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Evans Low Foam Heavy

  • Evans Low Foam Heavy


Date : February 8, 2017

Evans Low Foam Heavy

Dirty and filthy surfaces could give your home a bad impression even if you did not have the intention. Your floors and surfaces should be cleaned on a regular basis to maintain proper hygiene. Dirty floors and surfaces not only encourage grime to build up but also create a breeding ground for germs. If your family and workers are having persistent coughs and taking regular sick offs, the problem may not be the immune system but the dirt on the surfaces. Dust on sofas and carpets can make your family members develop serious health concerns that could have easily been avoided by cleaning your surfaces properly and regularly. Evans Low Foam Heavy

Having the knowledge of cleaning your rooms properly is the first step to keeping diseases at bay. Educate your family on how to clean and when to do it. Cleaning does not have to be a boring and daunting task. You can create a timetable on rooms to wash on particular days instead of cleaning the whole house in one day which is sometimes tiring. Heavy soiling in industries is difficult to get rid off if you do not have the right detergent. Additionally, using the correct detergent to clean your floors and surfaces will take your cleaning at a great length. Evans Low Foam Heavy is designed to make your cleaning chores easy and fun. Evans Low Foam Heavy

Features of Evans Low Foam Heavy

-It can be used for combination machines and general cleaning.

-it clears heavy soiling with one pass of the machine.

-It is ideal for home, factory and warehouse floors.

-it’s unperfumed, perfect for food preparation areas.

-It’s efficient on old and new floors.

-It counter attacks heavy soiling and breaks dirt quickly.

-It is eco-friendly

-It is affordable.

Benefits of using Evans Low Foam Heavy

1. Superior cleaning power The Evans Low Foam Heavy is a powerful cleaning product. Its ingredients get rid of all kind of soiling’s at your home, factories or even warehouses. Most warehouses experience heavy spilling that are impossible to clear with regular home use detergents. Evans Low Foam Heavy counter attacks the dirt immediately it comes into contact with the soiling and loosens the dirt. You can now easily clear the soiling using a mop and bucket or vacuum cleaner. Evans Low Foam Heavy

2. Efficient. Dirt and grime build up on your floors and walls can interfere with your hygiene maintenance if left unattended. Most individuals do not like cleaning their spaces during the winter season. By the time the season is over a lot of dirt becomes visible and should be cleared. Evans Low Foam Heavy makes your work easier by ensuring that you do not spend hours scrubbing off the stuck grime but just use a towel to clear. If you are using a mop and bucket to clean your floors, you only need to mix water and Evans Low Foam Heavy in the correct ratios and continue with your usual cleaning routine. Once the solution comes in contact with the dirt on the floor, it loosens it and leaves your floors sparkling. Evans Low Foam Heavy

3. Improves working relationship. Scrubbing floors and walls using a detergent that is not efficient can make a worker’s mood go down. Not only will the foul mood affect him bad also those around him. One may think that a good cleaner cannot affect the sales of your business but if your employee serves a customer while in a bad mood, be rest assured you have lost a potential customer. Increasing the sales in your business can start with a simple act of buying Evans Low Foam Heavy for your business premises cleaning purposes. Evans Low Foam Heavy

4. Protects floors and other surfaces When cleaning your floors, you want a cleaner that will protect them from natural causes such as harsh sun rays or rain. Most substandard cleaners rip off the wax off floors. That means that the chemicals in the detergents are corrosive. Evans Low Foam Heavy has been formulated with the floors and surfaces of the user in mind. When it loosens the oils, grease and all other stains on the floor, you do not have to scrub off using a lot of energy, and therefore your floors stay glamming for a long time. Evans Low Foam Heavy

5. Affordable Having a cleaner that works efficiently and is cost friendly is killing to birds with the same stone. Evans Low Foam Heavy price fits every user’s pocket. Its prices are stable and do not keep going up each and every time meaning you can have a fixed budget on Evans Low Foam Heavy. Evans Low Foam Heavy

How to use Evans Low Foam Heavy

1. Gather all your cleaning essentials in one area.

-push broom with nylon bristles

-Evans Low Foam Heavy

-Garden hose if you don’t have pressure washer

-scrubbing brush with nylon bristles

2. Remove any visible debris on the floor. Pull out any mold using your hand especially on exterior/outdoor floors. Sweep using the push broom to get rid of the small dirt particles. Evans Low Foam Heavy

3. If you are cleaning your garage, open its doors and spray the concrete with water. Start from one corner towards the garage door. Use the hose to spray the entire floor. Sweep the floor once more to remove the dirt especially on the corners of the room. Evans Low Foam Heavy

4. Mix the Evans Low Foam Heavy with water depending on the soiling you want to clean. Sprinkle the solution on the floor starting from one corner heading towards the exit. Evans Low Foam Heavy

5. Scrub the floor using the push broom. Scrubbing will lift out the stuck grime and soiling. If the soiling is too heavy, you can let the Evans Low Foam heavy sit on the surface for around fifteen minutes for good results. Evans Low Foam Heavy

6. Rinse the concrete floor with clean water. Spray the floor from the inside towards the exit. Use the broom to clear all the water from the garage. Let the doors open until the garage is properly dried. Evans Low Foam Heavy

Tips on how to care for your floors.

-Clean spills and soiling as soon as they happen. This will prevent your floors from having permanent stains.

-Seal your floors. Sealing concrete floors keep them from scuffs and stains. -Wax the floors. Wax finish protects the floor from stains, dirt build-up, and abrasion. Wax also protects the floor making it last longer. Safety precaution when using Evan Low Foam Heavy

-Always wear protective clothing. Wear rubber gloves, eye protector, and gumboots when washing your floors.

-When ingested, flush out with clean water and visit the doctor immediately.

-store in a cool, dry place out of reach of children.

Evans Low Foam Heavy – Professional quality for less!


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