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Eco Friendly Cleaning Products

  • Eco Friendly Cleaning Products


Date : September 4, 2016

Eco Friendly Cleaning Products

Eco Friendly Cleaning Products

We all have to clean the spaces we use on a daily basis. The house chores such as laundry and cleaning floors require cleaning products which contain chemicals that affect our health and environment at large. If you ever find yourself coughing, choking or gasping for air while using cleaning products, it’s clear that they are harming you. The cleaning products may leave you with sore eyes or skin irritation and in some cases both. Many cleaning products such as detergents, glass cleaners, and oven cleaners contain bioactive molecules. The molecules are detrimental to our surroundings but essential for the product to be effective.

While using cleaning products you may not know how much you affect nature and contribute to it. This is how it happens-dirty water from the household sinks, bathrooms, washing machines and dishwashers drain into sewers. The wastes water the flows to treatment works and after that to rivers and sea where they harm and kill wildlife.

Next time you see an advert for cleaning products that sound too good to be true, think twice. The product could have molecules that affect the ecosystem negatively. But all hope is not lost as there are products that are powerful, efficient and non-toxic. There are companies have developed natural and bio gradable cleaning products that are safe for you and the environment.

How to select eco-friendly cleaning products

1. Read the warning label on the cleaning product. That is the first sign that the detergent you are about to buy is not an eco-friendly cleaning product. Eco Friendly Cleaning Products

2. Look at the cleaning product’s ingredients. You may not be able to pronounce some names, but it’s vital to read the product’s instructions on disposal and storage advice. Never pour detergents down the drain. Some of the harmful ingredients are:

Enzymes-they are present in our bodies and all other living organisms, but they can cause severe skin conditions skin irritations, and trigger asthma attacks. When processing cleaning products enzymes are genetically modified and cause pulmonary hemorrhaging.

Ammonia-famously known to cause lung, skin and eye irritation. In extreme exposure, it can lead to bronchitis, chemical burns, cataracts, skin cancer and corneal damage.

Formaldehyde-this is a common ingredient in most cleaning detergents. It causes irritation to the eyes, noses, mouth, throat, and other cases it can lead to skin allergies and pulmonary edema. Eco Friendly Cleaning Products

3. Make your own. Many of household cleaning detergents can be made from your cupboard ingredients. Thou making eco-friendly cleaning products may be time-consuming, it’s an easy DIY, affordable and guilt-free. Once you start making your detergents that are toxic free, you will be enjoying your well-being and a safe environment. Eco Friendly Cleaning Products

When you initiate using eco-friendly cleaning products, choose products that are:

-Nontoxic -Fragrance free -Biobased -Formulated for cold water -Concentrated -Reduced and recyclable packaging -No VOCs -Biodegradable

Benefits of using Ecofriendly Cleaning Products.

1. Healthy home and family Using eco-friendly cleaning products protects you and your family members from chemical exposures. Chemical substances that are in cleaning products do more harm than good. You end up paying a lot of hospital bills which can easily change from the harmful cleaning products. Your loved ones will no longer breathe in chemicals from the cleaning detergents. Eco Friendly Cleaning Products

2. Fewer risks There are a number of risks associated with handling of conventional cleaning products that have the potential of causing chemical burn to the skin and eyes. Many people develop skin irritation immediately after using laundry detergents. Ecofriendly cleaning products have gentle ingredients that are skin friendly. Eco Friendly Cleaning Products

3. Say goodbye to strong smelling chemicals The common complain when using ordinary cleaning products is the chemical smell that often triggers irritations such as sneezing, runny nose, headaches and asthma. Ecofriendly cleaning products from the market or homemade are made using natural products that release a pleasant smell such as lavender and citrus when in use. Eco Friendly Cleaning Products

4. Affordable. It’s funny how conventional cleaning products are a burden to the wallet yet many people still buy them. Using some simple procedures with the ingredients in your kitchen cupboard can perform household chores. Vinegar, lemon and soda water are the most common ecofriendly cleaning products found in the kitchen that can be used as detergents and not cause a bomb in your wallet. Eco Friendly Cleaning Products

5. Healthy environment. The benefits of using ecofriendly cleaning products are like a chain reaction. When the demand for ecofriendly cleaning product increases, more manufacturers are pressured to follow environmental friendly regulations to produce safe products. The cycle results to reduced toxic wastes in the water consumed and air. Excellent air and water promotes a healthy environment for vegetation and animal growth and to crown it all, healthy food for human consumption. Eco Friendly Cleaning Products

Disadvantages of using Ecofriendly Cleaning Products.

1. Costs.

One of the reason individuals continue using their chemical soaps is cost. Ecofriendly cleaning products that are safe and contain natural ingredients always cost more when producing than those mass produced sub-standard cleaning products. As the demand is going higher for safe cleaning products, the manufacturers are also increasing their prices at the same time. The only way to cut costs is to make your own cleaning products. They are easy to mix and provide the same detergents, sterilizing and grease-cutting properties just as the chemical filled products. Eco Friendly Cleaning Products

2. Effectiveness If you have tried to unclog your sink using baking soda, vinegar and hot water solution then you will agree that chemical cleaning products work better and faster. Effectiveness is the major disadvantage that ecofriendly cleaning products have when compared to the toxic cleaning products. The conventional cleaning agents are designed to cut through stains, grime, clogs and other substances fouling the home and does a good job. But routine cleaning with ecofriendly cleaning agents pose many benefits than periodic chemical cleaners. Thou you may need to use a little energy when using ecofriendly cleaning products, it’s better for you and your family in the long run. Eco Friendly Cleaning Products

Tips on how to start using Ecofriendly Cleaning Products.

-Start by getting rid of any cleaner that makes you feel sick when using it or you can use up the ones that are remaining without replacing. Do not drain the chemical filled cleaners down the drain, dispose of in a hazardous waste site in your local area.

-You do not need a window cleaner, floor cleaner, tile cleaner and a different scrub for your home. Buy a multi-purpose detergent that is ecofriendly and will serve all your cleaning needs.

-Make your own cleaning detergents at the comfort of your home. You can add all the scents that you love and forget all the skin and nose irritations from toxic cleaners.

Eco Friendly Cleaning Products – Professional results for less!

Eco Friendly Cleaning Products


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