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Floor Sanding Blackrock

  • Floor Sanding Blackrock


Date : June 20, 2016

Floor Sanding Blackrock

Dublin Floor Sanding has one policy – quality, value and efficiency. Our company prides itself in providing high quality floor sanding services at affordable prices and right on time. You will never find a customer that was let down by our company and if you visit our website you will notice that we are the only floor sanding company in Ireland that has a list of the latest projects and a full list of the addresses. We do not invent references and we are proud of all our past projects. For the past 10 years our company has provided floor sanding services in Blackrock. We do not have a single type of customer and can deal with any type of project. We specialise in solid wood and reclaimed wood finishes. Dublin Floor Sanding can help you to pick the right finish for your floors. We treat floors, we sand floors, we oil floors, we wax floors, we fill gaps, we paint floors and we repair floors. Reclaimed floors or floors that used to be used as a foundation for carpets, lino, laminates etc. have come back into fashion. Many people are just sanding those old floor boards, filling up the gaps to avoid draught and then finishing the floors in whatever finish they desire. There are no two customers the same so your own imagination is the limit.

Floor Sanding Blackrock

Gap filling services. Most of the old houses that were fitted with floor boards years and years ago have gaps between the boards. Those floors were never intended as a finished product and it was used more as a base for the next floors. Those gaps can be easily filled in with the dust collected from the sanding and a special additive. By mixing up the dust from the floor itself it will even up the colour and there won`t be any difference between the colour of the floor and the gap filler. By using ready mixed gap filler you will be limited to what finish you can apply to your floor. Clear varnish will not be an option for you anymore. We can fill up gaps up to 10 mm by mixing up the dust from sanding and our magic additive. Gaps over 10 mm will require wood strips. Depending on the size of your floor gaps, this operation can be done in 3 hours or 2 days. Allow some time for this job.

Floor Sanding Blackrock

Floor Sanding – by using very powerful and efficient floor sanders our company will ensure removal of only few mm from your floors. We will sand up mostly the old varnish or whatever type of finish was applied before. The floor boards will only be slightly touched. Semi solid floors can only be sanded a few times, depending on the amount of wood that is being removed each time. Working with Dublin Floor Sanding you will be sure to increase the numbers of times that your semi solid floor can be sanded. Our floor sanding machines have dust collection capabilities of over 98% so in plain english that will mean that less than 2% of the dust generated through floor sanding will be lost. Anyhow, we will make sure that your home will be left spotless after we are done with it. We can sand up any kind of floor finish including glue from carpeted floors, paint, bitumen finishes, varnishes, oils, waxes etc. We will have your floors clear of any type of finish in no time. Dublin Floor Sanding owns very efficient low vibration and low noise floor sanders. This has enabled us to contract jobs in busy shopping centres and office buildings during office hours. Not all floors can be sanded and some laminate flooring looks so real that is hard to tell what type of floor it is. We also had customers that had mistaken amtico floors for solid wood. If you plan to have your floors sanded and you are not 100% sure if the floor you have can be sanded please contact us today and we will be more than happy to help you out.

Floor Sanding Blackrock

Floor Oiling – Blackrock is well known for its period houses and old style architecture. There are people out there that hate varnish and oil is the only option they want for their floors. In the past few years the floor oil factories have adapted their products to the market demand and now our suppliers can supply us with over 75 colours of floor oils and they can also mix up those oils to achieve any colour you want. Oil is a great stain protector and if you oil your floors once in a while and you maintain it regularly, you will have nice floors for a long time. If you plan to go for darker colour oil you should know that it will make your home appear smaller. If you live in a small home you should opt for a brighter floor finish to make your home look more spacious. If you plan to oil your floors by yourself, remember, never apply varnish on top of oiled floors. It wont stick. Dublin Floor Sanding works with some of the most beautiful Italian oils and waxes and we are pretty sure you will be happy with the end results.

Floor Sanding Blackrock

Floor Varnishing – this type of floor finish is made to last and we work with some tough varnishes. If you own a commercial premises and you have high traffic on your floors, we can varnish your floors with our high traffic finishes that come with a hardener. 4 hours after the last application your varnish will become concrete hard and it will last for years subject to the right maintenance. Dublin Floor Sanding works with matte, super matte, satin, glossy and invisible finish. Matte varnish – this varnish has no shine at all and it is designed for old types of wood floors. Super matte varnish – this type of varnish is there, protects but you cant see it. Makes the wood look matte and kills even the natural shine of the wood

Satin varnish – wet look but not very shiny. Highly recommended for the domestic market or areas with a lot of natural light Glossy varnish – this type of varnish can be used for both commercial and domestic jobs. Mostly used for commercial jobs. Gives the floors a high glossy look. Invisible varnish – this varnish has all the qualities of any of our varnishes, protects against spillages and protects the wood from wear and tear but it is not visible. It will keep the floor looking natural and clean.

Floor Sanding Blackrock – Dublin Floor Sanding will show you samples of all these varnishing options before we start applying it to your floors. You will be living with it so you need to be happy with the finished result. For domestic properties we do not recommend very tough varnishes because you might want to change it once in a while and our high traffic varnishes are very hard to be re sanded. In a normal 3 bed home there is not as much traffic as in a big airport, a church or a pub. A home finish should be ok.

Floor Sanding Blackrock

Floor waxing – our company can restore the glossy look of your floor by waxing it. Using very efficient and professional floor waxes we can assure you that your floor will re gain its great look in no time. We will seal your floors and we will buff it with high speed buffers. You will be impressed.

Floor Staining – if you are tired of the look of your floors and you would like a big change in colour we can help. With hundreds of stain colours you are not limited at all. Some colours might not suit your home, we will help, advise and inform you in good time but the final the decision is yours. All stained floors will be finished with 3 coats of hard varnish. Staining takes a bit longer to do and dry so you should allow 12 hours drying time after application. Dublin Floor Sanding works with some of the best stainings available out there so you know you are in good hands. For more information regarding staining and colours available please contact us at 014304313 and we will be happy to show you a few samples.

Floor Sanding Blackrock – Our company has completed many floor sanding jobs in Blackrock in the past few years. We can tackle any size job and we can do something with any solid or semi solid wood floor regardless of its condition. We are open 24/7 and we provide clear and fair prices. There will be no surprises at the end and we will not leave until you are happy 100%.

For more information about our floor sanding services in Blackrock just contact us at 01 4440146

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