in a glossy finish, so it is very shiny. It does not look as warm as a domestic varnish and it will make your home look like a surgery. The domestic varnish is made to last and unless you have 2000 to 5000 people per day passing through your living room, you do not need a product more suited for high traffic commercial buildings. The price of the commercial varnish is double that of the domestic varnish.

Dublin Floor Sanding can complete your floors in other finishes as well. Here is a list:

Oiling Staining Waxing Painting Sealing Buffing

Many floors that we are called up to refinish do not need floor sanding. People ignore the cleaning periods and the floor is getting older much faster than it should. Regular cleaning with the right cleaning products should protect you from this type of issue. If your floors are not scratched or if the varnish has no signs of wear off we can avoid re sanding the floor and we can just wax it. This operation is much cheaper and much less disruptive. A good floor waxing should take less than 2 hours.

Oiling if you need a good stain protector and a very natural look for your floor, oiling could be a good option. Oiling is not recommended for high traffic areas. The oil is a great protector and goes deep inside the wood assuring a very deep protection. Oiled floors need much more care than varnished floors but the look achieved is much better. Dublin Floor Sanding works with many floor oils but if you have your own oil we can use it if preferred.

Staining if you would like to change the colour of your floors we can help you out. Dublin Floor Sanding works with hundreds of colours of stains and we can change the colour of your floor to whatever colour you want. Three coats of varnish will be applied over your staining for protection.

Waxing if the varnish is still in good shape but a bit faded or just dirty we can save you money by not doing a big floor sanding job. We can do a deep clean and a waxing. After a high speed buffing your floor will look like new. For more information regarding our floor waxing service please contact us today.

Sealing if the floor is not varnished at all or if the floor is varnished but it does not look as you want it, we can change that by applying a sealant to your floors. Wood floor sealants are very long lasting if maintained properly. Floor sealing works out at a fraction of the cost of floor sanding.

Floor Sanding Naas Our floor sanding specialists

Dublin Floor Sanding provides high quality floor sanding services because it has very efficient and fully trained staff. We have trained brilliant floor sanding specialists that are capable of dealing with any type of floors and unexpected emergencies. Our company policy is high quality at affordable prices. Our floor sanding staff will issue vat invoices and can price extra jobs for you.

Floor Sanding Naas How to clean your floors

Newly varnished floors cannot be cleaned with standard mops or a lot of moisture. You will need a flat mop and a floor cleaning product with a very low ph. Avoid using general cleaners on your floors because most of them contain bleach and it will dull the shine of your floors. If you are looking for a professional floor cleaning kit you can buy it online. It looks like this:

Floor Sanding Naas


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