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Emergency Plumber Dublin

  • Emergency Plumber Dublin


Date : August 20, 2016

Emergency Plumber Dublin

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Are you a plumbing company that provides emergency plumbing services? Are you available 24/7? Are you insured to provide emergency plumbing jobs? Are you RGI registered? If your answer is yes then it is time to join and start finding quality work. Are you a person or company that is in big need of an emergency plumber in Dublin? Just do a search on and you can pick one of the listed plumbing contractors who offer emergency plumbing services. Emergency Plumber Dublin You come home from work and you are looking forward to a nice, relaxing evening but surprise there is water all over the house, or there is a smell of gas. Calling a plumbing company and getting an appointment in a few weeks is not a reasonable option so you will need to call a company that advertises for emergency plumbing services Dublin. This type of service comes at a small premium but if you assess the potential damages you will realise the difference in what you can lose if you do not move fast. If you are wondering why there is a premium attached to a call to an emergency plumbing company let us explain to you. After a hard day of work you have just arrived home and are planning to have your dinner when a customer calls in distress. You will need a small stimulation to give up your life and go back to work. There you are. The usual waiting period after the first call to an emergency plumber should be under 90 minutes but the location will decide the waiting period. If you live in small remote village in the middle of nowhere you will not have access to the same services as someone from a big town.

Emergency Plumber Dublin Prices

Most of the plumbing companies that offer emergency plumbers will have a fixed price per area. If the plumber is based in Lucan and he has to travel to Balbriggan he will incur toll charges, more fuel and more of his free time. So all these extra expenses will be reflected in the price. Depending on the complexity of the work required the call out fee could start from 50 up to 300 . Bigger cities will usually cost about 50% more than other areas. Remember, an emergency plumber will only make your place safe, in other words they will stop the water or gas but any other repairs will cost you more. Hiring a plumber is pretty expensive in Ireland. Finding the source of the leak can take a lot of time so you will either be charged per hour or per job. Make sure you get a written quotation before the job is started and agree payment method.

Emergency Plumber Dublin Licences

Most plumbing companies will be registered with some state authority that will prove that the plumber is fully trained. RGI is the most important licence that an emergency plumber should hold and if there is a gas leak they also need to have a gas licence. You cannot mess around with gas and a quick repair done by a unqualified plumber could be your last experience on this planet. Not worth the risk. If you go to you will find out if your emergency plumber is authorised to work with gas. If he is not with RGI then whatever he does is on you.

Emergency Plumber Dublin What is covered?

Anything that is not working properly and it could be a risk to yourself or your property. Included in this category is: -gas leaks -water leaks -under floor heating issues -water shortages (there is no water on the tap) -boiler issues (won`t start or it won`t stop) – radiator issues (not working in the middle of the winter) -and more

A usual emergency plumbing company will bring a van full of equipment and they should be able to tackle any job. If the problem is under the floor or inside a wall you should expect some damage to your property. Most contractors will minimise the damages but you should be aware that your contractor will do all he can to stop the leak.

Emergency Plumber Dublin Insurance

If your property is fully insured then your plumber can claim his money from the insurance company but you should tell him that before he comes to your house. Some emergency plumbing contractors do not deal with the insurance and you will have to pre pay them and then reclaim your money from your insurance company, make sure you get an invoice to enable you to do this. Working with the insurance will be a slow process and you will have to prove everything you say so keep all the relevant documentation.

Emergency Plumber Dublin Commercial

For the commercial market the prices can work out much more expensive and you should check your plumber’s website to make sure he actually does commercial work. Most plumbers will expect payment after the job is completed but if you do a job for a big company there will be no money for at least 30 days. Safety statements and risk assessments will be also required. Only the most well established plumbing companies will do commercial work. No matter what kind of emergency plumbing company you are looking for if you do a search on you will find what you need.

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