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Final Touch Washroom Cleaner

  • Final Touch Washroom Cleaner


Date : July 4, 2016

Final Touch Washroom Cleaner

The washrooms are some of the dirtiest areas in any establishment- from homes to commercial premises. They harbour all kinds of bacteria, viruses and other microbes that can pose serious health risks. They come from faecal and urinary waste being flushed down the toilet, body soiling and hair oil as you shower, shed skin cells, soap scum, dust settling from the atmosphere, mould and mildew growing in damp areas, etc. You don’t want your family and guests at home, or clients and employees in the workplace getting sick. You want a sanitised environment. The secret to having a clean washroom to get the proper cleaning product. That’s where the Final Touch Washroom Cleaner comes in.

It’s not just about the hygiene. You also want your washrooms to look clean and feel fresh. From the unsightly rings in the toilet, to the stains and soiling in showerheads, spouts, tile and grout, aerators at the end of facets, shower doors, cervices, and the nooks and crannies in the washroom, they make the surfaces look gross. The odours on the other hand makes both living and working spaces unbearable. You want a cleaner that can get rid of the gunk and leave the washroom deodorised. That’s a job for the Final Touch Washroom Cleaner.

Benefits Of The Final Touch Washroom Cleaner

1. Effective cleaner The Final Touch Washroom Cleaner removes general soiling from your toilet and bathroom surfaces, bringing back their gleam and sparkle. You can use it on different areas in the washrooms, from the toilets, washbasins, baths to the walls and floors. It cuts through the dirt and grime in washrooms at home, business premises, gyms, health clubs, yoga studios, day care centres, medical institutions, etc. The Final Touch Washroom Cleaner will get rid of the gunk and stains and ensure that the washrooms are both clean and comfortable to use.

2. Neutral pH This makes the Final Touch Washroom Cleaner suitable for all washable areas. It’s effective on a variety of surfaces, ranging from stainless steel, porcelain, vitreous enamel and chrome, to ceramic, quarry tiles and even painted surfaces. It does not contain ingredients that leave behind residues after cleaning. The neutral nature of the Final Touch Washroom Cleaner also makes it safe for both the surface and the personnel doing the cleaning. It cuts down on the risk of skin irritation, you don’t have to worry about chemical reactions that will create fumes, or the washroom surfaces getting corroded. It’s also safe for your septic system.

3. Sanitises It is a bactericidal washroom cleaner. The Final Touch Washroom Cleaner kills a wide range of bacteria, from Legionella (causes respiratory tract infection like Legionnaires’ disease and Pontiac fever) and MRSA (a superbug that’s resistance to common antibiotics, and causes anything from skin infections like boils and impetigo, to life threatening conditions like blood poisoning or endocarditis), to E-coli (digestive tract bacteria). It passes EN 1276. This is a suspension test for bactericidal efficacy, which evaluates how effectively a product causes a reduction in the number of viable bacterial cells of the relevant test microorganisms. (It tests disinfectants and antiseptics in the food, cosmetics, healthcare, medial, home and personal care industry). As such, the Final Touch Washroom Cleaner is effective in areas where there is risk of infection, such as health centres like clinics and hospitals, nursing homes, and high traffic areas like schools, government institutions and public washrooms. You can bring this disinfectant power into your home.

4. Highly perfumed You want your bathroom and toilet to always smell fresh. In addition to cleaning the washroom surfaces you also want to get rid of the lingering toilet smell. No one likes the stench emanating from the bowl or urinal, or the odours coming from the gunk in the shower. The Final Touch Washroom Cleaner leaves a long lasting floral fragrance on your washroom surfaces.

How to use Final Touch Washroom Cleaner:

It’s an easy process. Follow these steps:

1. First prepare the cleaning solution. The 5L Final Touch Washroom Cleaner is concentrated, and you will be needed to dilute it. Use these mix ratios, depending on the surface you intend to clean:

Toilet surfaces (bowl, urinal etc.)åÊ Dilute up to 1:10, such as 60 ml of product with 600ml of water.

General cleaning (such as counters, floors, sinks, and walls) Dilute 1:100, such as 50 ml Final Touch Washroom Cleaner per 5L of water. Note that the Final Touch Washroom Cleaner in the 750ml trigger spray bottle comes ready to use.

2. Apply to the surface. Using the trigger spray bottle makes the application easy.

3. Wipe/mop the surface. When doing a deep clean, it’s recommended that you work in sections. Start with the shower. Spray it with the cleaner, making sure you get to the corners, and anywhere there is any scum build up. Next go to sink and counter. Spray and wipe- be sure to get the ledges, where there is likely to be a dust build up. Now head to the toilet. Remember to apply the Final Touch Washroom Cleaner under the rim. Also clean the other surfaces of the toilet, including the flushing handle. Finish with the floor.

Tips For Using The Final Touch Washroom Cleaner

Washing the toilet and bathroom doesn’t have to be a time consuming chore. Simply get a routine and stick to it. Clean the washrooms with the Final Touch Washroom Cleaner regularly to maintain the hygiene and sparkle of your surfaces.

When doing the general cleaning you can dilute the Final Touch Washroom Cleaner with hot water. Note that you shouldn’t use hot water on your toilet bowl, as the sudden temperature change can cause it to crack.

Close the lid when flushing the toilet. This is to prevent the aerosolised gunk from being spread to your soap dish, faucet, razors, had towels and other surfaces within the spray-range.

Keep bathtubs, sinks, faucets, drains, showerheads and other surfaces wiped down and dry, to prevent formation of mould and mildew.

Remember to flush any guest toilet, or other infrequently used toilets in your establishment, on a daily basis.

Don’t mix the Final Touch Washroom Cleaner with bleach or other cleaning chemicals.

Carry out a bathroom check-up regularly, at least every 4-6 months. Inspect the toilet, shower sink faucets and other areas for any wear and tear that will require to be repaired or replaced, to avert troubles later.

Final Touch Washroom Cleaner – Professional results for less!


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