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Everfresh Washroom Cleaner

  • Everfresh Washroom Cleaner


Date : December 6, 2017

Everfresh Washroom Cleaner

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Everfresh Washroom Cleaner

There are specific rooms in the house, office or even public places that are always of major concern to many people. The washroom is one of these rooms. If your washroom is not kept clean and tidy the whole house is affected and not in a good way. When you’re having guests, you wanna make sure your washroom is neat and smells really good without any soiled surfaces that have permanent stains ,this is very gross and could potentially end up embarrassing you beyond measure. While this has been a major concern for a number of years, I’m happy to report that there is a product that can take away all your worries in that regard. Everfresh washroom cleaner is the go-to product that will make your washrooms smell good and sparkle.

Below, we will expound on it’s features, uses and advantages over other washroom cleaners.

Features of Everfresh washroom cleaner

First and foremost, it has a sweet fragrance that lasts for long after use. The perfume has different flavours and is very convenient especially for the washrooms. We all know the washroom needs a little help when it comes to the fragrance most of the time and with Everfresh washroom cleaner you need not worry about the smell of your washrooms. You no longer need to worry about scaring away your visitors or having a toxic working environment.

Its conveniently stored in a 5 litre can which makes it an advantage because you don’t have to keep restocking it. For convenience of use it is also kept in other smaller cans which makes it easy to spray when cleaning or for use in your washrooms. The Everfresh washroom cleaner is efficient for use and also very economical due to the packaging. The Everfresh washroom cleaner clings to the vertical surfaces which allows for a longer contact hence an overall better cleaning. It has neutral pH which greatly helps in this effect. Unlike other cleaners, it lingers for longer on the surface making it easier to scrub off the soiled surface.

This thickened washroom and toilet cleaner is for routine, daily cleaning of many different things which include sinks, baths, urinals, bowls, walls and floors. This goes to prove how convenient it is because it cleans more than one area of the house. Everfresh washroom cleaner also cleans a variety of surfaces. It can be used to wash clean porcelain, its suitable for vitreous enamel, stainless swttel, chrome, quarry tiles and ceramic just to mention a few. The one litre bottle has an angled neck. This makes it easy to clean under the toilet. You use very little effort to attain maximum cleanliness and this is an advantage because you don’t have to get your hands dirty while cleaning your toilets.

Advantages of using Everfreah washroom cleaner

The problem with having your washrooms too dirty is that when cleaning it, you need to use gruesome products that are mostly harsh on your walls, tiles, etc. This is however not the case with Everfresh washroom cleaner. Its gentle on the different surfaces so you need not worry about cracking your washroom when you’re using this product. Its very affordable. The Everfresh washroom cleaner sits on the shelves at a very favorable price to all the customers. Its quality is very good and this still does not make it any more expensive than it needs to be. It will clean your surfaces perfectly and will last long and still have a good price on it.

The Everfresh washroom cleaner is one of the very few environmentally friendly cleaning products. It does not have any negative effect for the surrounding environment when being used. Having a product that serves you 100%hitting the desired mark while still observing your environment is a dream come true especially for people with families because they need to keep the environment healthy for the kids especially and the office environment and most especially the public because people might have allergies.

Its also very concentrated and hence requires just a little of it to clean the surface. This makes it very economical as well giving it an advantage over the others. Due to its neutral pH, it is most advisable for use on many surfaces and hence can also serve more than one purpose. Washrooms are susceptible to dirt and sticking stains around the corners and hence needs constant cleaning which would normally means the use of a large amount of cleaner except for everfresh washroom cleaner because just a little amount of it is enough to clean the whole area.

It can be used for moping the floor as well and wiping hard surfaces. This products works just fine with cleaning hard surfaces as well and hence you can say its multi purpose.

Its also easy to store due to its packaging. Its packed in cans with different sizes ranging from as little as a little to 5 litre cans. This helps in storage because you dont need much space for a one 5 litre can and to add to that you can be putting it in a smaller bottle due to routine use. You can as well just carry the whole can because its not that heavy. Its portable for daily use. It’s packaging also makes it safe for the home because the lid it tightly put on especially for the smaller cans. The lid does not slip off or pop off while you’re using it or storing it.

Clean your washrooms and eliminate bacteria in one go. The everfresh washroom cleaner is good with bacteria as well. It removes all bacteria and for the washroom there could potentially be a lot of it.

In conclusion, the everfresh washroom cleaner is one of the few cleaning detergents that gives you satisfaction as far as efficiency is concerned. This is quality you can trust, every home needs a cleaning detergent that works as good as the everfresh washroom cleaner. If you’re going for a cleaner, safer environment whether its in the home or office, you need to invest in an everfresh washroom cleaner. A cleaner you will never regret having at your disposal.

Everfresh Washroom Cleaner – Professional bathroom cleaning products for less!


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