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Est-eem Cleaner Sanitiser

  • Est-eem Cleaner Sanitiser


Date : January 11, 2017

A Look At The Esteem Cleaner Sanitiser

Your kitchen is the heart of your home. With all the food and activity it handles, it accumulates millions of pathogens that need to be washed away. There are numerous kinds of germs crawling over its surfaces, from E. coli and campylobacter, to salmonella and staphylococcus. There can be over 100,000 more bacteria in your kitchen sink than in your bathroom. Your worktops and chopping board handle raw food, eggs, and vegetables, which soil and contaminate them with faecal bacteria and germs from the garden. These can cause food poisoning, landing your family members or customers in hospital, and destroy the reputation of your food joint. Even your refrigerator is affected. The cold doesn’t kill the germs, it just slows down their growth. Its shelves, drawers and door seals can be breeding grounds for the pathogens. As you move around the kitchen opening cabinets, the refrigerator and turning on the cooker, you can be spreading the germs among the handles. You want a product that assures you of the hygiene of your premises. That’s where the Esteem Cleaner Sanitiser comes in.

You also want to prepare food in a clean and sparkling environment. You won’t happily dice the meat while there’s grease dripping from the shelf. Your customers will walk out of our restaurant if they find your walls lined with gunk. The floor catches bits and crumbs of food that get dropped onto it, and the build-up is both unsightly and dangerous. It can even cause slip accidents. You don’t want to slide onto the floor as you carry a pot of hot soup. There’s also the soiling being tracked in from the outside, under your shoes and the paws of your pet. Remove the stains and wash away the grime from your kitchen surfaces using the Esteem Cleaner Sanitiser.

5 Reasons To Invest In The Esteem Cleaner Sanitiser

1. Powerful cleaning action The Esteem Cleaner Sanitiser is formulated to cut through grime and strip away grease from your kitchen surfaces. It will tackle all kinds of gunk, from the countertop and refrigerator all the way to the kitchen sink and taps. It will remove the hidden bacteria from your chopping board and eliminate mucky stains on your faucets. Get the oil splashes off your stove, make your tables spotless and remove splatters and fingerprints from your cabinets using the Esteem Cleaner Sanitiser.

2. Disinfect your surfaces You get to clean and actually kill bacteria in one application. The Esteem Cleaner Sanitiser is bactericidal, and passes the EN 1276 at the recommended 1:25 dilution rate, and 30 second contact time. The EN 1276 is a European Standard that specifies test methods and the minimum requirements for bactericidal activity of the chemical disinfectants and antiseptic products used in the food industry, including domestic, commercial and institutional establishments. This certifies the disinfectant capabilities of the Esteem Cleaner Sanitiser.

3. Multipurpose You can use the Esteem Cleaner Sanitiser to clean all kinds of washable surfaces in the kitchen, restaurant, cafeterias, catering events, and other food preparation and distribution zones. It will clean and disinfect your countertops, cutting boards, cabinets and kitchen equipment. It’s also effective on the floors and walls.

4. Unfragranced The Esteem Cleaner Sanitiser comes unperfumed. This means you don’t have to worry about any allergic reactions to scents. It also makes the Esteem Cleaner Sanitiser ideal for use in food preparation areas.

5. Cost effective First, it comes at an affordable price. Secondly the Esteem Cleaner Sanitiser is concentrated, thus you only need a little product for every cleaning session. This means you’ll have more left over for subsequent cleaning tasks. It comes in a 5L bottle for economy. You can also get it in a ready-to-use formulation in a 750ml spray bottle.åÊ

Using The Esteem Cleaner SanitiseråÊ Using the Esteem Cleaner Sanitiser is a breeze. Simply dilute it and apply to the surface. Use a dilution ratio of 1:25 for cleaning hard surfaces and kitchen equipment, and 1:50 for general cleaning.åÊ

It’s recommended that you work with a spray bottle as you clean the kitchen surfaces like countertops, and shelves, since it makes the application process easy. After cleaning, thoroughly rinse the surfaces using clean water and allow to air dry.

DOs And DON’Ts When Using The Esteem Cleaner Sanitiser

DO sweep/vacuum regularly, then damp mop your kitchen floor using the Esteem Cleaner Sanitiser.

DO clean your worktops after every meal with the Esteem Cleaner Sanitiser. Wipe them before and after preparing food, especially when you’re handling raw meat and poultry.

DO clean up spills as soon as they occur. Blot up the excess liquid, apply the Esteem Cleaner Sanitiser to the surface, then wipe and dry.

DO pick up anything that falls on the floor immediately. Getting that strawberry rolling under the cabinet or the pasta falling out of its box will reduce the amount of cleaning you’ll have to do later.

DO finish your surfaces using the recommended protective sealant or polish, to enhance their resistance against scratches, stains, and scorch marks.

DO change the kitchen cloths and towels regularly.

DO use the proper pots and pans when cooking, to prevent food from spilling over and creating a mess.

DO use the Esteem Cleaner Sanitiser to sanitise and eliminate odour-causing mould and mildew in your sink garbage disposal.

Do clean the stove and oven regularly, including the exhaust hood plus the duct over the stove.

DON’T carry dripping hot items across your kitchen floor to prevent slips and falls.

DON’T dump your personal artefacts and other household products on the countertops- from purses, wallets, handbags, school bags, your keys and even remote controls. This is to prevent you from spreading the germs they carry all over you your kitchen.

DON’T pour fat, oil or grease residue down your disposal or drain. This is because it will slowly accumulate, and ultimately reduce the grinding capacity, and result in clogged drains.

DON’T clean any electrical appliances like microwaves when still connected to the power supply.

DON’T just give your chopping boards a quick rinse after you use them. Thoroughly clean and disinfect them using the Esteem Cleaner Sanitiser after each cutting session.

DON’T leave wet materials on your countertops, to prevent water spots and discolouration- such as on stainless steel countertops. Keep the surfaces dry.

DON’T mix the Esteem Cleaner Sanitiser with other cleaning products, or chemicals such as vinegar or ammonia.

Esteem Cleaner Sanitiser


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