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Eco Apartment Cleaning Dublin

  • Eco Apartment Cleaning Dublin


Date : November 1, 2018

Eco Apartment Cleaning Dublin

You want to have a detailed clean carried out throughout the apartment. From the sleeping and living areas to the bathrooms and even the exterior surfaces, you want to ensure that the grime is got rid of, and the elegance restored back to your abode. The cleaning processes used by our crew ensure that this is carried out. On each session the different areas are covered including:

Bathrooms – Eco Apartment Cleaning Dublin
It’s where you and your family members freshen up, and it builds up loads of grime over time. From the scale deposits that are on the sinks, the hardened soap coating the shower walls, all through to the urine and limescale deposits in the porcelain throne. The dirt, sweat and oils, be they those that are naturally produced by the skin, to those from cosmetic products- their residue, coupled with the moisture content in the bathroom, enables germs to grow and thrive. Take the bathroom for instance. There can be close to 200,000 bacteria per square inch in it, ranging from staph aureus and E.Coli to streptococcus. Sink faucets clock over 6200 bacteria per square inch, and some of the microbes even dull the surface finish or cause staining. All these areas are worked on during the apartment cleaning. The cobwebs removed , the medicine cabinets dusted and cleaned, the bathroom floor and toilet itself given a thorough wash, the mirrors plus chrome fixtures are cleaned and polished to bring back the sparkle- all geared to restoring that fresh look and feel to your bathroom. Shower doors, tile and grout- no area is ignored. That way you can enjoy those hot showers that you look forward to every day. Eco Apartment Cleaning Dublin

Bedroom – Eco Apartment Cleaning Dublin
Your night’s rest is on the line here, and you want to be able to comfortably sleep through it without keeping on coughing and sneezing. The various surfaces -from the bed itself to the closets- are hand wiped, the floors thoroughly scrubbed, and even the doors and their frames are cleaned. Eco Apartment Cleaning Dublin

Living Areas  – Eco Apartment Cleaning Dublin
This covers from the living room to the den and even that home office that you may have in your apartment. You spend plenty of time in these areas, relaxing with your family and hosting guests. The dirt accumulates in sections like the furniture, which accumulate loads of skin flakes from the person using it, which in turn feed hordes of dust mites. The warm conditions in the furniture- be it leather or fabric, enables bacteria and other microbes to thrive. Food smudges and drinks spilt onto the cushions cause stains and attract insects and rodents, whose body parts and faecal residue add to the grime building up. Then there’s the carpet, whose fibres trap anything that falls onto it- dust, pet fur and dander, to the soiling that is scraped off the bottom of people’ shoes. Carpets are absorbent, with some having the ability to hold up to 4 times their own weight in dirt. Most of it is buried deep within the fibres. In fact, by the time the colour of the carpet is changing, it’ll have also contain huge loads of grime. The apartment cleaning processes ensure that the particles are flushed out, giving your carpet a truly deep clean. Tables, computer keyboards, game consoles, the toys that your kids play with, all through to the remote controller, they need to be cleaned and disinfected, to protect your loved ones from infection. This is incorporated as part of the apartment cleaning services. Eco Apartment Cleaning Dublin

Kitchen  – Eco Apartment Cleaning Dublin
It’s one of the busiest sections of any home. All those food preparation activities that go on in the kitchen cause gunk to build up- from the stains formed on the countertops and floor, the organic matter in the sinks and drains, all through to the units like the oven that have grease getting baked onto their interior surfaces. Here, the bacteria thrive in colonies. Take the cutting boards for instance. As you dice up that raw meat, poultry and fish products, or those vegetable that are fresh from the garden, pathogens get left behind, which can cause contamination. With the oven, refrigerator, stop tops and other units in the kitchen, the grime affects their efficiency, which in turn negatively impact the quality of the meals prepared, and also racks up your power bills. For instance, the smoke from the greasy residue in the oven as it burns can be absorbed by the food and make it distasteful, while grime on the condenser coils of the refrigerator means that more power will be needed to keep the contents cool for longer. All these are taken care of as part of the apartment cleaning program, ensuring that your kitchen operations can be carried out unhindered. Eco Apartment Cleaning Dublin

We’re Here For You – Eco Apartment Cleaning Dublin
Get in touch with our professional crew today and schedule your apartment cleaning session. Our customer service is on standby to address any questions and queries that you may have about the process. Eco Apartment Cleaning Dublin


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Apartment Cleaning Dublin

Eco Apartment Cleaning Dublin


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