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Floor Sanding Drogheda

  • Floor Sanding Drogheda


Date : March 22, 2018

Floor Sanding Drogheda

What makes a floor sanding contractor good? Maybe the fact that they provide free no obligation estimates. Or the fact that they provide dustless floor sanding services. Or maybe the fact that they open 7 days per week / 12 hours daily. That they provide affordable floor sanding services? What about high quality floor sanding services? Also provides free advice? A long list of latest project on its website? Well, you will find all this and even more if you hire Dublin Floor Sanding.

Floor Sanding Drogheda What types of floors sanding services can we provide?

Domestic floor sanding each year Dublin Floor Sanding completes hundreds of domestic floor sanding jobs. Our attention to detail, our long opening hours, fully trained specialists and our pricing have landed us at the top of people preference for floor sanding. We can basically do any type of floor as long as the floor is semi or solid wood floor. We will work with you to make sure that the best solution for your floor is found. Hopeless floors? Marked floors? Stained floors? We can do wonders with any type of floor. Call us today and let us make a plan for your floors.

Commercial floor sanding we all know that great looking floors can make a business look successful. Walking into a restaurant with shiny floors, or a surgery, or a gym, or a pub, it will make you feel good and you know that you deal with people that pay attention to detail. Dublin Floor Sanding can change the look of your floors in no time. We can sand up to 200 square meter of floor per day and we can provide you with a brilliant list of options. Floor sanding is not cheap but if you work with Dublin Floor Sanding you will discover that floor sanding is not that expensive either. We can complete your floors over night and we can do it over the weekends. 24/7 means 24/7 for us. Gives us call and find out more information about our commercial floor sanding services.

Floor Sanding Drogheda Our sanding machines

Like in any other business, if you own the latest technology and if you know how to use it you will succeed . Not only that we own the best floor sanding machines ever invented but we also know how to use those machines to get the best possible results. We can complete in one day the same amount of work that other floor sanding contractors will complete in 1 week. Worried about dust? Don’t be, all our floor sanders are dustless. Our sanders can collect up to 98% of the dust created and we can take care of the 2% of the dust lost. Our floor sanding machines have very low noise levels and very low vibration. We can sand floors in apartment buildings without waking up the whole area. More power in a floor sander means that the job will be completed faster and cheaper. Less costs per square meter for our customers. Call us today with your floor sanding requirements and let us take care of your job.

Floor Sanding Drogheda Our floor sanding specialists

We all know that to be the best at your trade you need to be doing the same things for years and you need to be fully trained. Our floor sanding specialists are fully trained and they do hundreds of floor sanding jobs each year. With a rate of complaint of close to 0 and years of experience in this field, you know that you are in good hands with Dublin Floor Sanding. Just log to our latest projects page on and see the type of jobs we can do and who are our customers.

Floor Sanding Drogheda- Our prices

To provide a fixed price per square meter for floor sanding services is nearly impossible. There are so many factors to be taken in consideration when pricing a floor sanding job. Here is a list of thing that could increase/decrease the price per square meter:

Where is your job? City centre jobs could add 40-50 in parking costs per day How big is your job? Jobs over 100 sq meter work out cheaper per square meter What type of wood do you have? Hardwood & fancy floors can add to the final bill What type of finish will you require? Tougher finishes cost more Is gap filling required? Is staining required? Are you looking for floor repairs? Is there a lot of furniture in your home? Do you need the job done overnight? Etc

This list is just informative. There are many more factors that can affect the price. Dublin Floor Sanding provides very competitive pricing by all means. 90% of our work comes from repeat customers and referrals. You should expect to pay anything between 15 to 40 per square meter. All our estimates are free of charge so why not find out how much it will cost so you can budget?

Floor Sanding Drogheda Our finishes

We can complete your floors in many ways and with many types of finishes. The most common type of floor finish is floor varnishing. 90% of our customers are looking for floor sanding and clear varnish. The clear varnish will make your floor look bright and natural. But even the clear varnish can come in few types.

Invisible Clear Varnish after application the varnish becomes invisible. It will protect your floor like any other varnish but it is not visible.

Matte Clear Varnish it will dry in a finish without shine. It will look nice but no shine at all.

Satin Clear Finish it will dry in a nice cosy finish. A bit of shine but not an artificial look

Gloss Clear Varnish it will dry to look very shiny. Recommended for the commercial market.

We can also finish your floors with oils or waxes. We use a lot of oils From Osmo oils and Bona.

When we use Osmo Oils to wax your floors we can finish your floors in a variety of colours. Osmo Oils are great stain protectors and it will make your floors look nice and natural.

We can also stain your floors. If you want to change the colour of your floors we can do it with ease. We can stain your floors, hundreds of colours available. You just decide what you want done and we will do it. We use staining from Bona.

We can paint your floors our company can paint your floors with acrylic paint. It will look warm and cool. There are many colours you can pick.

Floor Sanding Drogheda Furniture moving

Our lads will move furniture around. Up to a limit and only if there is space to move furniture around. We can move around light furniture without any problem. We can also lift up carpets and remove carpets but it will cost a bit extra.

Floor Sanding Drogheda Insurance

We wouldn’t be one of the busiest floor sanding companies without being insured. We are fully insured and for the commercial market we can provide safety statements and risk assessments. Damages of up to 6.5 million will be paid out by our insurer so you know you are in good hands if the worst is to happen. We are claim free but you never know.

Floor Sanding Drogheda Our guarantee

We can guarantee you that only the best floor sanding equipment and finishes will be used in your property. We can guarantee you that we will take care of your property and all your items while the work is going on. We can guarantee you the best pricing will be provided and that we will do all we can to satisfy even the most demanding customers. We can guarantee you that you will be delighted with your floors.  Floor Sanding Drogheda

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