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Floor Sanding Clontarf

  • Floor Sanding Clontarf


Date : December 12, 2017

Floor Sanding Clontarf

Has the time come to have your floors re-sanded? Years of use and abuse has destroyed the varnish and the wood can be seen under it. Since we have sanded your floors a few years ago many changes have happened in the floor sanding industry.

Here are some :

Floor Sanding Clontarf – Dublin Floor Sanding has acquired some of the most powerful dust free floor sanding machines available. By doing so we have increased our productivity by over 50% and we have reduced our costs by 20%. We are much more affordable than our competitors.

Bona Traffic Varnish was invented. This water based varnish is one of the hardest varnishes ever invented. It dries within 2 hours, lasts for many years, is much stronger than oil based varnishes and looks even better. We got better. Years of experience and top quality equipment at your disposal. Dublin Floor Sanding has passed through the recession stronger than ever and our company has doubled its size since 2007.

Domestic Floor Sanding Clontarf

Floor Sanding Clontarf – Working with the domestic market is a big challenge but there are also many rewards. Our company contracts any size floor sanding job but there is a minimum charge of 250 per job. We work with many types of varnishes, oils, waxes, paints etc. All our floor sanding estimates are free of charge and satisfaction is guaranteed. We use very efficient dustless floor sanding machines capable of collecting over 98% of the dust particles. Your house will be left as we found it. Here is a list of answers to our most frequently asked questions:

– Do we move furniture around? Yes, if there is space available. No extra costs.

– Do we use dustless floor sanding machines? Yes

– Are our vanishes safe? Yes, no fumes. We only work with water based varnishes.

– Are we fully insured? Yes we can provide safety statement & risk assessment also

– Are we an Irish company? Yes 100% Irish owned.

– Are we VAT registered? Yes

– Are we based in Dublin Yes

– Can Dublin Floor Sanding provide references? Yes –

– Can Dublin Floor Sanding do gap filling? Of course.

– Can Dublin Floor Sanding repair floors? Yes we can.


Floor Sanding Clontarf – With hundreds of domestic floor sanding jobs completed each year we can truly say we are the masters of floor sanding. Even if you are not ready for floor sanding yet but you are thinking of getting it done, you should give Dublin Floor Sanding a call and you will receive the best advice for free. Many people haven’t got a clue about floor sanding and it is always nice to find out more information before you make up your mind. Few useful tips:

-we cannot varnish over oil

-we cannot oil over varnish

-we cannot mix water based varnishes and oil varnishes

-we can work with your varnish Commercial Floor Sanding Clontarf

Floor Sanding Clontarf – A good part of our business is commercial floor sanding jobs. We deal with many schools, pubs, restaurants, offices, hospitals etc. Dublin Floor Sanding is one of the most in demand floor sanding companies in Dublin. We offer very competitive pricing and our work quality is second to none. Our company is open 24/7 and we have a free phone line. All our commercial floor sanding services are fully insured and highly recommended. We provide free no obligation estimates. Here is a list of commercial floor sanding services that we provide:

-floor sanding

-floor varnishing

-floor oiling

-floor waxing

-floor painting

-gap filling

-floor repairs

Floor Sanding Clontarf – Dublin Floor Sanding works with some of the best long lasting Italian oils that come in many colours. We specialise in floor varnishing but it is up to you, as a customer, to pick your preferred finish. Our floor sanding specialists will be very happy to help you pick the best finishes. For schools, airports or very high traffic areas we have some of the best varnishes ever invented:

This varnish is nearly unbreakable and is guaranteed to last for many years. Dries very fast and it does not release any fumes. Can be re-coated after only 2 hours and this is one of the features that makes this varnish very attractive for the commercial market. Many shops or pubs do not have 2 days to sand their floors.

Floor Sanding Clontarf – Gap filling if you are unhappy with the gaps on your floors and if you are looking for a more even surface without any lines we can help. By mixing dust from your floors and a great sealant we will create a paste which is the same colour as your floor. This gap filler is very elastic and it can fill up gaps up to 10 mm (1 cm). It is well known to last for years.

Floor Waxing our company can wax your floors to a mirror like finish. By waxing your floors you will have better anti spill protection and an improved look. A good waxing will prolong the life of your floors by a few years. For more information regarding floor waxing please contact

Regardless of the finish required Dublin Floor Sanding can get the results desired. Not only will we complete the job on time and much cheaper than our competition but we will also guarantee you long lasting results and a very friendly service. You will never find a customer that was let down by or a customer that was cancelled. We are on time all the time. We are part of a young management team that has only one aim, to provide better quality at affordable costs. What is the point of being the best if no one can afford you?

On our latest projects list you will find a number of floor sanding projects that were completed in Clontarf in the past 12 months. Our main way of advertising is you. Our customers are our references and we are sure that you will provide the next reference for us. Call the floor sanding experts today!

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