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Dustless Floor Sanding Dublin – Commercial & Domestic

  • Dustless Floor Sanding Dublin – Commercial & Domestic


Date : September 2, 2016

Dustless Floor Sanding Dublin – Commercial & Domestic

With wood floors, it’s all about the elegance and luxurious look and feel. From oak and mahogany to the bamboo flooring and everything in between, wood floors bring a natural beauty into the interior space. With the swirls, grain patterns and colourations, it simply cannot be replicated. What’s more, there is a wide variety to choose from. From the different species each with their own attributes, to the character that you can add with the wood stains, sealants, lacquers and topcoats that are available, you get to set the tone that matches your particular taste, creating the decor that makes you proud of your home. After all, it’s where you spend a huge portion of your life, and bring up your family in. You want an inviting ambience when you come home from work. A residence in which you can relax comfortably in, and impress friends and family coming over for a visit. A properly maintained wood floor will give you that much desired wow factor. Whether it’s for your new home, you’re a landlord looking to attract tenants into your residential or commercial space, or you’re a realtor looking to make a sale on a property, the wood flooring gives you the edge. It even enhances the warmth of the interior space, both aesthetically and when it comes to the actual insulating capacity. Did you know that wood provides 10 times more insulation compared to steel or aluminium, and has 5 times more insulating capacity than both concrete and cinder blocks? It will retain the sun’s natural warmth, and that from the HVAC system of the establishment. When it comes to environmental sustainability, wood floors are also eco-friendly. As they grew out in the wild, the trees were absorbing carbon dioxide and releasing oxygen. It proceeds to store this carbon throughout its service life on your floor. This essentially makes wood flooring a carbon neutral product. Since a single insulation can last for decades, the manufacturing uses fewer raw materials, energy and natural resources. Speaking of longevity, the durable nature of the wood floor enables it to stand up against plenty of abuse. This makes it a popular option in busy homes, with the kids and pets running around, plus furniture constantly being moved, to high traffic commercial establishments, handling numerous customers and employees with each passing day. The wood is a stable structure that can take a beating and keep on going- you just need to ensure that it gets regular maintenance. This involves everything from the dusting and damp moping, all through to the occasional refinishing when the treatment coats that had been applied become worn out. The old, dilapidated coats will need to be removed, and fresh new layers added. It’s not just when you want to revitalize the floor. You may be looking to change things up by adding a different hue to the surfaces, to bring a new look and feel to the establishment. Whichever the case, professional floor sanding will enable you to get the floor ready. Dustless Floor Sanding Dublin – Commercial & Domestic

What Causes Your Wood Floor To Wear Down? Dustless Floor Sanding Dublin – Commercial & Domestic

Your elegant wood floor comes under plenty of abuse that causes it to become dull and forlorn gradually, and lose its appeal. These factors include:

Dirt The floor catches everything that falls onto it. Food spills that create smudges, pet fur and dander, all through to chewing gum and candle works. The grit is abrasive, especially when people walking around grind it against the surface of the floor. Gradually, due to friction, the finish gets worn down, necessitating a refinishing to be done. There is also that debris that gets in the finish. When wet, the coats of treatments that were applied act like flypaper, trapping dust and even pet hair. These are magnified once the finish dries. This is usually attributed to failing to clean the floor properly during the finishing process. Dustless Floor Sanding Dublin – Commercial & Domestic

Foot traffic How many people does your establishment handle? From the modern day busy homes to the high traffic commercial establishments, the constant barraging of the floor by pressure from people walking on it strains the finish. It’s not just about the number of persons. Even they’re type of shoes factors in. A person who weighs just 125 pounds and is in heels brings up to 8,000 pounds of pressure to the sections being walked on. Rubber sneakers on the other hand are a common cause of marks on the floor. There are those situations that come with winter, especially where snow and ice is a regular occurrence. There is increased frequency of people tracking salt or calcium chloride onto the premises. The salt is usually used on the sidewalks and steps leading up to the establishment to prevent people from falling, and ends up being picked under the soles of their feet. Eventually, it winds up on your floors, and when left to sit can cause serious damage to the surface. Dustless Floor Sanding Dublin – Commercial & Domestic

Furniture-  Sliding furniture and other heavy appliances across the floor causes it to scar. There can be anything from minor scratches to all-out gorges developing on the surface. Refrigerators are notorious for scratching wood floors, especially when trying to fit them into position. There are those who opt to use dollies to move the heavy items, but these present an issue when used on wood floors. The hard rubber wheels, coupled with the weight of the item being moved, cause them to create scuffmarks on the surface. Dustless Floor Sanding Dublin – Commercial & Domestic

Stains Accidents happen. You could be hurriedly preparing to rush of to work in the morning, and missed the grip on your coffee cup, knocking it over and creating a mess on your floor. A waitress at your restaurant could be going to deliver a meal to clients at a table, when a piece of furniture sticking out, or some grease on the floor, causes him or her to trip, sending the contents of the plates sprawled over the floor. In your kitchen at home or in the hotel, during the buzz of the cooking, greasy residues, juices, and cooking additives can get spilled onto the surfaces. Wine and beverage stains during parties, whether it’s that family get together at your home or the end of year celebration at your business premises, are common. Pet owners are all too familiar with urine accidents, which in addition to creating unsightly spots, foul up the entire interior space. Vomit, pus, marks left behind when ballpoint ink lands on the floor create unsightly blemishes. The longer that the liquids are left to sit on the surface of the floor, the higher the chances of the stain setting into the finish. In a busy environment, the rate of these accidents increases, causing the floor to lose its appeal. There are even cases where the wrong cleaning solutions are used, causing the surface to etch. Refinishing will enable you to bring back that long lost elegance. Thorough floor sanding will clear the way for you to apply fresh new coats. Dustless Floor Sanding Dublin – Commercial & Domestic

Sunlight Have you noticed a difference between the floor under furniture and that out in the open of your establishment? Perhaps you’ve recently moved a rug, and noticed disparities with the place it had covered and its surroundings. A major cause of the fading effects in the exposed areas is sunlight. It can also give the varnish that you have applied a yellow tint, taking away the colouration that you had worked so hard to set up when applying the coats on your floor. The sun causes this to happen due to its ultra violet (UV) and infrared (IR) radiation. The UV rays impact the colour of the actual wood, since it is a photosensitive material. The rate at which the surface is affected depends on the species. Some may even do the opposite- instead of fading, they darken. For instance, while Brazilian Cherry or Tigerwood develop a darker tint, Maple, Hickory and Red Oak will bleach out and become lighter, though at a slower pace. It’s just like how different people’s skin react on exposure to sunlight. Some will tan fast others will get sunburns more quickly. The type of sunscreen and body lotions used also determines the outcome. The similar thing happens with the wood and its finish. The IR radiation reacts with the finish due to the heat. You end up having an orange-yellow hue that ruins the blend of the decor. Dustless Floor Sanding Dublin – Commercial & Domestic

Blunders during floor treatment This mainly refers to mistakes made during the finishing process, that cause the newly applied coats to peel. It has a number of causes. One can be excessive sanding that is done using a high grit paper, like during DIY and rookie projects. This burnishes the wood and creates a surface that is so smooth that is prevent the new finish from adhering properly with it. Alternatively, the floor may not have been sanded down enough, hence the bond formed with the finish coats won’t be strong. There may also have been inadequate cleaning in between subsequent coat applications, or even applying a top coat onto the floor before it’s fully dry. For instance, the wood stain residue needs to be cleaned from the floor before you go ahead to apply the finish. Basically, a contaminated floor -be it with dirt or chemicals- won’t hold the finish, rather it will cause it to flake or peel off. On the other hand, when the finish is built too quickly, it causes it to lose its beauty fast. Applying multiple coats without sufficient drying time in between causes the floor to take a longer time to cure. It can even stretch out to 6 months! By the time it cures, it can appear to be up to a decade old. There are also those cases when one uses worn out abrasive screens or sanding pads when sanding between the coats of finish. These create unsightly scratches, which are magnified by subsequent treatment coats. Another common cause is when one works with incompatible floor finishing products. The solution to a peeling finish is floor sanding, going down to the bare wood and restarting the finishing process. When you simply abrade it and apply a new top coat the problem won’t be rectified. In fact, the waxes, oils and polishes used to work on the floor can end up seeping into the pores on the finish preventing it from bonding successfully. Dustless Floor Sanding Dublin – Commercial & Domestic

Dangers Of DIY Floor Sanding A DIY floor sanding project is long and tedious, with plenty of room for error. This spans out from the amount or time and resources spent looking for equipment to use, all through to the techniques employed during the sanding. They can lead to plenty of damage on the wood floor, drag out the restoration project, and cost you more to resolve the issues caused. When it comes to equipment, one has to dig through tonnes of information to get the right option for their floor sanding needs. This ranges from the power employed to the size of the establishment. Then one has to rent it out from the stores, and deal with the high fees. Note that the industrial grade equipment that the professional floor sanding team comes with is not easily available for rental. The machinery that one is likely to get comes with lower efficiency, and may even be out of tune. This starts you off at a disadvantage. For instance, poorly maintained drum sanders -whether they have damaged sanding belts, fan belts, or even worn out wheels- can lead to chatter marks being formed on your floor. These will form across the grain of the floor boards, causing you to have a wavy-looking floor. There are the additional costs of renting edgers, as the conventional sander won’t allow you to get tight against the wall. The alternative would be you being forced to hop down on your knees with a sanding block in hand. Dustless Floor Sanding Dublin – Commercial & Domestic

Then there is the amount of skills involved. You may have got quality equipment, from the store, but using it is a whole different matter. This include the pace with which the sander is pushed across the floor, to the orientation with the grain and everything in between. Failure to follow the correct procedures puts your floor installation at risk. For instance, when you go too slowly, or stick on one section for too long, you can sand deeper into the wood that is required, causing dents to form. This not only makes it uncomfortable to walk on the surface, it also creates a collection point for liquid spills, which increases the risk of water damage. Even passing over the surface too quickly has its effects. The previous finish won’t have been sufficiently removed, which means that applications that follow won’t bond directly with the surface. You can end up having patches all over your floor. Divots and ridges forming on the surface are all too common with DIY floor sanding projects. There’s also the issue of skipping grit levels when sanding. This causes rough sanding scratches to form all over the surface, taking you back to the drawing board. When the floor is not sanded finely enough, the finish that will be applied will settle in the bottom of the sanding grooves, while the top of the grooves will receive little treatment. On exposure to foot traffic, the surface breaks down, which accelerates the rate of wear. Dustless Floor Sanding Dublin – Commercial & Domestic

Add liability implications to the list of burdens. This is not just the costs that will need to be met to repair the damages made to the floor boards. The rented equipment itself can get damaged during the project due to improper handling. It may even be a small issue such as a nail that was sticking out of the floorboards, which ended up ruining the sander. You will be held responsible, and will have to part with a tidy sum to get the machine fixed. Then of course, there is the dust involved. The sanders that are obtained from the stores barely have the capacity to handle the sheer amount of dust generated. The mounds can pile up all around your interior establishment, covering your valuables and clogging your systems. Not to mention those particles that get airborne. Without the proper safety precautions being made, you will be putting your health and that of the other persons in the establishment at risk. You don’t want your floor restoration project to start out with so much risks and frustrations. Get it done right using professional floor sanding services. Dustless Floor Sanding Dublin – Commercial & Domestic

Benefits Of Hiring Floor Sanding Professionals – Dustless Floor Sanding Dublin – Commercial & Domestic

1. Quality tools for exceptional results Our team comes outfitted with the latest in floor sanding equipment. The powerful machinery delivers the required power to break down those old coats of finish on the surface of the floor. They are well maintained and highly efficient, ensuring that the project is carried out in the shortest time possible to enable you carry on with the floor restoration project. It gets through the multiple layers of treatments that had been previously been applied, from the topcoats and lacquers to the sealants and wood stains, revealing the bare wood underneath. The pores of the wood floor are opened up, which enables the new treatments that will be applied to be able to form strong bonds with the surface, increasing the boards’ durability and accentuating its features. The smooth surface that will be formed using the floor sanding equipment will enable uniform coats to be applied, further enhancing the quality of the results of the restoration project. Getting rid of the grooves and scratches on the surface will even make cleaning easier, since it will reduce the rate at which dust is collected. The floor sanding will make the surfaces new, takes away those signs of wear and revitalising the ambience of your establishment. Dustless Floor Sanding Dublin – Commercial & Domestic

2. Dustless process You don’t want your establishment getting covered in toxic dust generated, seeing that it’s a mixture of the chemicals used in the previous finish coats, and chips from the wood itself. You don’t want these getting to your furniture, onto your electrical appliances, and every nook and cranny of the interior space. There are also those tiny particles that can get suspended in the air, and when inhaled can lead to anything from triggering allergic reactions, to worsening respiratory conditions. This is partially due to the compounds in the particles, and partly as a result of their abrasive nature, as they cause damage to the respiratory tract when inhaled, all through to the lungs where they settle. With our dustless floor sanding process, you won’t have to worry about this. It’s not about the normal dust collection bag tied to the machine, with an exhaust blower fan blowing the dust into the bag. That’s conventional and inefficient. Our systems incorporate hoses, which connect the floor sanding machines to powerful vacuums. This is also not like the ordinary house vacuums plugged into the wall. Our truck-mounted systems are run by powerful engines delivering multiple times the power. This gets both the coarse and the fine sanding dust particles off your property. Dustless Floor Sanding Dublin – Commercial & Domestic

3. Versatile Our floor sanding services go across the scope: from townhouses and apartments, all through to commercial establishments such as offices, theatres, stage floors, public institutions, hospitality venues, restaurants, in laboratories, gymnasium floors, and even nursing homes. Different wood species are attended to, from Cherry, Walnut, Cypress, Beech, Teak, Rosewood, Hickory, and Maple, all through to Red Oak, Brazilian Oak, Pine and even Birch, regardless of whether they are in strips, planks, or parquet tiles, with edge treatments such as square, micro, and bevelled edges. We have both the capacity and proficiency needed to meet your needs, and will get through the task within the stipulated timeline. Dustless Floor Sanding Dublin – Commercial & Domestic

4. Enhances the value of your property The goal of the floor restoration is to bring back the appeal of the surface. The floor sanding puts you in the right trajectory to make that happen. This enhances the appeal of your home, enabling you to enjoy your investment. Your living conditions are improved, and peace of mind restored. Your mood won’t be fouled by the floor, which can even reduce the levels of the stress hormone cortisol. Those scratches that used to make you struggle to hide them with mats when visitors came over to visit, or that dull finish that never improved no matter how thorough you scrubbed it will no longer be an issue. You will get to host friends and relatives dropping by to say hi with confidence, and even those ever-so-critical in-laws. Set in stains on the surface that keep popping up at the corner of your eye each time you tried focusing on some task, whether it’s preparing meals, helping your kids with their homework or working on that project that you brought home with you will be taken care of by the floor sanding. With the improved ambience, you’ll be able to look forward to coming back home after your day at work or from vacation, have an easier time cleaning the surface to remove the dirt and grime from everyday life. In business premises, the revamped establishment will boost the morale of your employees, enabling them to be more productive in their duties. Your customer’s trust in your brand also increases since they see the level of care you are taking on the different aspects of your enterprise. Perhaps the floor had been worn down over the years as you raised your kids, and now they’ve graduated and left the house. You may also have got a new positing in your job that requires you to move to a different location. You may even just want to relocate to experience new cultures and ways of life, and you want to sell the premises. Maybe you’re in the commercial setting, and you’re preparing space for businesses to move into. When the retail, office or residential property is put on the market, it will fetch a higher price, since people will be more willing to pay for and establishment elegant flooring. As such, the floor sanding services will enable you to get more value from your real estate ventures. Dustless Floor Sanding Dublin – Commercial & Domestic

5. Saves time The DIY floor sanding is almost guaranteed to take up more of your time that you had scheduled for. Stories have been told of homeowners who decided to take up the project by themselves and ended up giving up midway simply due to the amount of time is was taken. If working on a tiny bedroom chomps up your entire weekend, what of the rest of the house? You don’t want your floor being put out of commission, forcing you to move out for weekend, or delay the moving in processes for those who are preparing the house for occupancy. Your weekends, days off from work, and even your vacation should be spent doing the things you love. You want to hang out with friends, get into some outdoor action like hiking or bungee jumping, go to see the sights and sounds at the parks and museums, enjoy the concerts of your favourite musicians, catch up on the latest episodes of that hit TV series that everyone is talking about, and even spend quality time with your kids and significant other. You don’t want those precious hours being taken hold of by a sweaty and dusty job that is not even likely to yield satisfactory results. For realtors and property managers, you are actually on the clock. That open house that you had slated to host should not have to be cancelled or postponed simply due to the floor sanding project. You don’t want interested clients cancelling on you, or losing them to your competitors who are also in the market for buyers and tenants. Moreover, you don’t want to risk shoddy works from DIY and rookie floor sanding projects, which will delay you further since they will have to be redone. For those in the process of moving into the new residence, you already have a lot on your plate. Changing addresses, finding new schools for the kids, packing, finding moving companies, settling your lease agreements, dealing with formalities with your cable service, gas and electrical companies, even the banks, and you don’t want to add the strain of floor sanding on the new premises you’re moving into to your list of things to do. A similar case applies for those moving into office or retail space. Your efforts should be directed towards branding, informing your customers about your new location, and moving your supplies, not distracting yourself with the monstrous floor sanding project. Don’t fret. Our professionals are here for you. Whether it’s a restoration project, a new installation that you want finished just after a construction job, or you’re a real estate agent looking to beat the deadline for having the property ready for a viewing, you can rely on our floor sanding professionals to keep things on schedule. Dustless Floor Sanding Dublin – Commercial & Domestic

6. Experience and professionalism You don’t want to worry about subcontractors being used due to a company’s fear of costs and liabilities of hiring employees. With us, we use our own highly trained crew, and their quality of services has seen them build years of experience dealing with different clientele. The reviews and constant referrals are testament of our ability to deliver on our mandate, and hence you can trust our team to take care of your investment. Moreover, they are punctual, enabling you to keep things on track and make accurate plans, and also treat you with the utmost courtesy, to leave you with a smile. Dustless Floor Sanding Dublin – Commercial & Domestic

7. Affordable services You want to get your floor sanded without breaking the bank. After all, it’s the start of the restoration project, and you don’t want it depleting your resources and leaving you with an exposed floor that can’t be treated due to financial constraints. We hear you. Our floor sanding services come at affordable prices, and you get professional results at the same time. The pricing structure factors in aspects that are unique to your situation, such as the size of the floor that is to be worked on, hence you get value for the amount you spend. Dustless Floor Sanding Dublin – Commercial & Domestic

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Dustless Floor Sanding Dublin – Commercial & Domestic


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