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Cyclone Thick Bleach – Evans Cyclone

  • Cyclone Thick Bleach – Evans Cyclone


Date : February 27, 2018

Cyclone Thick Bleach – Evans Cyclone

Cyclone Thick Bleach

Finding a good bleaching detergent has never been this easy, especially if you look in the right places. For an average consumer, it is rocket science trying to demystify the chemical composition and the range of disease causing organisms these bleaching detergents serve to eliminate. Therefore the market has the authentic, but often flooded with imitations. It’s time we bring the genuine to the spotlight.

Cyclone Thick Bleach is one of the best bleaching detergents we have today in the market. It is highly perfumed, thickened bleach with added detergent. It is a clear yellow/ green viscous liquid with a floral odour and has a shelf life of one year. Its thickness is meant to provide longer contact time for superior cleaning and disinfecting. Specifically formulated for cleaning and disinfecting washable hard surfaces, soaking cloths and mops, washrooms, toilets and kitchens


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