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Floor Sanding Malahide

  • Floor Sanding Malahide


Date : November 13, 2017

Floor Sanding Malahide

From the first contact you have with Dublin Floor Sanding you will know that you are in good hands. We are a professional floor sanding company with a proven track record and with hundreds of jobs completed each year. We are nice to deal with and the standard of our finishes is second to none. Our specialists will have your floor sanding job priced within a few hours if you are available or next day if that suits better. All our estimates are free of charge and no obligation. Dublin Floor Sanding will provide you with fair and free advice. We will work with you to make sure that the best possible results will be extracted from your wood.

Old pine wood boards? We know what is the best for it. Badly scratched beech wood boards? We know how to make it look like new again Painted wood floors? We know how to remove the paint and have your floors like new. Old & tired staircase? Don’t worry, we will have it looking brand new.

Floor Sanding Malahide What floors can be sanded?

Most types of solid and semi solid wood floors can be sanded. Dublin Floor Sanding will assess your floors and we will let you know if your floors can or cannot be sanded. There are many new property owners out there who think they have solid wood floors only to find out that in fact their floors are amtico floors. Some semi solid wood floors cannot be sanded anymore, it depends on the type of floor and the amount of times that the floors were refinished. Semi solid wood floors can be sanded once to a maximum of 5 times. Dublin Floor Sanding can remove your carpets and expose your old pine floor boards that were covered up for years. We have ways of making those floors looking very fancy. We can repair, fix and replace most types of floors. We can give a new life to your old and tired floors.

Floor Sanding Malahide floor finishes

Dublin Floor Sanding can complete your floors in a number of ways. We can sand up your floors to remove the old finish and then we can provide you with many options on floor refinishing. Here is what we can do with your floor: Stain the floor if you are unhappy with the existing look of your floors we can help you out. Dublin Floor Sanding works with many types of stains from many brands. We can change the colour of your floor in any colour you want. We can mix up colours also if you cannot find your desired shade. What most people don’t know is that the stain is not a type of wood finishing. By staining the floor we will only change the colour of your floor. Three coats of clear varnish will go on the top of it. Varnish the floor depending on the type of floor you have and on the type of usage, we can advise what is the best finish. For commercial premises we have Bona Traffic HD . This varnish is one of the hardest types of varnish ever invented. It only comes in gloss finish so it is recommended for the commercial floor sanding market. For the domestic market we have a great range of matte & satin finishes. We can finish your floors in two types of varnishes, oil based varnishes and water based varnishes. Most people will go for water based varnishes for a few simple reasons. Odour free, faster drying times, more natural look and long lasting life. The option is yours so we can do it either way.

Floor Oiling if you prefer oiling instead of varnishing you will be spoiled for choice. We can finish your floors in hundreds of colours or clear oils. We work with Osmo Oils brand. We can oil your floors even in pink if that is what you are looking for. Osmo Oils are well known for long lasting results and beautiful natural finishes. Floor Waxing if the finish on your floor is still there but a bit dull we have way of making it look new again. We work with a great range of waxes and polishes. For us to be able to wax your floors, the floor needs to still have some type of finish on it. Floor Painting we can paint your floors with acrylic paints. We cannot paint on the top of existing finishes. We will need to remove the existing finish and then paint your floors. You can pick your paint from our suppliers.

Floor Sanding Malahide Our floor sanding machines

Having powerful floor sanding machines means a few things. Faster times to complete the job, bigger areas can be covered and cheaper costs for us. Less costs for us means less costs for our customers. Dublin Floor Sanding provides very competitive pricing. Our floor sanders have very little vibrations and very low noises. We use floor sanders from Bona brand with high dust collecting capabilities. More than 98% of the dust will be collected. We will leave your home as we have found it.

Floor Sanding Malahide Our prices

There cannot be a fixed price per square meter for floor sanding. The type of finish required, the size of the job and the condition of your floors will decide the final price. 20 per square meter is just an estimated price. The costs can go up or down if additional services like staining, gap filling, floor repairs etc. are added. We provide very affordable pricing but at the end of the day we have to make some profit. If you have very expensive floors you should not pick a very cheap contractor by any means. Dublin Floor Sanding has prices for all types of floors and by hiring us you are sure of receiving quality work and reasonable prices. Dublin Floor Sanding provides free no obligation estimates so even if you are only thinking of having some floor sanding done, give us a call and you will know exactly how much it will cost you.

Floor Sanding Malahide Our references

Dublin Floor Sanding has hundreds of brilliant references available upon request. If you log into our website you will see our latest projects option right in the middle of the page. Please click on it and see the type of projects we do.

Dublin Floor Sanding provides commercial and domestic floor sanding services. We can contract any size commercial job. We have completed many embassies, shops, pubs, restaurants etc. Give us a call today with your requirements and we will work out a plan for you.

Floor Sanding Malahide

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