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Cleanfast Wood Floor Polish

  • Cleanfast Wood Floor Polish


Date : August 11, 2016

Cleanfast Wood Floor Polish

A Look At The Wood Floor Polish

The appearance of your wood floor defines the beauty of your home. You don’t want it to be dull and drab. Having a forlorn surface does not mean you have to pull out the floor boards. Simply polish them using the Wood Floor Polish to improve their quality. Wood floors are amongst the most popular flooring types on the planet. They bring elegance and sophistication to residential and commercial properties alike. In fact, wood is one of the oldest flooring materials there has ever been, since it never goes out of style. With numerous patterns and grain styles to choose from, you can have the specific dÌ©cor you desire for your home or business establishment. That’s why people go out of their way to invest lots of capital in getting the installing done right. But like any other surface, it needs to be maintained regularly in order to maintain its looks and value. Whether you’re a home owner looking to touch up your living room space, a business owner looking to enhance the office block, a realtor flipping houses, or a buyer who wants to bring the shine to their floor surface, the Wood Floor Polish is the product for you.

The Wood Floor Polish is popular for more than just the aesthetic appeal. Your floor is exposed to all kinds of abuse- from the dirt being tracked onto it under the shoes, to constant food and beverage spills. It collects everything from insect faeces and husks to shed human skin cells. If you have a pet, fur and dander are issues you’ll have to contend with. All these easily build up on a poorly maintained wood floor. Cleaning becomes a hassle. Applying the Wood Floor Polish will make the surface more resistant to the dirt, grease and gunk. It forms a layer of protection, preventing particles from getting imbedded into the surface, and the stains from setting in. The particles easily stand out, making it easy for you to get rid of them with your dust pad or mop. It makes your cleaning tasks easier.

What Is The Wood Floor Polish?

In a nutshell: it’s an elegant finish for your floor. You apply the Wood Floor Polish coat on your floor to give it a high quality lustre. The final shine ranges from low gloss (a satin/matte appearance), all the way to the very shiny high gloss, depending on the number of coatings you apply. It’s not just about the looks. The Wood Floor Polish makes your floor more resistant to scuffs and scratch marks. The floor can withstand more traffic, and it’s also easy to clean up food and beverage spills, and the Wood Floor Polish prevents them from setting or seeping into the floor.

Benefits Of Wood Floor Polish

1. Aesthetic appeal – Cleanfast Wood Floor Polish

This is top on your list of requirements when looking for a polishing product. The Wood Floor Polish brings a grandiose feeling into your home, and gives your business a more clean and professional image. You can polish it to the gloss level you desire. The shiny surface will last for long, ensuring you get to enjoy your floor to the fullest.

2. Water based – Cleanfast Wood Floor Polish

This ensures that you give your wood floor character, and bring out its natural look. The Wood Floor Polish accents the wood and provides a high quality finish. Being water based also means that it’ll dry fast. In as little as 2 hours, you can resume using your floor. In fact, you can apply 4 coats in a day and sleep in the same room that night (but 1-2 coats is usually enough). You can also easily clean your tools with water. Heavy traffic can be allowed back to the area after 8 hours. The floor continues to dry with time, achieving maximum hardness in under 5 days.

3. High traffic – Cleanfast Wood Floor Polish

No more worrying about scuffs and scratch marks on your floor. In fact, the Wood Floor Polish is so resistant to gritty residue and dirt tracked in under shoes, that’s its popular in high traffic areas- like retail stores and public venues.

4. 25% solid floor polish – Cleanfast Wood Floor Polish

The Wood Floor Polish flexes along with the floor. The 25% solids ensures that you can protect your floor with just a couple off coats, and it’ll keep your floor protected for longer. You don’t want an uneven gloss, or a product that dries out too quickly even before you’re done applying it. The 25% solids means that the Wood Floor Polish spreads out and levels fast, giving you ample time to ensure you’ve applied an even coat. This makes the application process a breeze.

5. Easy to apply – Cleanfast Wood Floor Polish

Squirt, spread, and wait to dry. It’s that simple. You can do it at home as a DIY project. For floor care contractors, the Wood Floor Polish reduces your work load. You will be able to produce high quality results in minimal time. Needless to say, your clients will be pleased, give you more referrals, and make you more business, which means you’ll be raking in more profit.

6. Durable – Cleanfast Wood Floor Polish

The Wood Floor Polish is made from powerful solvents. It is designed to withstand everything from dirt and spills, to people trooping on it all day. It also increases your floor’s resistance against the elements, including moisture and UV radiation. This polish will handle the cleaning solutions you use, giving you more flexibility when it comes to stain removal. The durability of the Wood Floor Polish lengthens the life of the wood. Whether it’s your vacation home, apartments you’re renting out, retirement home, a house you want to hand down to your kids, or even an office building complex that you want to remain in top condition for decades, the Wood Floor Polish will deliver results.

7. Protects Your Floor – Cleanfast Wood Floor Polish

The Wood Floor Polish makes your floor highly resistant to both chemicals and abrasions. This cuts down on the risk of you staining your floor after spills, and you can worry less about your furry friend clawing at the floor and damaging it. Your floor is also protected from:

Moisture- Humidity fluctuations in the atmosphere occur all year round- from the hot and dry summers, to the cold and wet winters. You don’t want your floor drying up or getting saturated with moisture. Here, Wood Floor Polish protects your floor in 2 ways: The protective coat formed by the Wood Floor Polish ensures that the wood underneath does not lose its moisture, thus preventing it from shrinking and forming hairline fractures. It also prevents moisture from the environment (like humidity and liquid spills) from seeping into the wood. This prevents the wood from swelling up and getting damaged. Cleanfast Wood Floor Polish

Degradation- You don’t want termites building their colonies within your floor. You also don’t want mould growing and weakening the structure. When the wood surface is exposed to radical swings between high and low temperatures, as well as UV radiation, it loses its strength, splits and becomes rough. The protective coat of your Wood Floor Polish prevents all this from happening. Cleanfast Wood Floor Polish

8. Cost Effective – Cleanfast Wood Floor Polish

No one likes having to keep spending expenses on repair and replacement. The Wood Floor Polish gives you value for your money. By protecting your floor, it allows you to save the funds that you would have spent replacing a damaged floor. Since it increases your floor’s resistance to grease, gunk and stains, it means that you’ll be spending less on cleaning products. Your floor maintenance costs are slashed down, giving you more bang for your buck.

9. Works on all kinds of wood floors – Cleanfast Wood Floor Polish

The rich sheen and shine has made the Wood Floor Polish popular everywhere from homes and offices, to government institutions, schools and even gymnasiums. Whether you’re sprucing up a 100-year old floor or finishing a new floor installation, the Wood Floor Polish will ensure that you get the sheen you desire.

10. Eco friendly – Cleanfast Wood Floor Polish

In today’s world, the impact a product has on the environment factors in when making purchase decisions. You want a product manufactured using eco-friendly practices. You also don’t want to affect the indoor quality of your home with volatile organic compounds (VOCs). With the Wood Floor Polish, you can rest easy. It’s safe for use in your home and around kids and pets. You also don’t have to worry about odours or toxic fumes.

How To Use The Wood Floor Polish

1. Prepare the floor. It need to be clear and clean. This means shifting the furniture and getting rid of the dirt and grime on the surface. First sweep or vacuum, to get rid of loose particles. Then run a mop over the area to remove remaining grease gunk particles using the appropriate cleaning solution, and rinse the floor thoroughly. Cleanfast Wood Floor Polish

2. After cleaning the floor, give it around 15 minutes to dry. Don’t try to rush the process using a towel, as you may end up damaging the already swelled grain. Cleanfast Wood Floor Polish

3. Seal off the floor. This is to prevent people walking all over it and damaging your work. This is especially in high traffic areas like malls. At home, you can simply tell the other household members not to step onto the floor. Cleanfast Wood Floor Polish

4. Plan your method of approach. You don’t want to box yourself into a corner. It’s also advised that you work in small sections, to enable you to observe your progress and the results, and ensure you don’t miss any spots. Cleanfast Wood Floor Polish

5. Apply the Wood Floor Polish. There’s a wide array of tools that you can use, with the popular options being the applicator pad or foam roller. You can also use a lint-free cloth. Work along the wood grain. Apply the Wood Floor Polish using a feathering technique, like the way interior painters do- regular back and forward strokes, which are angled to the floor joints. This is to prevent you from unevenly polishing the floor or forming stripes. Cleanfast Wood Floor Polish

6. Allow to dry. It’ll need at least 2 hours before you can allow light traffic back onto your floor. Cleanfast Wood Floor Polish

How often you polish the floor depends on the amount of traffic it receives. Applying the Wood Floor Polish every 2-4 months (for typical homes) will protect it and ensure the surface retains its shine. High traffic areas should be polished more frequently.

Buffing The Floor

It’s recommended that you buff your floor regularly after applying the Wood Floor Polish. This is especially if you’re in a high traffic environment. Remember to take the necessary safety precautions when using your floor buffing machine. These machines usually operate under high speeds, and you want to prevent any personal injuries from happening. Check the pad for wear and tear. In case it’s ripped or has been caked with floor residue, replace it accordingly. Cleanfast Wood Floor Polish

When working with a floor buffing machine, use a sweeping motion, working from left to right (This is for those with clockwise spins. The reverse is recommended for machines with an anticlockwise spin). You can also be buffing your floor after your regular cleaning sessions. If you’re working on small areas, like a room in your home, you can simply use a microfiber cloth or flat mop head to do the buffing. Cleanfast Wood Floor Polish

Tips For Using The Wood Floor Polish

Always ensure the floor is clean before polishing it. This is to prevent dirt and dust from being trapped under the polish and affecting the final result.

Cleanfast Wood Floor Polish


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