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Craftex Dry Fabric Cleaner

  • Craftex Dry Fabric Cleaner


Date : June 24, 2016

Craftex Dry Fabric Cleaner

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A Look At The Craftex Fabric Dry Cleaner

Laundry is an everyday part of life. For you to look and feel good, your clothes will have to be in top condition. The same applies for your towels and bed linen. You don’t want to drape a soiled towel around your body after coming out of the shower, and you certainly can’t catch a good night’s sleep in bedding full of dirt and dust. Getting cleaning solutions will ensure that your fabric are always ready and pleasant to use. However, there are items can’t be washed using soap and water. Some with simply shrink, others will colour bleed, and others will have their fibre completely destroyed. For instance, cashmere and wool will shrink, while the smooth texture of silk will the ruined. Muslin or cotton voile will outrightly tear. You also don’t want to mess up your embroidery, or the sequin and beaded garments that you spent quite a fortune on. Dry cleaners are formulated for such fabrics that can’t withstand the intensive washing in regular washing machines. The Craftex Fabric Dry Cleaner is renowned for its efficacy and powerful cleaning action when it comes to handling these delicate fabrics. Craftex Dry Fabric Cleaner

Cleaning is not just about removing the grease and soiling from your clothes. You also want to ensure that your fabrics last longer, and retain as much of their original look and feel all through their life cycle. The cleaning method you use directly affects the fabric’s nature. Take silk for instance. Yes, it gets stronger when it’s wet. But you still should only dry clean it. Why? The natural fibres will change the shape and also elongate when you wet clean the silk, affecting the texture. You don’t want your new chiffon dress feeling all rough on your body. So when looking for a cleaning product, you’ll want one that accentuates the texture of the fabric, to protect it and prolong its life and value. You want a cleaner that’s tough on grime but gentle on your fabrics. You don’t want to wash away the dirt along with the colour of the new suit you got for your first day at the office. Turn to the Craftex Fabric Dry Cleaner to ensure that your fabrics are thoroughly cleaned and protected. Craftex Dry Fabric Cleaner

What Is The Craftex Fabric Dry Cleaner? It’s a solvent cleaner specially formulated for fabrics that cannot be wet cleaned. The Craftex Fabric Dry Cleaner works on numerous kinds of fabric, such as silk and velvet. You can also use it on tapestries, and to clean your curtains. It brings together powerful cleaning action of mineral solvents, with an invigorating fragrance to leave your fabrics clean and fresh. It dissolves and washes away the grease and gunk, also removing the spots and stains off your garments. It even replaces the natural oils with the fibres, giving them a high quality lustre, and making them soft on your skin. You’ll see, smell and feel and the difference in your newly washed fabrics. You can use the Craftex Fabric Dry Cleaner to hand wash your clothing and other materials, or in a solvent cleaning machine. Craftex Dry Fabric Cleaner

With the fast paced life that is the reality today, you don’t to spend much time on your laundry. Between your hectic days at the office and coming home to a busy evening with the kids, you’ll want a cleaner that can reduce the workload for you. You want more freedom to focus on your hobbies and spend with your family. That’s what the Craftex Fabric Dry Cleaner enables you to do. It’s a fast-acting cleaner, which greatly cuts down the amount of time you’ll be spending doing your laundry. It brings you both efficiency and effectiveness in one bottle. The 5L capacity also makes for greater economy, enabling you to make savings on your monthly cleaning expenditure. Craftex Dry Fabric Cleaner

7 Tips For Using The Craftex Fabric Dry Cleaner

1. Vacuum clean the fabric thoroughly before cleaning it with the Craftex Fabric Dry Cleaner. This is to remove the bulk of the loose dirt and dust, leaving the cleaner to focus on the deep set soiling and stains. Craftex Dry Fabric Cleaner

2. You can use a trigger spray bottle or natural sponge to apply the Craftex Fabric Dry Cleaner on your fabrics. Ensure that you apply it evenly. Craftex Dry Fabric Cleaner

3. Place a little of the product on the fabric you’re cleaning. A small amount of the Craftex Fabric Dry Cleaner goes a long way. You don’t have to pour a lot on the stained or soiled area all at once. Craftex Dry Fabric Cleaner

4. Plan out your work and divide the fabric into sections. This will make the cleaning process easier. Craftex Dry Fabric Cleaner

5. Use a clean towel when wiping the fabrics. Your goal is to clean, not to spread dirt and soiling all over the material. Craftex Dry Fabric Cleaner

6. In case there are stubborn areas, use the cloth to agitate the Craftex Fabric Dry Cleaner on them. Craftex Dry Fabric Cleaner

7. Avoid using the dryer for your delicate fabrics. Too much heat will harm their accents, and ruin the fibres. Craftex Dry Fabric Cleaner

DO’s And DON’Ts Of The Craftex Fabric Dry Cleaner

DO remove stains as soon as they occur. Avoid waiting for them to set in. Instead, tend to them immediately using the Craftex Fabric Dry Cleaner.

DO check the tag of the fabric to determine whether it should be dry cleaned

DO a spot test on the fabric in case you’re not sure that it’s compatible. Test for both the colour fastness and the fabric texture.

DO leave your fabric to dry in a well-ventilated room.

DO wear a solvent mask when using the Craftex Fabric Dry Cleaner.

DO keep the Craftex Fabric Dry Cleaner out of the reach of children.

DO get used to applying your deodorants, anti-perspirants, scented sprays, hair shampoo and perfumes a couple of minutes before putting on your delicate fabrics. This is to prevent the chemicals from getting transferred onto the clothes and staining them.

DO spot-treat the marks that are very stubborn using the recommended pre-treater before cleaning. åá DON’T breathe in the vapour as you clean.

DON’T iron soiled or stained fabrics, since the heat can set them deeper into the material, making them difficult to remove.

DON’T store fabrics when damp or moist. This is to prevent growth of mould and mildew. They will cause stains and form odours.

DON’T saturate the fabric with the Craftex Fabric Dry Cleaner beyond the base of the pile. This will prevent wastage and reduce drying-time.

Craftex Fabric Dry Cleaner – Professional results for less!

Craftex Dry Fabric Cleaner


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