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Commercial Floor Sanding

  • Commercial Floor Sanding


Date : March 3, 2018

Commercial Floor Sanding

Unlike domestic floor sanding, commercial floor sanding services are much more demanding and only the best of this trade are taking on these jobs. High pressure and unsocial hours to do the jobs are a norm when you do commercial floor sanding services.

Dublin Floor Sanding has become one of the most in demand commercial floor sanding companies in Ireland. Our capability to adapt, learn and complete jobs in time and on budget has pushed us to the forefront in this industry. What types of commercial floor sanding jobs are we doing?

Commercial Floor Sanding

Anything that is not domestic will be classed as commercial. Not all commercial floor sanding jobs are huge, but all demand high and long lasting quality. Pubs, restaurants, schools, shops, doctors, offices, clubs, businesses etc. cannot close their businesses to have work done. They usually have 1 or 2 days per year when the work can be done. Dublin Floor Sanding has become very popular with the builders. Our easy to work with approach and great quality at decent prices has helped us attract even more costumers this year than last year.

Commercial Floor Sanding

Our pricing for commercial floor sanding jobs will be issued by email together with our insurance and our safety statement. There won`t be any price increases unless the customer decides to change the original plan. Our range of finishes can satisfy even the most demanding customers. We can do sanding, staining, oiling, varnishing, waxing, painting, buffing, re varnishing, sealing etc. Our range of colours is huge and if you don’t have a specific colour of oil or stain we can mix it up for you to reach the required finish. Dublin Floor Sanding will work with you to make sure you get the desired finish. Dublin Floor Sanding also works with a number of architects and building designers. On our customer list you will find tv stars, sport stars and other celebrities among our list of satisfied customers. People talk and they talk about our commercial floor sanding services.

Commercial Floor Sanding

You need your floor sanded and you think this will be some great distress to yourself and your property. Well, just call us today and here is what we will do. We will agree of the size of the floor, the finish and the dates when the job is to be done. We will email a free quotation. We will be there when you have asked, we will do the job as agreed and all this without any charge unless you are 100% happy. This is a deal you can`t refuse. Little or no disruption to your daily business.

Commercial Floor Sanding

Pricing is very important but the end result is even more important. You might end up paying 20% less for another company that will treat you like a number. You will have to live with your floors for the years to come and those floors can make your business look cheap or can make it look fancy. Our commercial floor sanding rates are usually standard per square meter but there are a few factors that can send the price up. Many customers want to go for original oils or waxes that cannot be sourced in Ireland. Many customers want to use varnishes that are 100% eco friendly and very tough. Some customers want invisible oils or varnishes. Etc. There is not one commercial floor sanding company that knows everything about all the oils, stains, varnishes etc. available on the market. There are thousands of brands and colours and we learn as we go. Harder to find products with longer applying processes will add to the final price. We have customers that require a finish that they have seen in some restaurant in New York. It can be done but it will require investigation, tracking the product and delivery expenses plus delays in completing the job. You make your own price if you decide to use some unique product. Regardless, Dublin Floor Sanding will advise and provide estimates before the work is started.

Commercial Floor Sanding

Our commercial floor sanding machines are dustless. As much as possible. If there is any dust after the job is completed we will hire cleaners to make sure that your place is left as clean as it was found or even better.

Our commercial floor sanding services extend to the whole country if the job is big enough. We do jobs in Dublin mostly but for the right job we can travel the world. Jobs 100+ km from Dublin will incur extra fuel charges. Call us about your job and we will tell you if we cover that area and how much extra it will cost. We have a minimum charge of 250 (+ vat 13.5%) for any commercial floor sanding job. Under this amount wouldn’t be worth it for us. Floor sanding is not cheap so you should do your homework prior to contacting a commercial floor sanding company. It requires highly specialised staff, very expensive equipment and high quality varnishes/finishes. Many potential customers have contacted us with very small amounts of money for very high quality jobs. It cannot be done. The same way you cannot buy any very expensive product for little money. How do you know that our commercial floor sanding services won`t damage your property? Accidents can always happen but hasn’t happened to us yet. For your peace of mind we will provide you with our insurance. Any damage of up to 6.5 million will be sorted out by our insurance. Beside that you can contact any previous customer from our latest projects list:

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All our customers will provide a great reference. So you are in good hands.

Call Dublin Floor Sanding today and book your commercial floor sanding job with us.

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Commercial Floor Sanding


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