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Floor Sanding Dun Laoghaire

  • Floor Sanding Dun Laoghaire


Date : May 8, 2017

Floor Sanding Dun Laoghaire

How often should you have floor sanding done? As often as needed would be the best answer. After a good floor sanding and varnishing, your floor will have a protective coat over its fibre. This coat will last for a good bit of time but a few factors could reduce this time.

-high traffic

-over cleaning

-using the wrong cleaning products


-too much moisture

-low quality varnish

Not respecting the proper care and treatment and the periods between floor refinishes will end up costing you more money in the long run. Ireland has very wet weather and any type of exposed wood needs protection.

Floor Sanding Dun Laoghaire How much for floor sanding?

Most of the local floor sanding companies would charge around 20 per square meter. This price will cover sanding and varnishing. The price could go very high if:

-high traffic varnish is required -staining is required -floor repairs are required -gap filling is required -very uneven floors a lot of sanding required

The more time spent doing your floor the more it will cost at the end. The price per square metre is informative only and a site inspection is needed. Floor sanding is not cheap so you should expect to pay at least 20 per square meter. If you do not have that kind of money you should save a bit more and do it next year. Floor sanding is not a job that most people can do. There are exact stages and if those stages are not respected you will end up with rough floors and holes all over the place. A good chunk of our business is floor repairing after bad sanding work done by cheap contractors.

Floor Sanding Dun Laoghaire What floor sanding machines do we use?

The best ones. All our floor sanding machines are dustless and very powerful. We can complete most jobs under 40 square metres in one day. Our machines are capable of sanding big surfaces at once. Our floor sanding machines are very low vibration so that means if we sand the floors in the bedroom above you won`t have a cracked ceiling in the living room. Our floor sanding machines are also very low noise. We can do jobs in your home without any major disturbance. Dublin Floor Sanding only works with the best equipment and the best materials.

Floor Sanding Dun Laoghaire Our varnishes

Most people prefer water based varnishes. Having your floors finished with a high quality water based varnish will mean odour free, fast drying times and a very natural looking finished product. If you prefer oil based varnishes we can do that as well without any problems but it will take at least 24 hours longer and it will have a deep oil smell for a few days.

Floor Sanding Dun Laoghaire What happens next?

Our floor sanding specialists will be with you at the agreed date and time. We will take care of moving any movable furniture, we will explain what will happen next and we will inform you when the job will be completed. If your job is around 40 sq metres or below and if staining is not required we will have your floor completed by the end of the day. If any issues arise we will be in contact with you. Your house will be left as we found it.

Floor Sanding Dun Laoghaire Is Dublin Floor Sanding fully insured?

Yes. We are fully insured and damages of up to 6.5 million will be covered. Never happened but it is good to know that any of our customers will be fully compensated in the event that something does happen. For the commercial market we can provide safety statement and risk assessment. All our floor sanding specialists hold safe cards and safety equipment. We can use both 230v and 110v power.

Floor Sanding Dun Laoghaire Tips:

Not all types of wood floors can be sanded. The floor has to be solid or semi solid wood to be sanded. Laminate floors cannot be sanded. The semi solid floors can only be sanded a few times so you should only sand when it is 100% needed. You can sand a semi solid floor up to 5 times but it all depends on how much wood is removed after each sanding operation. Not all floors that look like wood are wood. Many people were 100% sure they have solid wood floors only to discover that they actually have amtico floors.

Dublin Floor Sanding will use a combination of wood dust from your floor and a solvent to mix up a gap filler for your floor. There will be no difference in colour between the gap filler and the existing floor.

Never wash your floors with strong cleaning products and never use a mop. Here is the best product for cleaning your floors:

Do not use green pads or any types of rough floor pads to clean your floor. It will destroy the shine.

Try to avoid wearing high heels on your floor and do not drag heavy furniture on the floor.

Floor Sanding Dun Laoghaire Oils, Waxing and Light Refinishing

Many people do not want such a permanent finish as varnish and they would prefer a more natural looking finish so the best option is oiling. Oiling gets more or less the same look as varnishing, the only difference is that the oil gets deep into the wood instead of just building a protective coat like varnish. It is a much better stain protector but it requires much more after care. Dublin Floor Sanding can oil your floors by using your own oil or we can source it ourselves. If you order a particular hard to get type of oil make sure you order at least double the amount you will need just in case. If you prefer us to get the oil we usually work with Osmo Oils or Bona Oils.

Waxing existing varnish can be a good way of getting some of the shine back. We can use special waxes and high speed buffers to give your floors a new lease of life.

It doesn’t matter what type of floor finishing you might need. Working with Dublin Floor Sanding you are sure to get the best possible service at the best price possible. Long opening hours, flexibility and quality is what makes us one of the busiest floor sanding companies in Ireland. All our floor sanding estimates are free of charge and no obligation.


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