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Craftex Champion Lemon 5L

  • Craftex Champion Lemon 5L


Date : February 23, 2017

Craftex Champion Lemon 5L

-highly efficient general cleaner & degreaser

-this cleaning products is suitable for the food industry

-fast acting, efficient, eco friendly and cost effective

-suitable to use on all types of washable surfaces

-strong cleaning product and also strong deodoriser

-it can also be used as carpet spot remover


Craftex Champion Lemon is a multi purpose cleaning product. Highly recommended for deep cleaning kitchens and commercial units. This powerful degreaser and general cleaner it can be used with all known cleaning systems. This highly concentrated cleaning product is also a great carpet spot remover.

If you require more information about Craftex Champion Lemon please call us now. We are here to help you out.

Craftex Champion Lemon – high quality multi purpose cleaner and degreaser!


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