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Ettore Window Cleaning Equipment

  • Ettore Window Cleaning Equipment
  • Ettore Window Cleaning Equipment
  • Ettore Window Cleaning Equipment
  • Ettore Window Cleaning Equipment
  • Ettore Window Cleaning Equipment


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Date : November 15, 2020
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Ettore Window Cleaning Equipment

Ettore is a world-leading brand in the window cleaning industry. Here, we will look at the various kinds of equipment from it that you can add to your arsenal, from those used by DIYers at home, to those that are relied on by professionals running window cleaning companies.

Sleeves & T-Bars

The first stage of the window washing process is dislodging the grease and grime that’s on the glass surface. Here window washers come in – hence the name, where the gear is composed of the washer sleeve, and the T-bar holding it. For this, Ettore’s range of window washing sleeves includes:

– The Golden Glove™ Sleeve, famed for its heavy pile construction that delivers a thorough wash, plus the double seams that prolong its durability. This unit comes in sizes ranging from 10 to 22 inches, with 6 sleeves per case.

– The Dura 2™ Sleeve that holds in loads of water, and provides more area coverage with each round of use. The dual scrubber ends of the unit add to its cleaning power.

– The heavy-duty Porcupine™ Sleeve that can handle those tough jobs courtesy of the flexible bristles that have been interwoven with the sleeve.

– The economical Mighty™ Washer Sleeve which comes in handy to provide value without putting a strain on your window cleaning budget.

– The Ettore Advanced Microfibre Sleeve, whose cleaning action is due to the dense microfibers in the construction, plus the scrubber edge. It features superior water retention capacity, holding in at least 20% more cleaning solution compared to other competing models. It can also last for 500 wash-cycles, giving you more value for your purchase.

When it comes to the T-bars, your priority is the durability of the material, the ease of use – especially with the grip, and the size of the window cleaning equipment. Here, it is important that the T-bar that you work with is compatible with the size of the washer sleeve being used. T-bars from Ettore include the lightweight Pro+ Super System T-Bar that comes with a rubberised grip; the Pro+ T-Bar whose aluminium and polymer construction give you prolonged usage without requiring much energy during the cleaning process; the ProGrip™ T-Bar whose large rubberised grip maximises your comfort; to the high impact plastic “Taper T” T-Bar that features an economic grip.

You can also get a complete washer with your preferred model size. For instance, going for the complete Golden Glove™ Washer, with the sleeve that has been paired up with the “Taper T” T-Bar will enable you to hit the ground running quickly, enhancing your cleaning performance. For this particular model, the sizes are 10, 14 and 18 inches.

After dipping the washer into the bucket with the window cleaning solution, remember to squeeze out the excess liquids. After all, you don’t want drips all over the space, or to overwet the glass. It’s also recommended to wash the window in circular motions.

The Squeegee

Often labelled “the ultimate window cleaning tool”, you’ll find this one is every professional window cleaner’s arsenal. Squeegees are so simple and effective that their core design has remained unchanged for decades – plus they are actually fun to use. It’s pretty much like the wheel, where one design serves its mandate, so no need to reinvent it. Focus shifts to improving the material construction of the different parts and for each of these, Ettore has a range of quality products to choose from.

● Squeegee Rubber

This is what comes into contact with the glass. Given that this is where the actual action is taking place, you want a quality rubber that has a high durability, in order to provide you with extended usage.

With Ettore, you get high quality rubber that outsells other brands around the world. Each of the blades has been hand-inspected, ensuring that they meet the quality requirements. There are different brands that one can choose from, such as the world-renowned Master® Rubber that comes with a precision edge, with razors ranging from 6 inches (15cm) to 36 (90cm), to the T-Shaped Rubber that has been developed for the extruded channel in order to cut down on flex when dealing with the larger T-shaped channels. Sizes for the T-Shaped Rubber range from 14 to 36 inches, and these come 12 per case. For the industrial steel floor squeegees, Ettore provides replacement Neoprene Rubber blades (24- and 36-inch units), and there are also the black replacement rubber blades for both straight and curved aluminium floor squeegee, which are known for their durability.

When setting up the rubber on the channel, you should ensure that it hangs out from both of the channel ends, by around 5mm. This is to prevent the channel edge from coming into contact with the window frames, ledges and painted surfaces, which will instead come into contact with the rubber.


● Channels

The channels hold the squeegee rubber. It is imperative to work with channels and rubbers that have a compatible size – so this will be a key factor when making your purchase selection. Here, there are also different units that have been provided by Ettore, like the famous Super Channel which has been constructed with lightweight aircraft-grade aluminium. The design of this particular unit allows it to reduce flex, which is beneficial in enabling quicker and larger passes as you move the squeegee back and forwards on the glass surface. The gold anodized channel does help with aesthetics as well.

You can also opt for the original Master™ Brass Clipped Channel, which has also been hand-inspected as part of the quality control process, the Master™ Stainless Steel Clipped channel whose nature makes it a corrosion-resistant material, to the featherweight Aluminium Channel that takes minimal effort to use. The units come in different numbers per case, ranging from 12 to 36, to enable you get as many as you need for your window cleaning needs.

● Squeegee Handles

These handles hold the squeegee channels. Here, Ettore also has a wide selection for you to choose from. These include:

i) Master Squeegee Handles

You get different materials here, including brass, aluminium and stainless steel, depending on your particular needs. The tempered solid brass handles of the famous original handle, the Master™ Brass Quick Release Handle where you get to change the handle in a jiffy, the stainless-steel units that are both lightweight and aesthetically pleasing – you’ll be able to go with the options that appeal to your functionality and design requirements. The aluminium handle is lighter than both brass and stainless-steel options. You can also get squeegee handles that have been “clipped” or “fixed”. The optional rubber grip that comes with the handle gives you more grip – in order for you to have more control during the slippery nature of the window cleaning process.

ii) Pro+ Squeegee Handles

The high-strength polymer construction of this window cleaning equipment results in a durable structure that will serve you for long. Add to this an ergonomic design, making working a breeze, plus the over-moulded rubber grips that enhance your control, it’s no surprise to see that this is one of the popular items in professional window cleaning equipment toolkits.

There are different products under this line of window cleaning equipment. These are the likes of the Pro+™ Handle which comes with a no-slip grip and a quick release handle, and the Contour Pro+™ Handle whose head can angle between 0-50 degrees. Speaking of which, in case you already have handles without the quick release feature, simply get the Pro+ Quick Release Squeegee Handle Kit to convert them.

iii) ProGrip Squeegee Handles

This range of units stands out with its large rubberised grip, that way you won’t have to worry about the handle slipping out of your hand as you carry out the window cleaning. In fact, the handle itself is generally larger, for efficient cleaning – particularly effective when you have lots of surface area to cover. The ProGrip™ Handle also comes with a quick-release mechanism, for those fast channel changes.

iv) Super System Squeegee Handles

When dealing with those awkward positions, getting a flexible handle can make the work easier. That’s what you have with the Super System Squeegee Handles, which can rotate 180 degrees. You can also go for the zero-degree handle, which is suitable for reducing fatigue when working on overhead glass surfaces – such as when one is cleaning skylights. That makes it efficient for manoeuvring around those tight areas, and gives you more range to work. These handles also come with over-moulded rubber grips.

v) Ledge-Eze Squeegee Handles

As you can tell from its name, this range of handles has been particularly designed for working on window ledges. The extra reach that they provide makes the process a breeze, and you can also use it for window frames and deep ledges.


Complete Squeegees ‘

You can also get a complete squeegee pack from Ettore. Take the Contour Pro+™ Squeegee for instance. Its different features make it ones of the most time-saving squeegees in the market. This ranges from the patented suspension system that has an adjustable spring tension that you can customise to your preference, the design that allows it to automatically adjust the gauge without you having to lift the squeegee off the glass – meaning that you can use it to achieve streak-free results on irregular glass surfaces, the horizontal swivel of 180 degrees, to the zero-degree feature that you can switch to with the flip of a lever. This means that you can also use the Contour Pro+™ Squeegee when working on overhead glass, such as in atriums, without putting your back under strain. It also allows you to use the fanning method when cleaning, making it an ideal tool to have in a professional window cleaning kit.

From the complete Master™ Brass Squeegee that has been built to precision and comes with 12 units per case; the complete Pro+™ Squeegee with models ranging from 12 to 18 inches, the Aluminium Squeegee that is actually 60% lighter compared to the brass or stainless steel alternatives; or even the redesigned All-Purpose Squeegee that one comes with a comfort grip handle, you have a wide range to pick from.


Extra Tips For Working With Window Squeegees

● You should always inspect the squeegee before you use it. This includes:

– Running your finger over the edges of the rubber. The rubber should be completely straight from one end to the other. It should not be wavy, or feel too stretched and tight.

– Checking if there are nicks on the edge of the rubber. These usually show up due to the wear seen over time as the squeegee is used. Any nicks that are on the rubber will cause streaks to be left behind. Usually, you simply need to switch out the rubber blade for a new one. However, if the nick is just on one side, pulling out the rubber and changing to the alternative edge also works, to give you more usage out of each single unit.

– Ensuring that the squeegee channel is straight.

● Like all other window cleaning equipment, how you hold the squeegee also matters. Here, don’t get all tensed up and clench the handle tightly. This will just end up tiring you quickly. Relax your arm and wrist, letting the squeegee sit in your hand. To glide the squeegee across the window, resting the rubber blade on the glass surface will provide the pressure needed for the job.

● By holding the window washer directly below the squeegee, you will be able to get the water that is dripping off the window and reduce the mess. This is especially recommended when you’re working on the interior side of the window.



The Ettore BackFlip stands out since it’s a 4-in-1 window cleaning tool. With just a nifty button, you get to switch between the different tools and save time with your cleaning process. This combo tool comes with the Golden Glove Washer which dislodges that dirt and grease residue on the window surface, and a 14-inch squeegee for a streak-free clean. The heavy-duty washer holds in more solution, and the T-bar itself has an easy-fritting grip. The quick-release handle in turn allows easy channel changes.

The tools can be used together, with their different positions, or can be used individually since the BackFlip comes while the component parts are separate. At just the flip of the wrist, you get to scrub and squeegee the surface. The Ettore BackFlip is available in stainless steel and brass options, and works with all REA-C-H extension poles for those cases where you want to get to the surfaces that are out of reach.



So where will the window cleaning solution be held as you proceed with the task? You want a bucket whose capacity allows you to carry on with the process with sufficient solution on each round, and one that can fit the sizes of the washers being used. Note that it’s not always a case of “larger is better”. After all, if you’re working on just a few windows, lugging around a massive bucket will simply be a waste of resources. Here, the focus is on getting window cleaning equipment that matches the size of the job involved.

With Ettore, the buckets come in different sizes. For instance, the 3½ Gallon Bucket is ideal for those smaller jobs, while for the larger applications you have the Super Bucket that has a 6½ gallon capacity – and which can easily fit the 18-inch washers. When acquiring the bucket, be keen on what you’re getting in the particular purchase. For instance, you can go for the Super Bucket with Handle, or opt for the Super Bucket Complete – where the latter comes with the lid, sieve and casters. There is also the smaller Ettore Super Compact Bucket, which can hold 3 gallons of solution, and it’s ideal for the 14-inch washers. Ettore has also got you covered when it comes to the accessories of the buckets, which you can get separately on an as-need basis. These include the handles, Snap-On lids, casters (where a set has 4), and the sieves. That way, you get the window cleaning equipment that you need for your particular needs.



These are especially popular amongst the window cleaning professionals. In their line of work, they handle lots of cleaning tools, and it can be frustrating when you have to keep rushing to and from your truck each time you want to switch between the tools. Holsters are nifty tools that allow you to carry the window cleaning equipment with you as you move from window to the other.

There are various holsters that have been provided by the brand. These include:

– SideKick™ Holster, where you can get it with a detachable or a non-detachable clip. This holster holds the squeegees and washers that are being used, and can be used by all cleaners whether left- or right-handed.

– Double Loop Nylon Holster – With this unit, you get a product that holds the squeegee and the scrubber, and also has an in-built pouch where you can keep those extra blades, and personal items including your keys and money.

– Single Leather Squeegee Holster – This one has been particularly designed for holding the squeegee, keeping it with you for when you want to whip it out and clear the liquids from the window. The leather makes it stylish too. After all, you can still look good when you’re cleaning, right?

– Dual Squeegee Holster – This leather holster features the design of the traditional holster, and can carry two squeegees at a go, hence the name. The all-leather body gives it a professional look.

– Ettore Utility Pouch – while this is not a holster per se, the multi-use pouch allows you to carry window cleaning equipment like blades, scrapers and even personal items as you proceed with the task.



There will be occasions when you’re dealing with really stubborn grime and stuck-on residue on the window surface. This ranges from dried-on concrete as is typically seen after construction or renovation activities have been carried out, substances like paint or stucco on the glass surface, tape on the panes, all through to adhesives from posters and stickers that had been put up on storefront windows. These require more than just the washer sleeves to get rid of them, and that’s where window scrapers come in.

Factors to include when selecting between different scrapers include the size – since you want a unit that gives you optimal coverage with each stroke you make, without being an inconvenience; plus the availability of replacement blades. Since scraping will inevitably lead to blades wearing out, especially with the kinds of debris that they are used to deal with, it’s important to include replacement blades as part of the window cleaning equipment. The handle construction – including whether or not its ergonomic, plus aspects like a cover for protection, also factors in.

The different scrapers from Ettore include: the 6″ Pro+ Contour Scraper that comes with a rubberised handle giving you a firm hold of the tool as you go about the task; the 4″ Scrapemaster™ Carbon Razor Scraper which functions with double-edged carbon steel blades renowned for their prolonged durability; to the 5″ Ettore Champion® Scraper which features an angled head that is particularly effective when dealing with those tight corners. There are covers and blade holders available for these three scraper models, as well as replacement blades that are sold in packs, that way you will have a sufficient supply within your window cleaning equipment toolkit. You can also opt for the Ettore Pocket Scraper, whose small size makes it convenient to carry around, and it comes with a retractable blade for the safety of the user. The pocket scraper uses a 1½ ” blade.

When using scrapers, that are a couple of issues that you should note:

– First, you should confirm that the glass can be safely scraped. A simple test on an inconspicuous section of the window can be done – which should then be viewed from different angles.

– Only scrape windows while they are wet. For instance, you can soap up the glass with the window washer as you scrub off the rest of the grime and loose soiling in the process, then whip out the scraper to deal with the stubborn gunk. With a wet surface, there will be the lubrication needed for the process. In fact, holding the washer in one hand and the scraper in the other will enable you to quickly wet the glass surface as needed.

– Use forward scraping motion, and never drag the scraper backwards on the glass surface. This is because there would be debris that gets trapped under the blade, and which would scratch the window. The forward strokes are like using a plough. In addition, the scraper shouldn’t be moved from side to side.

– The condition of the blade should be inspected before using it on the window. However, unlike the squeegee blade where you would run your finger over its edge, for the scraper blades that would result in a cut – so don’t take that approach. Instead, simply visually inspect it and you will be able to note if there are any signs of damage. Damaged blades should be replaced.

– Store the scraper safely, especially away from kids. The blades should not be left lying around in a public space as well.


Poles & Pole Accessories

For the windows that are on the upper floors, skylights, overhead surfaces, and other areas that are out of reach, you don’t need to bring out a ladder. That would be laborious, draw out the process, and not to mention put you at risk of injury. Extension poles come in here, to allow you to work on those high-rise areas from the safety of the ground.

Ettore’s poles come with design features that make the window cleaning task easier. For instance, the Click-Lock feature ensures that the different pole sections are firmly in place, and also allow you to quickly change them out when needed. The sections have also been fluted and serrated, giving them extra strength with every extended length. Coupled with the durable construction that enables the extension poles to give you longer service life, you get more value for the funds you spend on them.

There are different lines of poles to choose from. One popular one is the REA-C-H range of poles. Here, the 1-section REA-C-H pole is 2 feet long, the 2-section pole has models ranging from 4 to 12 feet, the 3-section poles go from 9 feet models to 27 feet, all through to the 4-section poles which range between 18 feet and 32 feet. The ribbed tubing of the REA-C-H poles gives you better grip of the tool and more rigidity, that way you will have firm control as you carry on with the cleaning task. You can also opt for the InterPro 2-Section Interlock Pole that comes with 2 models: 2 and 4 feet long.

For the pole accessories, here you have the likes of the Pro+™ Pole Tip, which comes with a push button for an easy and secure lock; the Pro+ Angle Adapter and the Ettore Angle Adapter that are particularly ideal for situations where you’re dealing with overhead glasses or want to work at an angle. The Cone and Clamp Assemblies come in to help with the adjustments, and you can get these in small, Larger and extra-large sizes. In case you have a number one section of the pole that has broken, then simply replace it with the Ettore Number 1 Replacement Section, where you have 6-foot and 8-foot models to choose from.


Aqua Clean Pure Water System

If you’ve been following window cleaning trends over the past few decades, you are bound to have come across “pure water window cleaning systems”. This technology has grown widely popular for its environmental safety, and the streak-free results that are obtained. Its cleaning power is due to the action of ultra-pure water. But isn’t it just water? Well, this is different from that which is in the mains supply. Usually, water has impurities, from dissolved salts to particulate matter that was picked up along the way. This impure water is stable. However, when you remove the impurities, the water becomes unstable, and will readily absorb particulate matter it comes into contact with. Thus, when it is used on windows, it will pick up the grime with ease – without requiring chemicals for the task. Due to the reduced reliance on soaps and detergents, it becomes a much safer mode of cleaning. After all, what’s more eco-friendly than pure water? This is the principle that the Ettore AquaClean window cleaning system works with.

To purify the water, a three-cartridge filtration system is used. It begins with the pre-treatment cartridge, where water filling into the carbon/KDF pre-filter is taken through an anti-scaling process, removing the chlorine in the water supply. This is then followed with reverse osmosis, where the membrane used separates the water, removing 92-95% of the total dissolved solids. Next is the deionization cartridge, where the remaining dissolved solids are removed, and you end up with water that has achieved 99.99% purity. Here are the benefits that the Aquaclean setup brings to the window cleaning process:

● Spot-free results

With this approach, there aren’t impurities left behind on the window after the cleaning, and you can even allow them to dry in direct sunlight without worrying about spots being formed.

● Safe approach

The waterfed poles enable the water to be delivered directly to the high-rise windows without requiring you to set up ladders. This protects the landscaping, and also increases the efficiency of the operations – particularly beneficial for window cleaning companies who have lots of area to cover and need to deliver quality results in minimal time. It also means that there is reduced risk of workplace injuries that would have resulted from using ladders.

● Quick learning

Getting used to the AquaClean Pure Water window cleaning equipment doesn’t take up much time or skill. This reduces the training time needed to bring the personnel on board and deploy the system into the processes used by your window cleaning company.

With all these ranges of window cleaning equipment, you have plenty to pick from to suit your particular needs. With Ettore, you have a brand that you can rely on, and get value for your money.

Guide To Ettore Window Cleaning Equipment



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