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Floor Sanding Greystones

  • Floor Sanding Greystones


Date : September 23, 2017

Floor Sanding Greystones

Dublin Floor Sanding has completed hundreds of floor sanding jobs in the Greystones area. Our company has a long list of regular floor sanding customers and most of our work comes from repeat customers or referrals. We specialise in floor sanding and floor refinishing services. We can sand your floors, we can repair your floors, we can stain your floors, we can oil your floors, we can wax your floors, we can paint your floors, we can use special gap fillers to fill up gaps and we can do many more things.

Floor Sanding Greystones – About us Dublin Floor Sanding is a professional floor sanding company based in Dublin. We are in business since 2006 and we have completed thousands of projects over the past 10 years. We specialise in dustless floor sanding services. We can sand any type of semi or solid wood floors and we can finish your floors in many types of finishes and colours. We are a young team of highly motivated professionals, we use beautiful Italian floor finishing products. Our floor sanding services are highly appreciated by commercial and domestic customers.

Floor Sanding Greystones – Our machines What makes or breaks a professional floor sanding company is its equipment. The technology is moving ahead very fast and new floor sanding machines are coming up every 5 years. Dublin Floor Sanding owns top of the range floor sanding machines from Bona brand. Our floor sanders have a dust collection capability of 98%. There is no floor sanding machine that can collect 100% of the dust. Our floor sanding machines have very low vibration and low noise level. We can use it in a semi detached house without the next door neighbours even knowing that we are sanding floors next door. Low vibration means that the machine operates very smoothly and it will not crack the ceiling of the lower floors when used to sand floors upstairs. A powerful floor sanding machine will increase the speed of the job by 30%. We can be in and out much faster.

Floor Sanding Greystones – Our finishes A wood floor can be completed in hundreds of ways. We work with Bona and Tover floor finishing products and we can change the colour of your floors in whatever colour you want and we can seal your floors with varnish, oil, wax, sealant, paint, etc. The most popular request is floor sanding and clear varnish. Our clear varnishes are water based varnishes with very short drying times and very long life expectancy. We can complete your floors in invisible varnish, matte varnish, satin varnish & gloss varnish. You can pick any type of floor finish that you like. If you want to change the colour of your floor you can do it by staining your floors, painting your floors or oiling your floors with a coloured oil. We can finish a stained wood floor with a protective coat of water based varnish. The water based varnishes are very strong and very durable. Just because it is called water based does not mean that it is soft. It contains no solvents or harmful chemicals and it will dry within 2 hours instead of the 24 hours required for solvent based varnishes. Bona Waterbased Varnishes and Tover Waterbased Varnishes are some of the best, if not the best, varnishes in the world.

We can also oil your floors with a clear oil or a coloured oil. We have many colours available. Oiled floors will look natural and the wood will be water proofed. Some people want their floor painted so we can do that as well. We can use a great range of acrylic wood floor paints that are known to last for years. Painted floors are more for commercial use but some domestic customers like it as well.

Floor Sanding Greystones – Insurance Dublin Floor Sanding is fully insured to undertake any type of commercial and domestic floor sanding services. We can also provide safety statements and risk assessments. If you require a copy of our insurance please do not hesitate to ask us.

Floor Sanding Greystones – Payments All our invoices have to be paid on the day unless otherwise agreed. We only provide 30 day credit terms to our regular floor sanding customers. You can pay us cash, cheque, eft or card. We accept all major credit and debit cards.

Floor Sanding Greystones – Opening times Dublin Floor Sanding is open 24/7. Commercial floor sanding jobs can be done over night or over weekends if required. Our office phone lines are open 7 am to 10 pm 6 days per week. For enquires after these times please call our mobile phone.

Commercial Floor Sanding Greystones If you plan to sand a big commercial floor please contact us a few weeks before the planned starting date. Commercial floor sanding jobs need to be inspected and finishes agreed before pricing. Big jobs require big resources so more time is required. Dublin Floor Sanding can accommodate emergency floor sanding services as well but availability is not guaranteed.

Domestic Floor Sanding Greystones Dublin Floor Sanding has a minimum order of 250 per job. If you only have 2 square metres it will cost you the minimum charge. Floor sanding is a very time consuming operation and this is the reason why most floor sanding companies have minimum orders. If you are a repeat floor sanding customer we can provide better prices and faster booking times. Our rates are charged per square metre so the size of your floor, the condition and the finish required will decide the final price.

Floor Sanding Greystones Floor Sanding Greystones


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