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Floor Sanding Dublin

  • Floor Sanding Dublin


Date : December 3, 2017

Floor Sanding Dublin


Floor Sanding Dublin Dublin Floor Sanding is one of the bussiest floor sanding company in ireland. We work with private customers but also with landlords and commercial customers. Our company is famouse for long opening hours , quality and affordable costs. All our jobs are pre -priced so there will be no surprises. Our company uses some of the best varnishes available , with very short drying times and very long lasting life. One of our most uses floor varnish , Bona Traffic , is used in some of the bussiest Airports in Europe. Beside the long lasting life this type of varnish enriches the color of wood and makes it look like new after each sanding. Beside top of the range floor sanding services our company does floor repairs , staining and gap filling. We are offering our customers a wide range of staining and if you are not happy with what we have we can also mix colours until we get the right one for you. Dublin Floor Sanding uses some of the most powerful , dustless , floor sanding machines . Using those machines we can complete any size job in very little time with a minimum dust graine lost. Why should you sand your floors? Just like any type of floor , the wood floors , come pre – glazed with a sealant for protection against wear off and spilages. This protection can last long time or short time , it all depends on traffic . Shops , schools , pubs , etc will require floor sanding done more often than a private house. Saying that , a house with few kids and few pets could also require sanding each year. When you start noticing patches or discolorations on your floors then you know is the time for floor sanding. Depending on the area that you want done we will recommend to account for 2 days work. This is for domestic . Commercial jobs will require more time – depensing on size and the type of wood. Ignoring those signs will only cost you more in the long run. After the protection coat wear off your floor will start absorbing moist , dirt and it will mark very easy. Longer it stays like that , deeper we need to go when we will sand the floor.

Floor Sanding Dublin – So what happened when floor sanding starts? We will drop around your home/business with a van full of tools. We will remove all the furniture and whatever is on the floors and then after we will agree what type of staining & varnish will be used we will start sanding your floors. Depending on the condition of your floor we can start with 0.40 grit sand paper or 0.80 grit sand paper. 0.28 grit sand paper will only be used when doing floor sanding on floors full of glue or paint. After the first sanding we will asses the floors. If gap filling or any repairs will be needed this is the time to do it. The next operation is 0.80 grit sanding. The whole place will be sanded again. After the 0.80 grit we will go to 100 grit . Then 120 grit and the last operation 150 grit sand paper. As you can see , floor sanding is not such a easy job. Or cheap. After the floor sanding is done we will apply the staining – if required. This operation will require 12-24 hours drying times. The next operation is varnishing. There are few types of varnish that we work with. 3 coats of varnish later and one more light sanding your floors will be completed. Floor sanding – picking the right varnish: Dublin Floor Sanding only works with Bona varnishes. The strongest varnish from Bona is Bona Traffic. This type of varnish is waterbase and coes with a strong hardener. I gets very hard. Thys type of varnish is for commercial work only. Most of the times. Private houses dont require such a hard varnish. For the domestic market there are few types of varnishes from Bona that come in gloss , satin or mat finishes. Most of the people would pick satin finish. Floor Sanding – The Staining Picking the staining could be a fun job. We will show you what we have and if you are not happy with it we can mix up colors until we reach the right tone. Adding staining to your floors it will cost extra. It takes about 24 hours to dry and is a extra expense. The price we usual provide for standard floor sanding it does not include staining. After the staining was done and the floor is dry we will apply the varnish.

Floor Sanding – Costs We usual price per square meter/foot . Bigger the job cheaper the cost per meter/foot. For bigger commercial jobs we can also price per job. The price per job can vary. 10 square meter job can cost 200 or 500 . The condition of the floor , the type of wood and the fnish on the floor will make up the price. Using a very hard varnish will require much more sand paper to get rid of it so the price will go up. Most of the companies would have a basic rate per foot/meter that can change with the costs increasing.

Floor Sanding Dublin – Why is floor sanding so expensive? One thing is for sure , you cant afford cheap floor sanding. Our company is hired on a regular basis to repaire floors aftef the floors were sanded by the owner of the property or by chancers. Only after you will see a bad job done you will realise how important is to know what you are doing. Here is the tools and materials needed to complete your job: -a big sander -edge sander -few small sanders -sand paper 0.28, 0.40, 0.60, 0.80 , 100, 120 & 150 -hoovers -rolls -drill -varnish -sander -extension leads etc

Floor sanding is not cheap so you should expect to pay anything between 15 to 25 per square meter. If you are charged under those prices you should be suspicious.

All our floor sanding specialists are fully trained , polite and very professional. Our company is fully insured and we only charge after the job was completed. We will invoice you and you can pay s cash , cheque or online payments.

Floor Sanding Dublin


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