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Floor Sanding Ballsbridge

  • Floor Sanding Ballsbridge


Date : September 1, 2017

Floor Sanding Ballsbridge

Floor Sanding Ballsbridge


Ballsbridge is home to many fancy Georgian style period houses that in most cases have solid wood floors fitted throughout. A solid wood floor will only last if it is fully protected and maintained right. Dublin Floor Sanding specialises in professional floor sanding and floor refinishing services. We can restore any type of solid and semi solid wood floors.

Floor Sanding Ballsbridge  -Types of floors that can be sanded Not all wood floors can be sanded and some wood floors can only be sanded a few times. We can sand most types of solid and semi solid floors with a few exceptions. Semi solid wood floors that were already sanded a couple of times might not be suitable for sanding again. The amounts of times a semi solid wood floor can be sanded will depend on the quality of the tradesman that did the job before and on the type of wood. All solid wood floors can be sanded many times. Laminate floors cannot be sanded.

Floor Sanding Ballsbridge  – About us Dublin Floor Sanding is a professional floor sanding company based in Dublin. We are a young team with years of experience. Dublin Floor Sanding is one of the very few, if not the only, floor sanding companies that has a latest projects page on its website. We are very proud of our work and we list most of the jobs competed. We cover the whole county Dublin area and we are pretty flexible.

Floor Sanding Ballsbridge – Pricing A fair price for floor sanding is a very important thing but quality work and a good long lasting finish is also very important. There are cheap varnishes and there are quality varnishes. Most people will hope that their newly sanded floors will last for years. You get what you pay for. Dublin Floor Sanding provides professional floor sanding services at reasonable prices. We will seal your floors with Bona or Tover water based varnishes. The varnishes we use are top of the range and will last for many years. We can oil your floors with clear oils or colour oils from Bona & Tover. The price per square metre of floor sanding can vary from one floor to another and from one type of finish to another. High traffic commercial finishes will cost more. If you require over 3 coats of finish you will have to pay extra. If the floor is in a bad shape it will cost extra to fix, if the floor is wet or requires staining, it will cost extra, etc. The price per square metre of floor sanding will start from around 20 (vat included) and go up to 30 (vat included).

Floor Oiling depending on the type of floor and the type of oil that is required, the costs per square metre can go from 10 to 20 per square metre. Floor Staining we charge about 3 per square metre but the size of the surface and the type of staining required can increase or decrease the price. Floor Painting the cost of this service can vary big time. There are some very expensive acrylic wood paints and there are some less expensive paints. The price of floor sanding and painting can start from 20 per square metre up to 30 per square metre. Gap Filling prices start from about 2 per square metre for small gaps and can go up to 5 per square metre for bigger gaps. Floor sanding is a major job that requires skill, good tools and good materials. The finish has to last so paying a bit more per square metre can save you money in the long run.

Floor Sanding Ballsbridge  – Our machines Dublin Floor Sanding owns some of the best floor sanding machines available. Our floor sanders will collect over 98% of the dust. We can complete any size job faster than our competition due to professional equipment and skilled staff. We own low noise and low vibration floor sanding machines capable of levelling up even the most un-level floor. We can contract any size commercial floor sanding job and we can do it much faster than other floor sanding companies.

Floor Sanding Ballsbridge  – Opening times Dublin Floor Sanding is open most times. If you pre book us in good time we can do any type of job, in any location at any time. Our office is open 6 days per week, 7 am to 10 pm, but if you need us after this time you can call us on our mobile phone.

Floor Sanding Ballsbridge – Furniture Our floor sanding specialists are glad to help you move furniture around up to a limit. If there is very heavy furniture which poses an accident risk we might have to charge to bring in additional people. Small items such as sofas etc. can be moved around by us.

Floor Sanding Ballsbridge   – Insurance Dublin Floor Sanding can provide you with a copy of its insurance and a safety statement and risk assessment if needed. We are covered to undertake any type of domestic and commercial floor sanding job.

Floor Sanding Ballsbridge – Our specialists Dublin Floor Sanding employs highly qualified and fully trained floor sanding specialists. Our floor sanding specialists can agree prices with you, can agree extra work, can issue invoices and accept payments. Dublin Floor Sanding employs its own floor sanding specialists and we do not subcontract work to a third party.

Floor Sanding Ballsbridge  – Payments All our invoices have to be paid on the day unless otherwise agreed. We can provide 30 days credit to regular floor sanding customers. We accept cash, cheque, eft and card payments. Our website is easy to use and you will find all the information you require in a few clicks.

Floor Sanding Ballsbridge  – Our customers Dublin Floor Sanding deals with any type of floor sanding customer but we have a minimum order of 250 . We deal with a huge number of commercial customers and we also deal with hundreds of domestic floor sanding customers. On our latest projects list you will find a list of jobs completed starting from 250 and going up to 10k . If you need floor sanding done just give us a call and let us quote for your job.

Dublin Floor Sanding is a very friendly floor sanding company that will impress you. We provide free no obligation estimates and all our work is fully guaranteed. If you are looking for a professional floor sanding company to take care of your much loved floors please call us now.

Floor Sanding Ballsbridge


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