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Cleaning Services Ireland

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Date : March 7, 2018

Cleaning Services Ireland will provide you with all the information that you may require regarding cleaning services. Not only will you find a cleaning contractor on our website, you will also find out how to hire a cleaning company, how to avoid paying too much and how to make sure you are receiving value for money. For many cleaning companies this website will do wonders, it will increase their sales and it will help their own websites get better ranking on all the search engines. Are you looking for a local cleaning company and you have just landed on All you have to do is do a search at the top of the page in the search list and find a good contractor. will provide phone numbers, website links, photos etc. for all the cleaning companies who are members of our website. You will find everything you need on a business directory. Some of the cleaning services you will find on

Floor Cleaning – Cleaning Services Ireland

There is a good range of floor cleaning companies that advertise with You will find marble floor cleaners, travertine floor cleaners, terrazzo floor cleaners, terracotta floor cleaners, amtico floor cleaning, vinyl floor cleaning, wood floor cleaning, porcelain floor cleaning, ceramic floor cleaners etc. All these companies clean, polish and seal floors. Request a few estimates, ask for references and insurance, pick the best price (not necessarily the cheapest) and get your job done.

Domestic Cleaning – Cleaning Services Ireland has contractors that cover all areas of domestic cleaning. If you are looking for a once off domestic cleaners or maybe someone once or twice per week you will find it very easy. All our domestic cleaning contractors have clear rates and conditions so there will be no surprises. We would advise all website users to request insurance and references prior to signing any agreements. Most of the regular domestic cleaning jobs are priced per hour but some companies will charge per job. Make sure you are happy with what you get on the flat fee. For all your domestic cleaning needs search

End of Tenancy Cleaning – Cleaning Services Ireland

This service is requested by either the tenant or the landlord. On our website you will find a lot of information about end of tenancy cleaning services. There are two types of end of tenancy cleaning services, commercial end of tenancy and domestic end of tenancy services. Most cleaning companies can provide both these services but some smaller cleaning companies might just stick with the domestic market. Make sure you book in advance to avoid not finding a contractor on the required day. Make sure you check the job and rate if you are happy with the service. For all your end of tenancy cleaning needs search

Once Off Cleaning – Cleaning Services Ireland

Once off cleaning services are the most requested types of cleaning. Both domestic and commercial customers can avail of these services. A once off clean can be required before sale, after renovation, before Christmas , after new years eve etc. Even if there is no special occasion a once off cleaning with carpet cleaning and external window cleaning can instantly revitalise the look of a house. Some people are getting gift vouchers for their parents, partners, kids etc., or for people that are too sick or busy to deal with cleaning. Some surprise at Christmas time when the pressure of shopping and getting ready for the big day leaves no time for cleaning. Searching once off cleaning on will help you find the right cleaning company

Oven Cleaning Services – Cleaning Services Ireland

This is one of the jobs nobody likes. Oven cleaning prices have come down big time in the past few years and a good company will charge from 50 for a standard oven clean. Pretty affordable. On you will find contractors that do steam oven cleaning and contractors that do chemical oven cleaning. It is up to yourself to pick the best price and contractor. You should always leave your oven on for at least 20 minutes after a chemical clean it burns down chemical traces. There are two types of oven cleaning contractors, domestic oven cleaning and commercial oven cleaning. You will find cleaning companies that do both or just one type. Commercial oven cleaning will cost considerably more than domestic.

Kitchen Cleaning Services – Cleaning Services Ireland

Having your kitchen deep cleaned once per year will protect you and your family from many infections. A build up of dirt, grease and bacteria on the presses or the floors and walls cannot be good for you. If you have the time then you can do it yourself but not too many people can spend 4 hours cleaning the kitchen. If you don’t have the time to do it yourself then you can do a search on and you will find what you are looking for. With prices starting from about 75 for a domestic kitchen clean there should not be any reason not to get it done once per year. Commercial kitchen cleaning jobs will cost much more and it will take longer. Ask your kitchen cleaning contractor for a copy of his insurance.

Window Cleaning Services – Cleaning Services Ireland

Sunny days and important days will make all window cleaners flat out busy. There is a misconception about window cleaning. People believe that window cleaning services are very cheap. The recession is gone and the business is booming so people will request this service more and you will find it harder to find a good window cleaner. Many customers will expect to pay about 30 for an external window cleaning job but very few window cleaners will be interested in taking a job at this price. A window cleaning contractor that is vat registered and issues invoices cannot do a 3 bed house without at least 40 plus vat. A big company will charge about 100 . It sounds very expensive but legal businesses have big expenses in Ireland. We do not recommend anyone to use a man with a ladder on a bike. Remember, if he falls down from the ladder and he is injured you can be sued. So you better make sure you ask for insurance and a written quotation. Do a search for window cleaning services on and you will find the right company at affordable prices.

Carpet Cleaning Services – Cleaning Services Ireland

You have the option to pick between dry and wet carpet cleaning . Both types as efficient but with few differences. Dry carpet cleaning will get the results without wetting the carpets. If you are not asthmatic then it can be a great way of having your carpets dry cleaned. Wet carpet cleaning gets very good reviews, cleans deep and removes soil and infections from very deep inside your carpets. Depending on the quality of the carpet cleaning machines your carpet will dry within 1-5 hours. If you can wait for the carpet to dry then a wet carpet cleaning is better. If you have a high traffic area and the area you want done is very busy then a dry carpet cleaning is recommended. This trade has a great variation of pricing and the area, the condition and the size of your job will make up the price. Commercial carpet cleaning is charged per square meter, more meters cheaper it works for you. has a great range of carpet cleaning contractors and all you have to do is just do a search in the search box.

Sofa Cleaning Services – Cleaning Services Ireland

Fabric or leather sofa cleaning services are some of the most requested types of cleaning services. High usage and high risks of spillage come at a cost. With prices starting from 40 for a double seat sofa there is no reason why you could not afford a sofa cleaning contractor. Just like carpet cleaning, sofa cleaning can be done dry or wet. Both types of sofa cleaning come with benefits and disadvantages. Scotch guard can also be applied on fabric sofa. On you will find many domestic and commercial sofa cleaning contractors. There are a few things that you can do to avoid having your sofa cleaned more than is needed: avoid eating while sitting on your sofa, don’t drink strong coloured drinks on your sofa, remove your shoes while sitting on your sofa, do not allow your pets to sleep on your sofa and do not use bleach based chemicals on your sofa. If you have a leather sofa avoid cleaning it with acidic cleaning products. You should pre book in good time especially before Christmas or Easter.

Contract Cleaning Services – Cleaning Services Ireland

Most offices, schools, state authorities, Garda stations, hospitals etc. will require contract cleaning services. Contract cleaning is usually charged per hour for small to medium size contracts and per job for bigger jobs. There are many contract cleaning companies out there but you need to check out few things before hiring one of them. A fully insured company is a must. A vat registered company tells you that the contract cleaning company does more than 40k business per year. Website references. Most decent contractors will proudly list most of their customers on their websites. The contract cleaning rates should start at around 13 and go up to 20 per hour, depending on the amounts of hours required and the quality expected. Searching you will find a great list of contract cleaning companies.

Office Cleaning Services – Cleaning Services Ireland

For an office to look successful it has to look clean. Not many of us will even consider using the services of a business whose offices are dirty. Office cleaning companies offer a great range of services and even the most demanding customer will find what he/she needs. With office cleaning rates starting from as little as 13 per hour it looks more affordable now than it was in the past. Most offices will require additional office cleaning services like carpet cleaning, window cleaning and the supply of consumables. Most office cleaning companies will provide those services. Just like in the contract cleaning situation, same rules and conditions apply so make sure you ask for insurance, references and clear contracts. Some office cleaning companies will require 1, 2 or 3 year contracts. Some will not require any contracts. Not having a contract means you can be let down any time but you can also let them go whenever you want if you are not satisfied with their service. Having a contract in place will assure you that a cleaner will be there but if you are not happy with their service you can`t let them go, notice periods will apply. So you need to know what you want and what your needs are. Do a search on for office cleaning and you will find a great selection of companies.

Commercial Cleaning Services – Cleaning Services Ireland

The term commercial cleaning services applies to so many types of cleaning services. More or less all cleaning services supplied to commercial customers. Commercial cleaning services are provided by more established cleaning companies that can take on big jobs that may require the use of expensive equipment. If you do a search for commercial cleaning company on you will find a great range of contractors. Well established commercial cleaning companies do not usually offer services to domestic customers. You might find some that do both but there is a big chance you won`t. Commercial cleaning jobs require much more paper work like safety statements, risk assessments and method statements.

Power Washing Services – Cleaning Services Ireland

There are two types of power washing services, commercial power washing and domestic power washing services. You have a great range of options if you are looking for power washing services. Hot water power washing, high pressure power washing, wall power washing, floor power washing, graffiti removal power washing, plant power washing, paving & driveways power washing etc. If you do not have your own source of water you will find power washing contractors that can bring water tanks with them. So there is a limitless amount of options if you need power washing done. Remember, if you are looking for commercial power washing /pressure washing services in busy areas you might have to get a noise permit. Also, you should book over the weekend or before opening times just to avoid accidents. Some small power washing jobs don’t require high PSI so you can ask your contractor to bring smaller machines. High power pressure washers are not covered by most cleaning insurances so you should check it out before you agree the go ahead.

Industrial Cleaning Services – Cleaning Services Ireland

All heavy duty cleaning services that require the use of heavy cleaning equipment and tools will be classified as industrial cleaning. Warehouse cleaning, high pressure washing, industrial steam washing, industrial kitchens, car parks etc are all fall under industrial cleaning . This type of cleaning service is provided only by companies with years of experience and fully trained staff. Requesting an insurance cert with the quotation is a must. On you will find industrial cleaning contractors that provide free estimates. Whatever type of cleaning services you might need something is sure, you will find it on Our website will help you find exactly what you need in the area you need it. If you are happy with the service you have received you should rate the contractor.

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