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Dustless Floor Sanding Dublin

  • Dustless Floor Sanding Dublin


Date : July 20, 2016

Dustless Floor Sanding Dublin

If you are looking for professional floor sanding services you should make sure you hire a contractor who uses dustless floor sanding machines. The difference between dustless and normal floor sanding jobs is a 300 bill for cleaning.

So what is dustless floor sanding?

The modern floor sanding machines have either dust collection bags or special hoovers that extract over 98% of the dust. After a major floor sanding job you should hardly notice any dust around. Also, the usage of dustless floor sanders will help you save time and money as you will not need to cover your furniture or electrical appliances with expensive plastic foil and tape. Another benefit is that the dustless floor sanding machines are much less noisier.

Just do a search on for dustless floor sanding services and pick one of the contractors listed with us.

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