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Floor Sanding Bray

  • Floor Sanding Bray


Date : May 17, 2018

Floor Sanding Bray

Has the time come again to sand your old floors? If they are looking worn out, old and scratched then it just may be. You know that after each floor sanding operation your floor will look like new again. There are many floor sanding companies that cover the Bray area so how would you know which one to pick?

Floor Sanding Bray How to pick a good floor sanding contractor?

Dublin Floor Sanding is a different type of floor sanding company. Unlike many of our competitors we have a latest projects page on our website so you can clearly see what types of floor sanding projects we have recently completed. By seeing the amount and types of work done you should know that there must be a good reason why so many domestic and commercial customers from Bray choose Dublin Floor Sanding to sand their floors.

We have a list of prices also so you will have a rough idea how much it is likely to cost you before you even think about hiring us. Very few floor sanding contractors do that. We take on any size floor sanding job but we have a minimum order of 250 . We are open on Sundays. Many people are very busy and they only have Sunday off work. Well if you hire Dublin Floor Sanding to do your floors you will not need to worry about having to take time off work to have your job completed as we can work on Sundays.

We are flexible and we are nice people to deal with. From the first call to us you will know that you are dealing with professionals. Our pricing team will be in your home within 1 hour after the initial call. We are not one man company. We can do multiple jobs in one day.

Floor Sanding Bray Our floor sanding machines

The latest technology in floor sanding gives a smoother finish, the machines are more powerful so jobs can be done quicker and are therefore less costly. Less costs for us means cheaper prices for our customers. Dublin Floor Sanding owns some of the most powerful, dustless floor sanding machines available. With a dust collection capability of over 98% and the widest sanding belt available we can make huge jobs look very small. Quality floor sanders also mean very low vibrations, very low noise and low electricity usage. In many cases we complete a job in a semi detached house without the next door neighbours ever knowing that we were there. If you require more information about our floor sanders please contact us on 014304313.

Floor Sanding Bray Our varnishes

We usually use water based varnishes from a few famous brands but if you prefer the old type oil based varnish we can do that too. The benefits of working with water based varnishes is that the floor will look more natural, it will take less time to complete and it will be protected for much longer. Water based varnishes do not build a glazing on your floor and instead just make the wood natural looking. Dublin Floor Sanding works mostly with Bona varnishes but we work with a few other brands as well. A good quality varnish will only improve the look of your floor without making it look artificial. You can have your floors completed in matte, satin or gloss. Gloss finishes are more suitable for commercial buildings. There is another type of varnish called invisible varnish. This type of varnish will dry to be invisible but it will have the same protective qualities like any other varnish. You do not have to decide on the finish before the floor is sanded and we can do few samples for you just to make sure you are happy with the finish.

Floor Sanding Bray our prices

Dublin Floor Sanding provides affordable floor sanding services. Our pricing is clear and always agreed well before the work commences. You can find out how much it will cost you to have your floor sanded by visiting our website The usual price for floor sanding is about 20 per square meter for sanding and 3 coats of varnish. This price is informative only and it could double or reduce by 50%. The type of floor, the finish required and size of your floor will decide the final price. Painted floors or floors that were carpeted before will always cost more because it will require paint removal or glue removal. Hardwood floors will cost more to be sanded than soft wood floors. Big surfaces floors will cost less than smaller floors. But Dublin Floor Sanding will always provide you with fair and affordable prices.

Floor Sanding Bray Our specialists

We only employ top of the range floor sanding specialists with proven track records. When Dublin Floor Sanding comes to your home or business you know you are dealing with the best specialists in this industry. For us there are no surprises and we can adapt, change and improve as we work. Have a chat with our specialist about your requirements and they will make sure you will be satisfied.

Floor Sanding Bray – our insurance

Dublin Floor Sanding is fully insured for any type of damages to a maximum of 6.5 million. We come to your home fully prepared and if the worst ever happened you know that your home and all your items are fully covered by our insurance. A copy of our insurance will be provided to you upon request.

Floor Sanding Bray Our guarantee

We promise to take care of your home and to use only top of the range products. We do not cut corners and we want you to be our next reference. If for any reason you are unhappy with the quality of our work, please contact us on 014304313 and we will resolve any issue within 24 hours. We are a professional floor sanding company that gets most of its work from repeat customers and referrals.

Dublin Floor Sanding Payment

After the job is completed and you are happy with the results we will issue a vat receipt. You can pay us cash, cheque or online payments. We cannot leave your property without getting paid unless other agreements were made. Floor Sanding is not cheap so you should always budget before hiring a floor sanding company.

Floor Sanding Bray References

If you log into you will see an option for latest projects . Some of our latest projects will be listed within our website. We never publish phone numbers from any customers. The latest projects page was created for you. You need to see what areas we cover and if we have completed work within your area. We are very proud of all our work completed so we want the whole county to know.

Dublin Floor Sanding provides commercial and domestic floor sanding services. Call us, email us or write to us and we will drop into you within 24 hours and provide a free no obligation quotation.

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