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Clear Degradable Compactor Refuse Bag

  • Clear Degradable Compactor Refuse Bag


Date : June 28, 2017

Clear Degradable Compactor Refuse Bag

A Look At The Clear Degradable Compactor Refuse Bag

Your business premises is abuzz with people from all walks of life. From office suites, hotels, retail stores and malls, all through to art galleries, spas, and museums, people will troop in and out on a daily basis. While this is great news for your profit margins, it also means that there will be mounds of waste generated in the building. These range from the wrappings of the snacks your customers carry when shopping, or resting in the reception waiting for your services, the leftovers from the snack bars and lunch your employees take during breaks, to the paper waste from printers and paper shredders. You want to eliminate it efficiently to prevent your workspace from becoming a health hazard. That organic material that’s decomposing contains numerous kinds of pathogens, which increase the risk of persons in the premises getting affected. The paper material is in itself a fire hazard, due to the high likelihood of getting ignited by anything from simple cigarettes to the wiring of the premises. You also don’t want the material to attract pests. Some like flies are a general annoyance to customers and employees in the establishment, while others like mice pose more danger. They claw and nibble away at the very structure of the building, from the floor boards to the electrical insulation. There have been numerous reports of fires caused by exposed wires- with the main culprit being rodents scouring away in the walls and vents. Setting up a proper garbage disposal program enables you to avert such issues. And you can do that with the Clear Degradable Compactor Refuse Bag. Clear Degradable Compactor Refuse Bag

The refuse bags serve more than one purpose. Holding in the trash enables them to protect the bin itself. The gunk is the garbage is sticky, and tends to adhere to the walls of the bin. This means that each garbage collection cycle will also have to entail a thorough washing. Sometimes the gunk is corrosive, ending up discolouring the bin. There are also those occasions when persons throw liquid waste into the trash, ranging from the leftover yoghurt oozing out of the packet, to substances like spoilt milk that were disposed of in totality. The liquids can leak out of the bin, and foul up the rest of the premises. Using the Clear Degradable Compactor Refuse Bag means that you won’t need to deal with such occurrences. In addition, it makes the process of taking out the trash to be easier. The personnel lifting the garbage from the bin, to those ferrying it to the disposal sites, will have their workload reduced. This makes the Clear Degradable Compactor Refuse Bag an ergonomic choice for your waste management efforts. Clear Degradable Compactor Refuse Bag

Reasons To Invest In The Clear Degradable Compactor Refuse Bag

1. Spacious Coming in at 18 x 29 x 39, the Clear Degradable Compactor Refuse Bag is up to the task of meeting the high waste generation demand in your premises. From junk mail, shredded paper, journals and old magazines, juice bottles, plastic cups, wrapping for the fast food that you ordered to be brought up to your office, all through to those jiggers and wrappers that contained the snacks customers were munching away at in your commercial premises, the Clear Degradable Compactor Refuse Bag will take it all in. Clear Degradable Compactor Refuse Bag

2. Designed to hold the weight At 20 micron, the Clear Degradable Compactor Refuse Bag can hold 7kg of material, without you worrying about it ripping open and spilling its contents. Its high density nature increases its durability and strength to withstand the demands of light commercial waste. Clear Degradable Compactor Refuse Bag

3. See-through The transparent nature of the Clear Degradable Compactor Refuse Bag enables person disposing items to know what goes into which bin- like separating recyclable items from organic material. In addition, there are incentives being offered by various local authorities to sensitize persons on environmental awareness, by using clear bags that encourage recycling. As such, you may end up paying less collection fees. The Clear Degradable Compactor Refuse Bag also enables the garbage collection personnel to protect themselves from getting cut by sharp objects like broken glass. Clear Degradable Compactor Refuse Bag

4. Green bag Waste has a far-reaching impact on the environment. The UK alone produces over 100 million tonnes of waste annually. In fact, every 8 months there’s enough trash generated to fill Lake Windermere, the largest lake in England. The garbage produced in Wales can literally fill the Millennium Stadium every 20 days. Each Christmas, there are close to 83 square kilometres of wrapping paper winding up in rubbish bins across the UK. That’s larger than the size of Guernsey. The bulk of the waste is ferried to dumpsites. The gunk that ends up in the landfills increases global warming effects and pollutes the ecosystem around it. You don’t want to worry about your bin bag doing the same. With the Clear Degradable Compactor Refuse Bag, you won’t have to. It is 100% degradable. In just 2 years after it’s disposed of, it will have been broken down completely. In case there’s organic content within the Clear Degradable Compactor Refuse Bag, the material will additionally be released back into the soil, revitalising its humus. In this way, you get to dispose the trash and simultaneously make your contribution to global concerted effort aimed at protecting this fragile blue planet. Clear Degradable Compactor Refuse Bag

5. Budget friendly You get to manage the garbage generated in your enterprise more economically with the Clear Degradable Compactor Refuse Bag. It cuts your costs in various ways: First, it comes in affordable cases. Each case has 8 rolls and each roll 25 bags. As such, every purchase you make will serve you for longer. The cost of the Clear Degradable Compactor Refuse Bag cases has been priced to provide an affordable solution without compromising on the high quality. You also won’t need to keep double bagging the trash in order to avoid spills, further saving costs. Clear Degradable Compactor Refuse Bag

DOs And DON’Ts Of The Clear Degradable Compactor Refuse Bag

DO wrap needles, shards of glass and other sharp objects before you put them in the bin. This will prevent the bag from getting punctured.

DON’T pour liquid waste into the bin directly. The increased moisture levels will accelerate the decaying process of other organic content in the trash, causing odours to develop faster


Clear Degradable Compactor Refuse Bag

Clear Degradable Compactor Refuse Bag


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