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Floor Cleaning

Floor Cleaning Blackrock

  • Floor Cleaning Blackrock


Date : November 8, 2017

Floor Cleaning Blackrock

Dublin Floor Cleaning is a professional floor cleaning company that specialise in once off and regular floor cleaning services. We can repair floors, we can polish floors, we can seal floors, we can buff floors and we can deep clean grout and tiles. Our pricing is designed in such a way to combine high quality floor cleaning services and affordable prices.

Marmoleum Floor Cleaning Blackrock – we work with a huge list of commercial and domestic floor cleaning customers in Blackrock. We deep clean and polish marmoleum floors for many local schools, restaurants, surgeries, etc. Our company can restore the look of your marmoleum floors instant. If you have marmoleum floors, regardless of condition, give us a call.

Amtico Floor Cleaning Blackrock – amtico floors must be the most loved types of floors. We understand how important those floors are for the owners so we can guarantee you that our work quality will be up to your expectations. We will strip all the existing finishes, with amtico floor stripper, we will deep clean your floor with special neutral floor cleaners and we will seal your floors with amtico dressing. Outstanding results guaranteed.

Travertine Floor Cleaning Blackrock – travertine floors are some of the most used types of floors in Ireland. It looks great and it lasts for many years. But once in a while, all travertine floors will need a bit of attention. We will deep clean your floors to assure full removal of dirt build ups from the tiles itself and from the grout. We will remove all the sctaches with a help of professional diamond pads. We can achieve the shine in two way, natural or with a sealant. We can buff your floors with diamond pads until the natural shine comes out of the stone or we can just apply a sealant. Either way, your floor will look great.

Terrazzo Floor Cleaning Blackrock – terrazzo floors are build to last and to make a statement. Those type of floors are pretty expensive and it can take a lot of use and abuse. Dublin Floor Cleaning can restore terrazzo floors to its original condition within few hours. We deep clean terrazzo floors for a number of schools, pubs, churches, etc, in the Blackrock area. We can show you photos with before and after restauration.

Terracotta Floor Cleaning Blackrock – terracota floors are being used for thousands of years. Those floors look well and it doesn`t require a lot of maintenance. This type of floor is very absorbent so it needs to be sealed with special sealants and oils to avoid absorbing moist and dirt. Dublin Floor Cleaning will deep clean your terracotta tiles to remove all types of dirt build ups and then we will soak the floor with special sealant to build up a glazing. You can have it as matt or as gloss as you need it. We have completed hundreds of terracotta floor cleaning jobs in Blackrock.

Porcelain Tile Floor Cleaning Blackrock – those floors are a nightmare to clean and maintain. Its glass finish like gets very dirty very fast and by mopping it, it is pretty hard to get rid of the streaks and markings. Don`t worry, we will show you how to maintain your floors after it was cleaned by us. Bear in mind that porcelain tiles are very glossy and you will need to use a cleaning product that evaporates after few seconds. The best cleaning products for porcelain tiles is alcohol based window cleaners. Just spray and wipe with a cloth. No more steaks and markings.

Wood Floor Cleaning Blackrock – bear in mind that most types of wood floors will require sanding once in a while. We can only clean wood floors that still have a bit of finish on it. We will use neutral wood floor cleaners from Bona, to remove general dirt build ups from wood floors. We can either buff the existing finish or we can apply few coats of wood floor polish for extra protection. The floor will look nice and clean. A sealant or a wood floor polish is not as tough as the varnish and it will not last as long.

We can also deep clean and seal lino floors, vinyl floors, marble floors, safety floors, ceramic floors and so on. We own the best floor cleaning equipment available and we only work with the strongest sealants and polishes.

All our floor cleaning services are fully insured and we can guarantee you that you will be happy with our work quality.

Free estimates guaranteed.


Floor Cleaning Blackrock – professional results for less!


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