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Dustless Floor Sanding Services – Why Dustless?

  • Dustless Floor Sanding Services – Why Dustless?


Date : October 7, 2016

Dustless Floor Sanding Services – Why Dustless?

All kinds of flooring comes under loads of abuse. Wood floors are not spared. All that foot traffic, items getting dropped, the occasional food smudges and drink spills, whether it’s at the dinner table at home,, or you’re hosting a party at the workplace for recently crossing a business milestone, all through to the sun’s intense radiation- they factor in to bring wear to the surface. Over time, the wood floor loses its appeal, and begins looking dull. It drags down the dÌ©cor of the premises, which is not the condition you want in your residential or commercial environment. Losing aesthetic appeal is not the only thing to worry about. As the surface gets worn down due to the frictional effects of foot traffic, scratches and gorges from heavy furniture getting dragged across it, to claw marks from your furry friend, the surface protection gets reduced. This puts the structural integrity of the wood itself at risk. The finish layers that are getting depleted shield the wood from aspects such as water damage. What’s more, the rate of deterioration from the other aspects of foot traffic and spills will increase without a strong finish layer. The life of the wood floor installation is reduced, and you find yourself being forced to make repairs sooner than you had anticipated. Things don’t have to play out like this. Simply restore the strength and vitality to the surface with a quality floor sanding and restoration process. Dustless Floor Sanding Services – Why Dustless?

Why You Should Invest In Professional Floor Sanding Services

Skilled team – Dustless Floor Sanding Services – Why Dustless?

Our personnel come with years of experience under their tool belts. Having been taken through stringent training, and working in floor restoration in both residential and commercial establishments, they have handled numerous types of installations, and know the precise approach to take with your particular flooring project. This is from the sanding right through to the finishing, including the combination of stains and treatment products, plus their compatibility. That way you get to avoid issues like damaged floors from improper sanding, or the finish peeling off the surface due to improper application. On top of that, high quality machinery is used for the processes, which ensures that top-notch results are delivered in minimal time. This allows you to avoid lengthy disruptions in your in your daily life at home or at the workplace. Dustless floor sanding systems are used, that remove the old finish that’s on the floor without turning the interior space into a mess. This takes away the need for an intensive cleaning, further shortening the time of the entire floor restoration project. We stick to schedule, arriving at your establishment on time and getting to the task right away. This allows you to accurately make your plans. In addition, our personnel put in place the appropriate safety measures to protect your investment and the persons on the premises. It’s a whole package of professional service delivery to provide quality results and leave you satisfied with the process. Dustless Floor Sanding Services – Why Dustless?

Save time – Dustless Floor Sanding Services – Why Dustless?

Anyone who’s gone the DIY route with floor sanding can attest to the frustrations involved. From moving around heavy sanders, the noise levels involved, taking days or even weeks off your vacation to spend it in dust filled rooms, and all the risks of actual damage to the floor- it’s more trouble than it’s worth. Any mistakes will be more pronounced once the finish is applied. By then the only option will be to resand the floor and repeat the process. You don’t have to go through this. Leaving the task to our professional floor sanding crew will enable you get the results you desire, in a fraction of the time that a DIY or rookie contractor job would have taken you. Dustless Floor Sanding Services – Why Dustless?

Dustless Floor Sanding Services – Why Dustless?


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