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Craftex Regular Powder 15 Kg

  • Craftex Regular Powder 15 Kg


Date : March 27, 2018

Craftex Regular Powder 15 Kg

Carpets and curtains define the beauty of any room yet they accumulate most dust. Carpets keep the rooms warm and dirt-free while the curtains control the amount of sunlight that goes into your space. Carpets and curtains are made from different materials. Cotton curtains are mostly affected by dust accumulation. The fact that the curtains are near the windows, makes them vulnerable to dust and dirt than any other furniture covers in the room. Carpets and curtains are the focal points in a room and regular cleaning should be maintained.

Dirt makes your interior dÌ©cor look dull and old. Your customers are impressed by what they see once they come into your office. If your carpet and curtain have not been cleaned for a while, it may affect your client’s health especially those with allergies. Vacuuming your carpet on a routine basis is a necessity in your house and office. Clean carpets, upholstery, and curtains will keep bacteria at bay. A clean office attracts clients and they are never in a hurry to leave because of the dirty upholstery. Educating your family members and workers on the importance of clean carpets and curtains is the first step to having easy cleaning sessions. Cleaning carpets can be a daunting task, but if your workers know what a dirty environment may cause, they will vacuum and clean without supervision. Craftex Regular Powder 15 Kg has specially been formulated to counter attack all the dirt stuck and embedded on your furniture, curtains, and carpets. Other substandard washing powders only clear the dirt that is visible but leaves behind a lot of embedded dirt under the carpet.

Hidden dirt and grime put the health of your family at risk. Most dirt and dust are not usually visible. When using a shampoo or detergent that does not clear the unseen dirt,it encourages the growth of bacteria in your carpets. It is better to invest in Craftex Regular Powder 15 Kg for the best results other than cheap detergents that do not kill fungi, pollen, and other pollutants.

Features of Craftex Regular Powder 15 Kg

-It’s a coarse powder ideal for carpet, curtains and upholstery cleaning -It has rust inhibiting and brightening properties. -It is economical and eco-friendly. -It has a dilution rate of 1:375 to 1:750 -It has a pH of 10-12

Why you should buy Craftex Regular Powder 15kg

1. Perform in both hard and soft water People whose tap water is salty complain about how difficult it is to find a detergent that can actually clean their furniture and laundry well. If you are in that bracket then here is the good news. Craftex Regular Powder 15kg does not discriminate the kind of water it can perform in. The powder dissolves perfectly in soft water just as it does in hard water. As soon as it comes in contact with the dirt it dissolves it and kills the bacteria attached to the carpets and curtains. Blood stains, grease, and oils are also not left behind hidden under the carpets. Craftex Regular Powder 15kg high alkalinity neutralizes the hard water making it perform perfectly in dissolving dirt.

2. Efficient Commercial premises are often affected by heaving soiling on the carpets, curtains, and surfaces. Stain carpets can ruin the reputation of your business. You will lose a lot of customers if you have not discovered Craftex Regular Powder 15kg to make your interiors sparkle. Customers can either make or break your business. You may have the best customer care services but without proper cleanliness standards, it is all in vain. Your clients deserve to be served in a disease free, clean and fresh environment. Craftex Regular Powder 15kg adds life to your interior d̩cor and prolongs its lifespan. Its alkaline formulation is designed to tackle grime build up, disintegrate oil and grease which other substandard cleaners may find it difficult to clear. Craftex Regular Powder 15kg efficiency is experienced in both water and bucket cleaning method and also vacuuming.

3. Fresh fragrance A good detergent leaves a feel of freshness in a room. The fragrance effect on the carpet, curtains, and upholstery should be felt for a long time. Your visitors at home and clients at works are welcomed in the room full of freshness and liveliness. A cleaner that does not have a long lasting fragrance is not worth your money. Craftex Regular Powder 15kg clears the odors hidden under the carpets and replaces them with nice and inviting green apple smell. Your carpet maintains the smell for a long time until the next wash of vacuuming session.

4. Affordable One may think that the most expensive detergents are the most efficient. Most of the expensive detergents only sell because of the name, otherwise, their results are poor. Cleaning routines in your home or office should not cost you an arm and a leg. Craftex Regular Powder 15kg is an economical pack that can be used for home and commercial purposes. The 15kg pack will last you longer instead of rushing to the store every time you need to clean your dilution ratio of 1:375 to 1:750 is an added advantage to its affordability.

How to use Craftex Regular Powder 15kg

1. Put 15ml of Craftex Regular Powder 15kg into the cleaning machine and mix with 15Lof lukewarm or hot water. Hot water dissolves the dirt faster compared to cold water.

2. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions on how to use your vacuum when using powdered detergents. The usual routine is applying pressure on the vacuum so that the solution is able to loosen the embedded grime, stains, oil and greases. Stubborn stains may require more of the Craftex Regular Powder 15kg for efficient results. Measure the cleaning powder according to how dirty the carpet appears

DO’s and DON’Ts of Craftex Regular Powder 15kg

-Do remove stains as soon as they happen. Avoid waiting until they settle in.use the Craftex Regular Powder 15kg to clear the stains.

-Do check the curtain’s and carpet’s fabric tag to determine if they should be dry cleaned.

-Do a spot check before cleaning to confirm if the fabric and Craftex Regular Powder 15kg are compatible.

-Don’t store carpets and carpets when damp or moist. Ensure they are dry before storing to prevent the growth of mold and mildew. Mould and mildew cause the carpets to have an odour and breed bacteria and fungi.

– Don’t saturate the carpets with the Craftex Regular Powder 15kg beyond the base of the pile to prevent wastage and reduce drying-time.

Craftex Regular Powder 15 Kg


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