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Floor Sanding Coolock

  • Floor Sanding Coolock


Date : August 18, 2017

Floor Sanding Coolock

Dublin Floor Sanding is an Irish owned floor sanding company that specialises in commercial and domestic floor sanding and floor refinishing services. Our company has vast experience in this field and we have fully qualified floor sanders and floor refinishers working full time for us. We have completed hundreds of projects and a long list of our latest projects can be found on our webpage. We are a friendly, professional and easy to deal with company.

Floor Sanding Coolock What type of floor sanding we do?

Dublin Floor Sanding contracts any size floor sanding projects with a minimum order of 250 . If your floor is semi solid or solid wood and if it is still in decent shape there is 100% something that we can do to make it look better. Some types of semi solid floors cannot be sanded more than a few times but we will let you know in good time if your floor can be done. Dublin Floor Sanding specialises in reclaimed and old pine wood floors that used to be covered with carpets or some other type of flooring. We can remove the existing finish, remove the glue or the paint and refinish those floors to a new like look. We have completed hundreds of such projects with magic results. If you have old floors that use to carpeted for years and you plan to change it please don’t do it, let us have a look first. We can transform your old duck into a brilliant swan. Our commercial floor sanding team works 24/7 so we can take on all types and size flooring jobs.

Floor Sanding Coolock We have a lot of furniture, who will move it?

Dublin Floor Sanding will help with moving your furniture around the room. If there is space in another room we will move all the furniture into that room or if there is no room anywhere in the house we will move the furniture around the room and we will do half of the room and then the next half. We will find a plan and we will take care of your furniture while the job is going on.

Floor Sanding Coolock Our finishes

We have heard it and seen it all. We have dealt with people that only want to oil their floors with oil from Jamaica or people that only want Italian varnish. We have varnished, waxed, oiled, painted floors with any type of finishing product ever invented. But most people go for varnishing, oiling , waxing , staining or painting. We varnish 90% of the floors with clear water based varnish from Bona brand. We oil 90% of our floors with floor oils from Osmo Oils and Bona Oils. We can paint your floors in any colour you want with acrylic floor paints. Dublin Floor Sanding prefers working with well established floor varnishes and floor refinishing products. Our company guarantees all its work for 2 years and it is hard to do that without knowing what products we use. In other words, we can finish your floor with whatever product you want us to do it with but we cannot guarantee it, we will only guarantee our own tried and tested products.

If you prefer oil based varnishes we can do it as well but it will take much longer to dry and it is usually a bit more expensive. We believe that water based varnishes are much better and it makes the wood look natural and rich without building an artificial glazing on the top of it.

Floor Sanding Coolock Our floor sanders

If you hire Dublin Floor Sanding to refinish your floors you can be sure that the latest technology will be used to complete your project. Our floor sanding equipment has a dust collection capability of over 98%. Only less than 2% of the dust generated will be lost but we will take care of that at the end of the job. Low vibration sanders and low noise sanders. We will complete your project much faster than any other floor sanding company and we can guarantee you very competitive pricing. We will transform your floors in no time. We own some of the most efficient floor sanders from Bona brand. We can contract any size floor sanding job and you can be sure it will be done fast and hassle free. For more information regarding our floor sanding machines please visit our website on

Floor Sanding Coolock Pricing

We all want cheap prices and high quality. It will be hard to offer that. We can offer you affordable floor sanding prices and brilliant quality finishes. If you want beautiful floors to last for years, we will have to use very skilled tradesmen and very good quality varnishes and other floor finishes. Just for your own information, you can buy 5 litres of water based varnish for 30 or you can buy the best type of water based floor varnish for about 100 . The most expensive one is expensive for a reason. It is much better built and it will wear off much slower. Our prices per square meter of sanding & varnishing start from about 20 vat included per square meter. There are few additional services that most people go for that can increase the price. Gap filling is pretty expensive. Staining is about 3 per square meter. Bona Traffic HD is much more expensive than average home finishes and it comes with a hardener. If you prefer this type of varnish then the cost will go a bit higher. If you need floor repairs you should expect to pay extra, etc. Time is money and materials cost money to buy. Call us today and we will price your floor for free. Dublin Floor Sanding will provide you with a written quotation and we can guarantee you that the price wont change. For the commercial floor sanding projects we can provide safety statements & risk assessments.

Floor Sanding Coolock Insurance

We wouldn’t be one of the most demanded floor sanding companies in Dublin without being fully insured .We are covered for damages for up to 6.5 millions. Relax, if the worst happens, you are covered and Dublin Floor Sanding will replace all your floors or whatever item was damaged. We are claim free and we plan to stay that way.

Floor Sanding Coolock Our references

If you go to and you click on our latest projects option you will see a long list of our latest projects. This list contains some of our latest projects. We deal with a huge number of commercial and domestic customers. We never publish phone numbers on our website.

If you are decide to go ahead and get floor sanding done please give Dublin Floor Sanding a call today. We can save you a lot of money and you will find us very nice to deal with. A group of professional floor sanding experts at your disposal. All our estimates are confidential and we have a deal for anyone.

Call us on 01444 0146

Floor Sanding Coolock

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