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Clean Fast Bathroom Cleaner

  • Clean Fast Bathroom Cleaner


Date : December 31, 2017

Clean Fast Bathroom Cleaner

Clean Fast Bathroom Cleaner Review

With the amount of tasks they handle each day, your showers, bathtubs, sinks and toilets deserve special cleaning attention. Bathroom surfaces hold some of the largest colonies of bacteria in your home. The microbes are strewn all over from the bathroom floor and the toilet seats, to even the soap dispenser. There’s the dirt that you take to the shower as you clean yourself, and the waste residue that’s clung to the walls of the toilet drain. Each time you flush the toilet, the air borne water spray spreads bacteria throughout the bathroom. In fact, toilet flushing can aerosolize up to several feet away. For public washrooms, it can be anywhere between 500 to a couple of thousands of bacteria for every square centimetre, depending on how often they’re cleaned. Some of the pathogens are shed from your skin, and others are tracked into the bathroom from the outside. Shed hair and damp bathmats, plus your beauty product residue makes bathroom surfaces conducive spots for germs. Use the Clean Fast Bathroom Cleaner to sanitise your bathroom and create a healthy environment for you and your household members, or the personnel using the washrooms on your business premises.

It’s more than just about hygiene. Soap scum, hair products, bath oil and body soil make the surfaces of the shower and tub to become dull. In addition, mould and mildew thrive in the tub’s rims, fixtures and faucets. No one likes using a bathroom with unsightly limescale. The scale can be caused by mineral deposits from hard water, or ammonium salts from urine. They make the toilet bowls gross you out, and the calcium deposits in your sink and shower ruin their lustre. Sometimes the scale can build up to a point where it blocks the drains, creating a whole new plumbing nightmare. Restore your bathroom surfaces to their original shine and prevent such plumbing mishaps using the Clean Fast Bathroom Cleaner. Here is a look at what it does for you:

Benefits Of The Clean Fast Bathroom Cleaner

1. Tough on dirt and grime – Clean Fast Bathroom Cleaner

The Clean Fast Bathroom Cleaner effectively eliminates body fat, gunk, limescale and soiling from your surfaces. Use the heavy duty cleaner to wash your toilets, washbasins, baths and showers, changing room floors and even swimming pool surrounds. It will cut through the shower grime and leave your bath tub gleaming. The Clean Fast Bathroom Cleaner is also effective for wiping down faucets, cupboard handles, toilet flushers, doorknobs and shower door handles. Since it’s a tough and fast-acting cleaner, it saves the amount of time and energy you’ll spend cleaning your bathroom surfaces.

2. Multisurface

You can use the Clean Fast Bathroom Cleaner on various surfaces, from porcelain, stainless steel and ceramic, to chrome and quarry tiles. Your household members will be able to use the bathroom comfortably. For public restrooms, you’ll be saving people from the trouble of avoiding to touch the bathroom door, flushing with their feet, plus the intense workouts they do as they hover over the toilets to do their business

3. Foaming cleaner

The trigger spray of the Clean Fast Bathroom Cleaner produces a foam, which gives the product longer contact time with the surface, thus ensuring a better clean. There’s also less water wastage, since you don’t have to mix the cleaner with water for a thorough wash. The foam formation translates to more cleans in the same amount of packaging.

4. Disinfects your surfaces – Clean Fast Bathroom Cleaner

You want a healthy environment. The Clean Fast Bathroom Cleaner ensures you get one. In addition to cleaning, it sanitises your bathroom surfaces. It kills a vast range of bacteria, including Legionella. The Clean Fast Bathroom Cleaner passes EN 1276 at the recommended dilution rate and contact time. This is a European Standard test for the requirements on bactericidal activity of chemical disinfectant and antiseptic products used in food, industrial, domestic and institutional areas. The c properties of the Clean Fast Bathroom Cleaner make it a popular product for use in homes and commercial properties such as hotels and offices.

5. Deodorises – Clean Fast Bathroom Cleaner

Everybody loves a fresh smelling bathroom. The Clean Fast Bathroom Cleaner comes with a tangerine perfume, whose lovely and long lasting scent will accentuate your bathroom.

6. Easy to use

The Clean Fast Bathroom Cleaner comes in a spray bottle with a trigger mechanism that fits comfortably in your hands. You’ll be able to carry it around with you as you clean the surfaces, and apply a controlled amount of product. This additionally prevents wastage.

How To Use The Clean Fast Bathroom Cleaner

The Clean Fast Bathroom Cleaner is easy to use. It comes ready to use on bathroom surfaces, so you won’t be needed to dilute it. To clean, follow these steps:

1. Spray onto the surface. A light mist is usually enough. Clean Fast Bathroom Cleaner

2. Wipe using a clean and damp cloth. You can also use a sponge. When dealing with stubborn stains, spray the Clean Fast Bathroom Cleaner onto the spot, and leave it for around 30 seconds. Agitate with the cloth and wipe off. Clean Fast Bathroom Cleaner

For general cleaning (such as working on floors and walls), dilute the Clean Fast Bathroom Cleaner with water, with a 1:50 mix ratio- such as 100 ml of product per 5L of water. For light cleaning you can use a 1:10 ratio. You can refill the 750ml trigger spray bottle with the 5L Clean Fast Bathroom Cleaner container. Remember to refill when it’s still undiluted, apart from cases like general cleaning when you can dilute it. Note that you shouldn’t use the Clean Fast Bathroom Cleaner on enamel baths, marble or limestone. Clean Fast Bathroom Cleaner

Tips For Keeping Your Bathroom Sparkling With The Clean Fast Cleaner

Wash the surfaces regularly using the Clean Fast Bathroom Cleaner. For the toilet bowls, it should be done a couple of times a week. Daily cleaning is recommended. For the showers, bathtubs and countertops, you should clean them at least twice a week.

When you wash the toilets, don’t forget the toilet brush handle and plunger handle. Since they are frequently touched, they may be harbouring millions of pathogens. Sanitise them using the Clean Fast Bathroom Cleaner.

Always flush the toilet with the lid down. This is to prevent the polluted water vapour from erupting out of the bowl, and the particles settling elsewhere on the bathroom surfaces.

Add a little Clean Fast  to the the bottom of the brush holder, to ensure a constant clean and lovely smell.


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